tragedy!British women do not know that they are pregnant, and fainted on the baby after giving birth to the baby and causing them to die

According to the British "Sun" reported on the 22nd, a 20 -year -old woman, a 20 -year -old woman who did not know her pregnancy, fell on her baby and accidentally killed her child after giving birth.

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The woman was Lisa Blagden. She fainted due to excessive blood loss at home after giving birth at home, but she fell on her baby. When she woke up, the baby girl had died.She cut the umbilical cord with a scissors, wrapped the baby with a towel, and hid in the bushes near the bedroom window.

In December 2019, the baby girl wrapped in the towel was discovered.Lisa had previously acknowledged that she had concealed the death of her child. Earlier this year, the judge determined that she had avoided the prison after being "incomparable" in this terrible incident.

Picture source: Foreign media

The court was informed that the police asked the child’s father -a 50 -year -old man who did not want to disclose his name, and he "had no interest in the birth or death of the child."High -level coroner, Christopher Wilkinson, said on the 22nd that despite being frightened at the time of childbirth, Lisa showed "a strong fertility instinct as a mother."

It is reported that Lisa picked up her newly born daughter after her childbirth, gently placed her on the floor, and cleaned her daughter before fainting.Wilkinson added, "When her newborn child was lying on the floor, she fell down. As a result, when she woke up a few minutes later, she found that the child was under her.Power and death. This is completely unexpected. It is not intentional. The brief life of the baby girl ended with despair and tragic ending. I know that this has a significant impact on Lisa and her family. "

Picture source: Foreign media

The coroner said that "there was no sign that she was malicious to the child" and explained that Lisa was only in a "desperate" situation at the time. Because she was afraid of discovering what she would happen after her child died, the paniced mother put it.The child was buried outside.

Lisa had previously stated that she "goes to see her daughter every day until her daughter is discovered four weeks after the tragedy.Police first asked Lisa’s mother and sister, but they said that no one at home was pregnant.After the DNA sample displayed with the baby girl, Lisa was arrested by the police.

At the earlier sentencing hearing, the regional judge decided to release Lisa unconditionally, saying that "she has been punished enough."(Edit: HHJ)

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