Torture the doctor crazy breast fibroma

“What should I pay attention to when I get the breast fibroma?”

"Will breast fibroma be cancer?"

"Do you need surgical resection for breast fibroma?"

"Do you want to take breast fibroma for treatment?"

Breast fibroma, this is really a disease that makes all doctors depressed and scorched. This disease can even torture all doctors.Here, I also have to make it clear again: Breast fibroma is a benign tumor, benign tumor, benign tumor …

Breast -fiber tumor, also known as breast fibroma, is a benign tumor composed of gonad epithelium and fibrous tissue.Most of them occur in young women. The maximum age is 20-25 years old. About 75%of breast fibroma is single hair, and a few are multiple ones.The cause of the occurrence of breast fibroma is not very clear. In most cases, it is directly related to estrogen. It is abnormally increased by breast cells to estrogen, or it is related to the abnormality of estrogen receptors.

For breast fibroma, there are rarely special symptoms and manifestations in clinical practice.In most cases, painless lumps can be touched in the breast, and they are rarely accompanied by breast pain or nipple discharge.Most of these masses are discovered during the accident, during a bath, or during the physical examination. They can occur alone, or they can occur on both sides of the breasts.

When the breast fibroma is found on the breast, what should we face? In fact, the easiest way is to do a good job of related records, and conduct non -surgical and regular follow -up observation.Because breast fibroma is a common benign tumor and rarely changes with discharge.Except for the very small, large and fast -growing tumors, other fibroma does not require surgical treatment.

For the fibroma resection of surgery, if the tumor is found to increase the tendency to increase the tumor during the observation of the clinic, or when the color ultrasound shows that the blood flow signal in the mass is transformed into a large amount of blood flow signal, the surgical resection needs to be performed.treat.In addition, for women who are preparing to get pregnant, surgical resection of fibroma can also be performed.After all, the occurrence of breast fibroma is directly related to the elevation of estrogen. During pregnancy and lactation, it is just a change in hormone levels in women, leading to an increase in tumor volume.For teenagers, huge fibroma or younger fibroma, because of the rapid growth of tumors and large volume, can cause tissue squeeze and other damage to normal breast tissue, and it is necessary to consider surgical resection.Those with a family history of breast cancer can also consider performing surgical resection.

In addition to the above -mentioned cases that require surgery, breast fibroma is mainly clinically based on clinical clinic.The so -called conventional clinic is to do nothing but the so -called "breast massage" except for regular inspections.EssenceFor patients with surgical resection, due to a certain proportion of recurrence rate, it is also the main content of regular review.

When it comes to the evil changes in breast fibroma, it should be said that rarely will become fibrous sarcoma or breast cancer. Statistical research shows that its bad change rate is less than 1%.Careful interpretation of breast fibrom tumor examination of pathological examination.There are obvious duct epithelial hyperplasia in pathological examinations, and even unprecedented hyperplasia occurs, which are cases of strict follow -up.

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