Toothpaste, soap, tail qi … How tricky women are after pregnancy?I’m afraid you don’t believe it

What are the strange changes in your taste after pregnancy?

@小: When I was pregnant, I wanted to eat ham sausage and grilled intestines. These have not touched these ten years.Later, I love to eat sweets, what cream cakes, chocolate cakes and other snacks, as well as honey water, things that did not touch before, became a must -have daily during pregnancy.

@: My sister, said that after pregnancy, I especially like mint flavor toothpaste. Every time I brush my teeth, I want to eat toothpaste. I also like to smell the soap.

@: It was originally a person with a light taste. He never eats junk food (including but not limited to barbecue, marinating, fried, hot and sour, cold drinks, fast food, etc.).Sour beans, grilled oysters, McDonald’s, cold drinks, and the nose is particularly good.

@: I particularly hate the taste of car gas before pregnancy. I want to vomit when I smell it. I do n’t know why I do n’t know after pregnancy. I do n’t want to come out every day.I heard enough.

@孕: My taste during pregnancy has always changed greatly, with a good appetite, and every month is different.The taste did not change in January pregnancy, as before; I love to eat tomatoes in February of pregnancy and eat tomato for a month;Anyway, the soup is still very light; I started to love fish in May. I never eat fish before, and now I still like to smell all kinds of meat;, You must have tofu per meal, and suddenly fell in love with sweets. I didn’t want to eat it a few months before; I like to eat shrimp in August pregnancy, various shrimp, various shellfish, seafood and the like;In summer, I suddenly love to eat cold noodles and sowed …

In fact, the changes in the taste and appetite of pregnant mothers after pregnancy are normal physiological reactions during pregnancy.

Some research surveys have proved that nearly 75%of women have changed appetite after pregnancy, and such changes are mainly affected by two aspects.

First, the role of estrogen.Generally after pregnancy, women’s estrogen levels will gradually increase. Under the influence of hormones, a large number of HCG will be produced, which will affect the activity of digestive enzymes and thereby affecting the desire to affect food.Essence

Second, it can meet the nutritional needs of the fetus.The changes in the taste of pregnant mothers during pregnancy can ensure that the fetus can get sufficient nutrition. For example, if you like sour and spicy foods, you can stimulate gastric acid and stimulate the appetite of pregnant women.

In general, no matter which taste of pregnant mothers prefers, it is necessary to learn a reasonable and scientific supplementary nutrition. Based on the principle of balanced nutrition, try to eat lightly as much as possible, as much as possible in food selection, eat less fried, pickled foods and other foodsIn this way, it can ensure that the baby can consume more nutrients, so as to develop and grow healthy.

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