Too hard pregnancy


For three consecutive weekends, they were inspected in the hospital, and each weekend had to run two hospitals for various reasons.

This weekend just passed, I couldn’t avoid the two hospitals.The reason is that the doctor said that I was too low in white blood cells. I had to go to the blood department to see it. I could only find a hospital that can hang up.It is really difficult to have a child. It is difficult to get it if there is no money, no time, no car, and a checkup.

White blood cells are too low, anemia, and now it hurts and coughs.Two antigens were measured, not a new crown.I went to see the doctor. The doctor asked me how many weeks. Fortunately, I just passed the twelve weeks, otherwise the cold in the early pregnancy may cause the child to deform … Why is it so scary.

Alas, now I am still worried about the new crown Eryang all the time. It is not easy for pregnant women in recent years.Last year, the two university roommates separated the new crown infection in December in December and gave birth to the baby.We all lamented that they were lucky. They did not experience a new crown during pregnancy, and did not produce when the hospital was not in lack of hands.It’s like hiding from the sofa on the arrows.

Don’t just say "don’t be born in the past few years", which year can you give birth?Can you see it now?The second wave has passed, maybe there are the third wave, the fourth wave … The ninth wave … In the new crown, can it be born that year?

The kind of colleagues who bring four young children on Douyin are still working in the glasses factory with harsh environment, and at the same time, what kind of constitution is the Superman mother who is still with the fifth child?There are basically no delivery during pregnancy, but five healthy and beautiful baby has also been given.

In the middle of pregnancy, the pregnancy was not good. Last night, I vomited the most serious time in history.Feeling deeply how irritating the vomit is, not only the smell is irritating, it seems to be corrosive, and the teeth are sore after the tough vomiting.Only when you go to bed with your eyes, can you experience the "midfield rest" from the two months of pregnancy.

The most painful memory in life was the experience of repeated milk blocking milk during lactation after the last production, and now it has added another: this is not as good as death.It is difficult to divide the two and tied for first.I hope the suffering this time can be exchanged for a healthy and lovely girl.I also hope that after reading this article, my husband can firmly support me to enjoy the "lactation exemption". When the elders of the doctor and nurses pressure, stand ahead of me to resist me.

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