Today, I met another tangled pregnant woman. I took medicine during pregnancy. I don’t know if I should

Today, I met another tangled pregnant woman and told me that I didn’t know if I took medicine during pregnancy, and I didn’t know if I should.So today I posted a small popular science to solve the solution.

Pregnancy is a complex process. Even if normal pregnancy, a certain percentage of birth defects may occur during childbirth.Some pregnant women are used to take medicine as a flood beast.Due to the intense doctor -patient relationship, some doctors also advise pregnant women to choose an artificial abortion when they are risky. This not only enables pregnant women to undergo unnecessary surgery, but also buried hidden dangers for patients.

In terms of pregnancy management, clinicians and pharmacists should cooperate closely. Although they cannot guarantee absolute birth safety, it is a responsible behavior to make appropriate suggestions to patients from a professional perspective.In addition to the metabolism of drugs and pregnant women’s body, drugs are also related to embryonic development. The teratogenic sensitivity period of human embryonic development is mainly divided into three periods.

1. Within 2 weeks after fertilization (within 2 weeks after fertilization, 14 to 28 days of the last menstrual period), within one week after fertilization, fertilized eggs are still in the ovary;The membrane, the degree of differentiation or differentiation of the gymnasis is not high, mainly in cell division, which is very vulnerable to drug damage.If the damage is severe, it can cause embryo death and an early abortion, which is "all"; if the damage is not serious, the damage can be completely repaired and continued to develop without the problem of sequelae, which is the so -called "none."

2. Sensitive period (3 to 8 weeks after pregnancy, 29th to 70th day of the last menstruation) at this time at this time highly differentiated and rapidly developing each organ. The cells are rapidly differentiated and proliferated.It is the main period of drug exposure to fetal deformity.Improper medication may lead to abortion, congenital malformations or permanent defects.The organs begin to develop to a preliminary formation of a certain period of time, so different malformations may occur in different drug exposure time.For example, the sensitivity period of the nervous tissue is 15-25 days after fertilization; the heart is 20 to 40 days; the eye is 24 to 39 days; the limbs are 24 to 46 days; the external genitalia is 36-55 days.

3. Low sensitivity period (9 to 38 weeks after pregnancy, 71 to 280 days of the last menstruation) at this stage, most systems and organs differentiation are nearing completion. It is mainly based on growth and functional development. It has reduced drug sensitivity and is relatively safe.It should be noted that the nervous system, reproductive system, and teeth are still developing, and the differentiation of the nervous system continues to mature the fetus, and even the newborn period, so there is still the possibility of fetal malformations.

Therefore, whether this child can do, you need to figure out the following issues.1. When will the medicine start?2. How many days do you take?3. Is menstruation regular?4. Last menstrual time.Special medication needs to be kept in mind according to the drug FDA grading, the drug instructions (in addition to the contraindication of pregnant women, and the half -life of the drug

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