Tianjin released "Resessing" forbidden for female employees’ pregnancy, fertility, and breastfeeding

The introduction of this policy will only lead to the choice of women’s choices when choosing employees. When a man and a woman, the conditions are equivalent, and even the two people with worse men in men will be in the same position.The probability of choosing men is very simple. For 4 months or even longer for maternity leave, from the perspective of the company, the return on investment must be lower than that of male job seekers.

Introducing this policy can explain a problem. The decline in human birth rate and more cautious women are more cautious about fertility.

So in order to drive the birth rate and avoid the same aging society as Japan that year, encouraging women will become an inevitable choice

If the corresponding will be introduced, the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan of Women’s Development" will be issued

Incorporate the protection of female employees into the scope of labor security supervision and labor safety supervision, and urge employers to strengthen the protection of female employees during menstruation, pregnancy, output, and lactation.Protect female employees in work to avoid the harm of toxic and harmful substances and hazardous production technology

However, this protection policy is actually cure and does not cure the root cause. Taking maternity leave as an example, from the perspective of the company, the company’s goal is profit, but in this policy, the company requires employees to be allowed to have a holiday for more than 4 months for more than 4 months.During this period, the salary should be issued. At the same time, within a year after that, people cannot be opened, that is, for nearly a half and a half years before and after, it is necessarypersonal

Therefore, as I said above, the company will only be more cautious about this policy when recruiting people in the early stage.

From the perspective of female employees, they will only become more cautious about fertility, especially in the workplace. For some achievements in the workplace, if you are pregnant, you will face your position.When you return to the company, the working ability and resources that may have accumulated can no longer exist anymore

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