thrilling!Pregnant women were broken in the uterus for 8 days, and the doctor found that abnormal mother and daughter were safe

Jimu Journalist Liu Xun

Correspondent Xue Yuan

The prospective mother was 8 months pregnant. In the absence of obvious pain, the doctor keenly judged the uterine rupture, and the multi -disciplinary joint treatment was used to treat the mother and baby safely.

Doctors look at the recovery of mater

Ms. Liu, 30, was from Jingzhou. Earlier, she felt a little pain in her 33 -week pregnancy. She thought she was going to give birth prematurely. After a few days of abdominal pain in the local hospital, the symptoms of abdominal pain were relieved.However, Ms. Liu’s B -ultrasound image is very rare. Doctors suspect that Ms. Liu may be uterine malformations, but she does not rule out the possibility of uterine rupture. It is suggested that she go to the large hospital in Wuhan to further confirm.

Ms. Liu did not dare to delay. On January 15, she accompanied her husband to Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital.Liu Jiuying, chief physician of the obstetrics of the hospital, took her diagnosis. After asking the condition and conducting a careful physical examination, no obvious abnormalities were found. "The uterine rupture will have severe abdominal pain, obvious bleeding, and shock symptoms.There is no tenderness and no obvious bleeding. "Dr. Liu Jiuying said.But for the sake of stability, she still suggested that Ms. Liu to do a B -ultrasound.

At 11:20 on the same day, Liu Jiuying received a call from the ultrasonic imaging doctor to inform the mother that the maternal had a performance of uterine rupture.From the image point of view, although the fetus is in the palace, most of the amniotic sacs wrapped in the fetal and amniotic fluid swelling from the left uterine wall, which became a large "water bag" in the abdominal cavity.The signal of umbilical cord blood flow means that the umbilical cord in the uterus should also run to the abdominal cavity.

"The possibility of uterine rupture is extremely great. In case of misunderstanding the rescue time, the mother bleeds, and the child will suffocate during the second and seconds." Liu Jiuying hung up the phone, immediately hospitalized the mother to be hospitalized, planned to perform emergency cesarean section, and immediately phone notified by phone.The operating room, anesthesiology department, neonatal internal medicine, and communicating with their families.

Soon, Ms. Liu was sent to the operating room to cooperate with a multi -department medical team such as obstetrics, anesthesia, operating rooms, and neonatal medicines, and a baby girl weighing 4 pounds was quickly taken out.Because it is premature, the baby also needs to go to the newborn internal medicine guard room for further observation.

Subsequently, when the doctor checked Ms. Liu’s uterus, she found a break -up of about 2 cm long on the left back wall.Fortunately, the amniotic sac blocked the cracks outward, miraculously pressed the bulls to stop bleeding.But because of this, Ms. Liu’s uterine rupture was difficult to detect before.

Everyone can’t help but sigh, this is really a lucky mother and daughter.Not only did the amniotic sac, but the bleeding was pressed, but the symptoms were diagnosed in a timely manner to avoid dangerous conditions.

Liu Jiuying introduced that the uterine rupture is a critical condition of obstetrics. Once the uterine rupture occurs in pregnant women, most of the fetus runs from the uterus to the abdominal cavity. Most of them will die. Maternals will bleed, shock, uterus difficulty, and even lose their lives in the short term.Uterine rupture is related to uterine malformations, and uterine cavity operations such as abortion, hysteroscopy, and cesarean section history.Experts suggest that women of childbearing age pay attention to pre -pregnancy examinations, do not plan to do contraception during pregnancy, reduce uterine cavity operations, and control weight during pregnancy.

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