Three signs of women before pregnancy, if these situations occur, it is best not to have the same room anymore

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Marriage and having children are things that everyone needs to experience, especially girls. As long as the golden age group is so short, once the age is exceeded, the physical function will decrease. At that time, even if it is pregnancy, the mother’s body will receive the body of the maternal body.Some influences,

Moreover, many women are not very sensitive to pregnancy. Many times, they have been pregnant for more than three months, and they think they are "fat". There is no concept of pregnancy.

Moreover, everyone knows that women’s menstruation will stop during pregnancy. However, some careless girls are not very sensitive to these, causing them to know that they are not pregnant.matter.

My girlfriend Lin Lin has been married to her husband for 3 years. The two have a good relationship because of their work. In addition, the parents of both parties are tightening, and the two will soon get married.

However, in the three years after marriage, the couple both wanted a child, but there were no news. Both parents and Linlin couples started to be anxious.

For this reason, Lin Lin also changed her laws of life, not staying up late, not eating cold things, and adjusting her physiological period. However, even so, Lin Lin still did not conceive her baby, and her husband’s mentality became a bit.anxious,

Later, after a husband and wife in the same room, Linlin felt back pain and back pain the next day, and she was very uncomfortable. This symptom lasted for several days.Essence

In fact, things such as pregnancy require multi -party conditions to support it to successfully conceive, such as the physique, age, psychology of both husbands and wives, etc.

If the couple’s psychological stress, or the time of work and rest, or the physical function decrease, will reduce the chance of pregnancy.

Only by changing these bad living habits can they be pregnant with healthy babies, and women cannot be so careless. Pay attention to what changes have happened in their bodies. If these characteristics occur, it is likely to be pregnant.

1. chest pain

When women are pregnant, the body’s hormones will change greatly. Under the influence of hormones, women’s chests will have a tenderness. It is similar to the signs before the menstrual period.

However, this kind of chest tenderness is "secondary development" due to hormone reasons to facilitate the storage of milk required by the baby in the future. If this happens, women are best to check whether they are pregnant.To the fetus.

2. Back pain

After pregnancy, due to the baby’s reasons, pregnant women often feel back pain, and even some pregnant women with serious responses will have edema.

This is a very normal pregnancy reaction. If there is back pain and back pain, there is a feeling of falling in the abdomen, you must go to the hospital to check in time to see if you are pregnant.Or take painkillers, which are fatal damage to the baby.

3. Nausea

I believe that when you watch TV series, the heroine inside gets up in the morning to retider, or when you smell some taste of nausea and vomiting, everyone will know that it is pregnant.

In fact, in our real life, this will really happen. This is the most common pregnancy reaction. Many people will feel that their own throats are uncomfortable and take some anti -inflammatory drugs.

This is wrong. If this kind of nausea or vomiting or itchy throat, and your menstrual period is delayed, it is best to check whether you are pregnant.

In fact, many women are not very clear about their physical condition for various reasons. It is likely that they will not know if they are pregnant, and do some dangerous things, so that they will hurt the baby. Therefore, everyone will improve themselves.At the same time as living habits, you should also pay more attention to your body. Don’t know if you are pregnant, do things that hurt your baby.

After reading this article, what characteristics do you think of the body in the early stages of pregnancy?How did you find it when you are pregnant?Welcome to leave a message for discussion!


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