Three people with menstrual characteristics are more likely to get pregnant?Prepare the husband and wife, please pay attention to 2 points, pay attention to 2 points

Some people are easy to give up on the road to pregnancy. Some people have been preparing for her child to walk long for ten years. They finally disappointed and returned. Some people don’t want children, but they won the prize.

Some people say that those who are pregnant together when they get pregnant together are those who are susceptible to pregnancy?In fact, there is no saying in medicine in medicine, but it is just that everyone calls a pregnancy -prone constitution in daily life.

Successful pregnancy is related to many aspects. The most important thing is the physical health of the couple.Those women who are particularly easy to get pregnant must have some common characteristics.

What are the characteristics of people who are prone to pregnancy?

1. The age of the first menstrual tide is between 12 and 15 years old

On the surface, the average age of girls at the beginning of menstrual menstruation is generally around 13 years old. If they can come between 12 and 1 year, menstruation can come, indicating that the development of the uterus is normal.

However, some girls were very late at the beginning of the initial tide, and they did not have menstruation after the age of 16 or seven. At this time, they should attract attention.

This kind of woman with a very late menstrual tide may be because the uterine development is slow, so it has also led to a much later menstrual tide than others.The slowdown of uterine development also has a certain impact on future fertility, so it should be paid attention to.

2. The menstrual cycle is normal

Normal menstrual cycles can reflect the health of women’s ovarian function. More and more people find that their menstrual cycle is shortened to 20 days. Some people often have a menstruation in the middle.

These all indicate that the menstrual cycle has occurred, and the function of normal ovaries has also been impact.The menstrual cycle disorders indicate that ovulation is also disordered.

Because many young people stay up late for a long time, coupled with other bad habits, the menstrual cycle is becoming increasingly not fixed, and even it feels amenorrhea. This situation is definitely not very good for those who are pregnant.

3. Normal menstrual flow

I often hear that many women say that they have discovered that their menstrual flow is getting less and less. Every time the menstruation is over or two days, they are afraid that it will be menstruation soon.Because menstruation is the endometrium of endometrium, the normal menstrual flow also reflects the normal falling of the endometrium.

If the menstrual flow is particularly small, it may be that the endometrium is abnormal, or it means that the function of the uterus is affected.The uterus is the cradle of babies, and normal endometrium plays a very important role in bed in the fertilized eggs.

Menstruation is normal, pay attention to 2 points

1. Physical examination

Before the husband and wife decided to do it before pregnancy, both sides can do individual examinations, and check whether the heart, liver, blood sugar, etc. are normal.

Women should also check whether there are inflammation.Check your body in advance to be prepared.Those who need treatment can first listen to the doctor’s suggestion for treatment, and then have children after healing.

2. Relax mentality

Successful pregnancy is affected by many aspects, and psychological factors can also affect pregnancy. Some people are more nervous, the more nervous, the more nervous, which affects the metabolism and endocrine of the body, and it is more difficult to conceive.

Therefore, normal menstruation and stable mentality are important for successful pregnancy.Especially women must adjust their mentality.

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