Three fetal stop experience, almost made her lose a chance to be a mother

In October, giving birth to a healthy baby is the greatest wish of every mother, but after some mothers are pregnant, they will have a premature or abortion in the third trimester. What is the reason?

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The cervical function is incomplete, and it is also called incomplete inner inner mouth of the cervix. Before the fetus, the inner mouth of the cervix is opened in advance. The fetus may not stay in the uterine cavity until the full moon, and later abortion or premature birth may occur.

Cervical incompleteness refers to the painless cervical expansion of women when women do not have abdominal pain, contractions, and vaginal bleeding in the middle of pregnancy.Because the cervix’s fibrous connective tissue loses elasticity, it cannot be effectively closed effectively. When the pregnancy gradually increases the pressure in the uterine cavity and compresses the cervix.Cervical expansion occurred in the end of pregnancy, causing late abortion or premature birth.

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There is no discomfort in clinical manifestations of cervical incompleteness.During gynecological examinations or ultrasound examination, the cervical tube is found. Generally, patients do not have obvious pain, and there are no even bleeding. However, with the expansion of the palace mouth, there may be vaginal bleeding or lower abdomen swelling.If the lower abdomen swelling occurs in the middle and late pregnancy, or if there is an increase in vaginal discharge, you need to go to the hospital for related examinations.

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The reason includes two main factors:

1. Congenital factor: The patient’s congenital cervical dysplasia can cause reduced cervical tissue and cause incomplete cervical function.

2. acquired factor: natural delivery, artificial abortion, even induction of labor, and some cervical surgery, including cervical cone cutting or even cervical cancer surgery, will cause cervical tissue to rupture and affect cervical function.

Recently, such a special case was admitted to the thorns on the road to pregnancy, but finally gained happiness.

Ms. Liang experienced three fetal stops, had cervical cone surgery, and prepared for many years, but she was not able to become a mother, causing great trauma to Ms. Liang.

After several fetal stops, Ms. Liang still did not want to give up her desire to be a mother, and hoped to have a healthy and beautiful baby.But pregnancy is never an easy thing, and it is even more difficult for older pregnant women to.Ms. Liang, who is 40 years old this year, is not very good. It is really not easy to have a child to have her own.

After understanding Ms. Liang’s previous medical history, she carefully analyzed her three abortion. She conducted an overall assessment of Ms. Liang’s physical condition.And made detailed targeted treatment plans and life guidance, understand the situation anytime, anywhere, and help Ms. Liang actively prepare for pregnancy.

After a period of systematic treatment, Ms. Liang finally became pregnant again.In the early pregnancy, Ms. Liang gave targeted treatment for treatment of fetal stopping to ensure safety during pregnancy.In the 11th week of pregnancy, she performed a laparoscopic inner ring in the inner mouth of Ms. Liang.

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At the 39th weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Liang successfully gave birth to a healthy female baby through cesarean section and demolished the ring belt.

Source virtue of Maternal and Children’s Hospital

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