Those fun things about pregnancy


Hello everyone, I am a post -90s mother, my son is just 2 years old, and now I will share some things I am pregnant.

I was really a legal accident. After marriage, I did n’t plan to have a child because I did n’t have much deposit, and the contraceptive measures have always been done well.Just when I was very confident and not pregnant, my monthly month was postponed for half a month that made me doubt, so I bought a pregnancy test stick. As a result, I had two bars. I accidentally got pregnant?I started to recall where I made a mistake when I was contraceptive.

I was very scared to open my mother’s call and told her about pregnancy. Mom said: Daughter, you are already married, and have legal pregnancy. What are you afraid of?Then I reacted, yes!I thought I was stupid when I was pregnant?

On the second day, my husband and mother accompanied me to the hospital for examination for 40 days of pregnancy.After returning, the whole family was very happy, and my husband was shocked and happy. I also thought this is my fate with this child!It always comes.

When I was 3 months pregnant, I went to the hospital for an examination. I heard that a pregnant woman had a bunch of lychee because she ate a box of lychee sent by her hometown.I immediately went home to open Douyin and headlines to watch videos for taboo strategy. Except for warm food, hot, cold, cold food, all of them were not eaten. As a result, the child was particularly clean when he was born.I am not good at taboos, and my child is healthy and clean.

The most helpless thing is that I met the epidemic and my husband was busy when I was pregnant to birth. I was busy with my husband at work. I went to my own examinations during my 9 -month pregnancy.The deepest memory is that I ca n’t eat 8 cups of glucose early when I do Tang Siek. I pumped 6 tubles of blood in 4 hours. During this time, I almost fainted in the hospital.Some.At that moment, I felt so pitiful.

By the time of 8 months of pregnancy, I always felt that my breathing was getting more and more difficult. The obstetrician and gynecologist asked me to go to the hospital every day to suck oxygen.My dad was very distressed when I knew it. I bought a can of oxygen cylinders at the oxygen factory to get oxygen. I moved to my home to let me rest assured to suck oxygen at home.I am grateful for my father.

My constitution is the kind of absorbing everything, so I dare not let go of eating throughout pregnancy, because I want to give birth, and the doctor said that I need to control my diet.Dangerous!Because my absorption is so good, the child is also very good and healthy.It ’s until I did n’t let go of it. I’ m going to eat 7 catties and 1 or two. It ’s possible to let go of it.

My aunt worked in the hospital where I produced, so when I produced, my aunt helped me, which made me suffer a lot of sins.The child’s head did not go down, and the fetal heart was weakened. Finally, my husband signed it into a caesarean section.Fortunately, the doctor was very professional during the operation. My anesthetic was not yet available, and the child had already taken it out of the stomach, and my wound was sutured quickly.The moment I saw the baby was very happy, all the pain felt worthwhile at that moment.

In fact, my husband and I both wanted a daughter. I gave birth to a son, and finally thought about my son, so that I would not suffer again.

The above is some of the pregnancy that I want to share with you ~

Now I am very happy every day. My son is obedient and cute, and my family is very good to me.I am very satisfied

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