This woman was pregnant for 12 months and dreamed of a tiger food.

Life is a man, and death is also a ghost.Li Qingzhao’s reputation was given to Chu Bawang Xiang Yu. Since then, no one can compare with him.Of course, although Xiang Yu’s martial arts were unattended at the time, there were still many worlds in the world to compare with it. Lu Bu Lu Feng was first in the Three Kingdoms period.Lu Buzhong not only crowns the world, but even the Japanese know.In the glory company’s game "Three Kingdoms Warriors", Lu Bu’s script can make the princes in the world deal with Lu Bu like Dong Zhuo, which shows how Lu Bu’s Wu Yong is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Lu Bu

Lu Bu can have such a situation, as if it is doomed. From the beginning of this guy, there are many inexplicable legends.Lu Bu is from Wuyuan County (Baotou City, Inner Mongolia). His grandfather Lu Hao was the Captain of Yueqi of the Eastern Han Dynasty.After Lu Hao’s death, no one was remembered by the post of Captain Yue, and Lu Liang took over by his child and continued to guard the Wuyuan County.Lu Liang gradually developed into a local new forces. In order to be able to win him, the old forces used to use the policy.As a result, Lu Liang married Huang’s daughter of the local giants and nobles as his wife.

After Lu Liang and Huang’s marriage, the two have always been respecting each other, and they lived the life of the fairy family members.However, people have a good blessing, and the moon is full of yin and clear.These young couples were comfortable and raised four daughters. They were not good. They were also these four daughters. No son inherited the family business for Lu Liang. This is the crime of filial piety in the feudal society.There was no way. At that time, there were no scientific methods, and he could only be hoped to be in ghosts and gods, so Lu Liang decided to take his wife to a nearby temple to worship Buddha for children.

There are three feet in the head, probably Lu Liang’s sincerity. After the temple immediately, his request received a reply from heaven.That night, Huang’s dream had a dream. A tiger rushed towards Huang in the dream. The husband next to him immediately stepped forward to drive, but the speed was too late.Immediately, he will be killed.But after two people’s expectations, after the tiger rushed to Huang’s side, she just lay quietly beside her, very pleasing.

It didn’t take long for this dream to get pregnant again.The couple are happy now, and this child must be a son!However, ten months have passed, and there is no signs of Huang’s production. Lu Liang worriedly found the doctor and the mother -in -law. The Huang of Huang who surrounded the big belly was helpless and could only allow it to develop.After two months.

One day, Huang suddenly heard the people outside the house noisy.As soon as I found out, the Huang family who walked on the street saw on the sky in the northwest. The light was shining and the rainbow suspended.Then the five original mountains collapsed, and the ground moved.At this time, Huang suddenly felt that the pain in his abdomen was unbearable, and it was difficult to walk.The Huang who barely walked back to the yard had to sit on a piece of cloth beside him, and soon gave birth to a baby boy.

The scene of ancient women when it is in the basin

This baby is terrible!After being born, the umbilical cord was broken by himself without anyone.After missing all this, Lu Liang was happy when he saw that he had a son.Huang told her husband when she was born that Lu Zhichen was shocked and shouted, "My God also." Because he thought that the child was born on a broken cloth, Lu Liang named Lu Bu named Lu Bu.

From this point of view, Lu Bu can be able to be a power to the world or heaven!However, this kind of legend is generally unique, and the world talks about it after meals.

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