This scene was staged in many places in Guangdong, which made people cry …

How long is the way home?

How far is the dream of reunion?

Some people have gone for decades

Some people are still walking …

For the Chinese,

Reunion is a constant obsession,

Is the hope of unwilling to give up.

Recently, the recognition of relatives was held in many places in Guangdong, and the touching scenes were staged one after another.After experiencing a long journey, they finally fulfilled their dreams.The official public account of Guangdong Public Security released a scene of many family reunion.


On September 16th and 17th, 2021, the public security of Chang’an, Qingxi, Dalang, and Dongcheng of Dongguan held a warm and touching "Happy Mid -Autumn Festival Monthly Moon" to recognize the relatives. Four children who have been separated for many years have finally been with their biological parentsReunion recognition, the longest time to be disappeared for 34 years.

Police who were responsible for the investigation of the case at the event site witnessed the exciting moments of the four families to meet, recognize, and reunite.

For 22 years, finally reunited!

"Son, we look forward to seeing you again when you are alive.", "Let’s find you to find it hard …"

Listening to his mother’s choking, Awei hugged his mother tightly, and said no eyes red.

At the scene of the relatives, the mother took out the photos of A Wei when she was a child to help A Wei remember the bit by bit when she was a child. The mother and child’s hands kept holding it tightly, and the tears of happiness never worked.

For more than 20 years

Finally, you can spend a "reunion festival" together

"Son, it’s been more than 20 years, and finally found you." My father hugged the young man in front of him affectionately.

22 years

This Mid -Autumn Festival is "full moon"

After waiting for 22 years, Tang Hao’s parents, Mr. Tang and his wife, was so excited that it was difficult to calm down.

Mother and son have been lost for 34 years

The police held a special reunion for them

34 years ago, Ms. Ou and her son went away at the train station and now finally reunited.After accumulating 34 years of thoughts, it turned into tears of joy.Although the two sides could not meet on the spot due to the epidemic, the distance could not hinder their reunion.

The mother still retains the clothes worn before the child is lost

The grandson’s "Grandma" in the video, sweetly


On September 17, the Public Security Bureau of Jieyang City held a press conference on the "Reunion" special action and awarding ceremony.At the scene of the family, parents and parents of 5 families

Holding closely with children who have been abducted or lost for many years, weeping with joy, she finally reunited dreams after more than ten years or even more than 20 years.

They are: Lai Mou, who was lost 25 years ago, Li, who was adopted after being lost in Puning 26 years ago, Yang, who was abducted in Huizhou 24 years ago, Lu Mouchao, who was lost in Nanning 20 years ago, 19Huang Mouqin, who was abducted in Dongguan years ago.

At the scene, he recognized with his family. The scenes of the reunion of loved ones were moving, and the reunion of discrete many years was precious.


The 6 -year -old boy was abducted by his neighbor Mid -Autumn Festival

Parents have been looking for 22 years and finally met in Foshan

On August 30, it was an unforgettable and special day for Pangmou’s parents. The moment they waited for the reunion for 22 years.Pang’s biological mother

At the moment when I saw the son who thought about Chao Shili, tears couldn’t stop flowing down, and the voice trembled and said, "Oh, we have found you for 22 years, and you finally come back …"


Scientific and technological empowerment

Tai Po Public Security Assistance lost 12 years girls to go home dream for 12 years

On August 17th, with the help of the Public Security of Tai Po, Mr. Xie and his wife finally met her daughter who had lost 12 years at the "Reunion No. 2" special operation in Guangzhou Public Security.

As of August this year, Meizhou Public Security Organs have helped 13 discrete families reunite again, detecting two cases of trafficking children, rescued 2 abducted infants and young children, 1 trafficking women and children’s gangs, and captured 6 suspects.


On August 17, Peng’s couple from Hunan finally saw her son who had lost 15 years.

"Mom’s treasure, I’m sorry …" The Peng couple hugged her son who had been separated for many years. The 15 -year thoughts and torrents turned into tears, and the family hugged each other tightly.

Since the Ministry of Public Security deployed the "Reunion" operation earlier this year, Zhongshan Public Security quickly implemented the DNA inspection and comparison of relatives to find missing and abducted children.As of now, 30 people who have been scattered have been retrieved, and a total of 23 relatives have been organized.


Three -year -old son did not go home after playing

Twelve years later with parents and reunion

On August 16th, Luo Mouxin, who had been abducted for 12 years, had been recognized with his biological parents.

On June 12, 2010, Ms. Chen went to the Village Police Station of the Public Security Branch of the Tianhe District Public Security Bureau hoping to collect DNA and find her son Liu Mouyuan 14 years ago.In July of this year, with the joint efforts of Guangzhou Police and Qingyuan Police, he finally retrieved his 25 -year -old son for Ms. Chen.

Since the beginning of this year, Guangdong Public Security has continued to advance the "eight major actions", and has continuously deepened the service concept of "I do practical work for the masses" and comprehensively promoted the development of the "reunion action".So far, the Guangdong police have retrieved 394 children who have been abducted and missing, helping multiple discrete families to achieve reunion.

The warmth is "reunion"

Behind each number

It’s all the expectations of a family!

May there be no turbulence in the world, all the reunion!

Comprehensive Dongguan Public Security Bureau, Ping An Jieyang, Zhongshan Public Security Bureau, Ping An Guangzhou, Ping’an Meizhou, Foshan Public Security Bureau

Source: Yangcheng Evening News

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