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Oral diseases are very common in life, and gingivitis is one of them.Gingivitis is the inflammation of the tooth bed. This disease is related to the "getting angry" in Chinese medicine. In addition, it is also closely related to the stimulation of local dental stones and systemic metabolic disorders.

Gingivitis is very popular with women. For example, youthful gingivitis often occurs in women in adolescence. Women in physiological periods are prone to gum swelling and pain, and pregnancy gingivitis is not needed. It is a patent for women.Women who are in the following stages should be more careful, don’t let small gingivitis destroy your health.

Women who have ovulation during ovulation

A latest study shows that the occurrence of gingivitis has a great relationship with the changes in human hormone levels. Women’s hormone levels will fluctuate in one month. At the highest value and minimum value, it may be through the white blood cells or immune systems.Function leads to inflammation of the gums.

Women always have a period of time every month, and gingival inflammation is more serious.Before the ovulation period, women are mild in gingival inflammation. During the ovulation period, the chance of gum inflammation is high. After women enter the physiological period, the symptoms of strict gingival inflammation will be reduced.

Researchers said that most women’s gum disease did not have obvious symptoms, so they did not notice whether their gum inflammation was serious.Many women generally only pay attention to the physical condition during menstruation, and always take it lightly for the physical condition of pre -menstrual and menstrual periods.

Therefore, women who are ovulation should observe their gums. If inflammation occurs, pay attention when brushing teeth, and avoid eating spicy and irritating foods.

Pregnant woman

Because women in the body during pregnancy, chorionic gonadotropin, progesterone, estrogen, etc. in the body have significantly increased, and they will return to normal level until childbirth.Pregnancy gingivitis is generally due to the increase in progesterone in pregnant women, which is generally divided into simple pregnancy gingivitis and pregnancy gingival tumors.

Two climax periods often occur in pregnancy gingivitis. The first is 3 months before pregnancy, and the second is 3 months after pregnancy.In the early pregnancy, the fluffy membrane in the pregnant woman’s body rising significantly, resulting in damage to the integrity of the gum epithelial tissue, and the level of the level of progesterone in the third trimester can also cause gum inflammation.Pregnant women should be careful when there is a period of time for dentalization. It is best to go to the hospital for treatment, otherwise there will be a danger of premature birth.

Therefore, the majority of women pay more attention to their own tooth health than men, and develop the habit of brushing their teeth and mouthwash. The method of brushing teeth must be correct. This is the most effective way to prevent gum inflammation.In the direction, the upper teeth are brushed down, and the lower teeth are brushed up, and each tooth surface must be taken care of.This can not only clean the teeth, but also massage the gums and promote the blood circulation of the gums.

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