Thirsty and impatient during pregnancy, what is it?Can you drink plenty of water?

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Many expectant mothers will feel thirsty during pregnancy, and even drinking a lot of water cannot solve the problem of thirst.Some pregnant women do not drink much water before pregnancy, so the thirst after pregnancy is even stronger.You know, why are pregnant women prone to thirst?Below Beibei Mother Below is about the thirst of thirsty during pregnancy and physiological.

First of all, abnormal thirst during pregnancy must eliminate pathological thirst:

Among them, the most easily suspected cause of thirsty disease during pregnancy is gestational hyperglycemia and gestational diabetes.However, in this case, pregnant women often have "three more" symptoms: more urine, drinking water, and hunger.If the blood glucose examination is qualified, the thirst of pregnant women is not accompanied by abnormal urine or increased feeding, then it can basically rule out pathological hyperglycemia thirst.

In addition, pathological reasons such as too little amniotic fluid may also cause abnormal thirst during pregnancy.The exclusion of these pathological reasons generally requires a systematic examination to find and confirm the diagnosis of regular hospitals. Do not guess yourself and think about it.

Secondly, there are many physiological reasons for abnormal thirst during pregnancy:

1. Water -integrated effect during pregnancy: Generally speaking, it is necessary to take more calories and liquid during pregnancy.

Thirsty is the signal of the body of a pregnant woman -you need to use more body fluids to maintain the extra amount of amniotic fluid and higher body metabolism.

Some pregnant women’s urination during pregnancy will increase, which requires pregnant women to take more water;

Some pregnant women have a heavy taste during pregnancy, and they will consume more salt, and need more water to metabolize these excess minerals;

Some pregnant women will night sweats at night, or have high body temperature, and they will be more prone to thirst.

2. Increased blood capacity during pregnancy:

Thirsty pregnancy is also a signal of increased blood capacity of pregnant women. Generally, the blood capacity of the pregnancy during pregnancy will increase by about 40 % compared to before pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women need to drink more water to adjust the level of body fluid.Additional blood volume will help maternal and infants to increase oxygen supply and nutrition, and moisture plays a very important role in the development of cells.

3. Pregnancy hypotension:

The American Heart Institute believes that decreased blood pressure during pregnancy is normal.Because the heart of pregnant women should provide additional nutrients required for the fetus, more motivation to maintain blood circulation is needed, so the blood pressure of pregnant women may be low.The unusual thirsty phenomenon during pregnancy may also be a signal of hypotension in pregnancy. Of course, it may also be a signal of other symptoms such as pregnancy hypertrophic.But if this hypotension is not particularly low, it is generally a normal physiological reaction.

Tips for pregnancy hypotension:

In addition to thirsty performance, there are other physiological reactions, such as: dizziness, dizziness, dizziness, fainting, blurred vision, nausea, cold skin, pale complexion, fast and shallow breathing, easy fatigue, and so on.


There are also seasonal reasons (such as dry and warm autumn and winter seasons) may also cause thirst for pregnant women.In short, from the perspective of physiological needs, drinking plenty of water during pregnancy is good for maternal and baby health.However, if there are too many amniotic fluid or pathological factors such as pregnancy edema, the amount of drinking water may need to be controlled to a certain extent.I wish you all the best mothers to go through the whole pregnancy, mother and child are safe!

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