These tricks will help you develop "easy to lose weight"

To say the most enviable constitution, it is bound to not be fat.Eat the fried chicken hot pot, today milk tea tomorrow Coke.Hey, just don’t gain weight!

However, some people have fattened water. It seems that as long as you drink two more water today, you will hang two or two meats on your body tomorrow.

Are you easy to eat fat or not easy to get fat?Behind is "greedy gene" control

Not gaining weight, genes are indeed important.It is easy to eat fat or not easy to eat fat, which is related to a "greedy gene".

The name of this gene is the FTO gene, and the full name is fat and obesity -related genes.It is located on the human body No. 16 chromosome.This is a common obesity and susceptible gene in the human body. Everyone has it, but some people FTO genes are generated after mutation.

Those who are not easy to gain weight are mostly lucky on the FTO gene. These people are easy to have a sense of satiety. Once the body takes the heat that is sufficient to maintain normal physiological activity, it will have a sense of satiety.Therefore, they are easy to eat. Even if the food is delicious, they can stop easily when they are full, and they will not have the problem of excess intake of calorie.

And the motivation to drive them to eat is mainly hungry, not "bad mood", "good mood", "good angry, eat some" and other kinds of reasons that are not reasonable.

People who can always find a variety of reasons to arrange a meal for themselves, and people who often can’t stop eating may be people who have mutated the FTO gene.For those who have mutated FTO, they really can’t control themselves.

In its brain, in addition to assuing the function of providing calories and maintaining normal physiology, food is a source of happiness.High -fat and high -sugar food is a huge reward for their brains. The happiness brought by this reward will even overwhelm the alarm signal of the gastrointestinal tract, compared with the happiness brought by the food, the strength of the satiety signal strengthIt’s too weak.

To put it simply, people who have no mutation in the FTO gene do not eat much when they are full, and those who have mutations in FTO may be able to come and have two bites when they are full. Even if they are not hungry, they can come.

Do not believe?Find the skinny and fat friends around you to compare their dietary habits.

In fact, there are many genes related to obesity in the human body.For example, the still gene will make it difficult for you to make up your mind to exercise. After exercise, the dopamine generated by positive feedback is less than others. Naturally, it is even more interesting to the exercise itself.However, genes do not determine everything. The development of the day after tomorrow and personal efforts are more important.

Can’t lose weight if you have obesity genes?"Hold your mouth and open your legs" is still the law of gold

of course not!

"Hold your mouth and open your legs" are definitely the most effective laws to maintain weight and weight loss.Behind this golden rule, the calories are actually created -poor calories.

The human body needs to consume a certain amount of heat every day to maintain normal physiological activities. This is basic metabolism.

Even if you can’t move all day, your body will consume these heat because they are used to maintain the energy required by the body temperature, breathing, heartbeat, blood circulation, and the normal operation of each cell and organs.

Basic metabolism accounts for 60%to 75%of the daily energy consumption, which is a big head for daily energy consumption.

In addition, the human body’s daily movement and exercise will consume extra energy.It also requires energy to consume food itself. This part is called food thermal effect.Therefore, the energy consumed by the human body every day is actually the sum of basic metabolism, daily activity consumption energy, and food thermal effects.

Everyone consumes a certain amount of food every day, and these foods can provide a certain amount of heat to the human body after digestion and absorption.If the calories consumed every day are higher than the calorie intake, this calorie gap will make the body easier to lose weight.

And if the energy it takes every day is more energy than consumed, then it is obvious that obesity will occur naturally.

Having said that, I have to say a cruel fact that some people’s basic metabolism is indeed higher than others.Therefore, even if these people don’t move, they can lose weight!Fortunately, the foundation metabolism can be changed through the hard work of the day after tomorrow.In the static state, muscle consumption is more calories, so increasing the muscle content of the whole body can naturally increase basic metabolism.

This is why people who have long -term exercise and fitness habits eat a lot of food, but not much meat.

Long -term exercise can increase skeletal muscle content, which helps consume more calories. Even if they sit for a day and lie for a day, the calories they can consume will be higher than ordinary people.

If you want to improve the foundation metabolism, the form of exercise such as high -strength intermittent exercise may be more effective than jogging.At this time, some people may say "I have a still gene, I really don’t want to move," so I chose to lose weight for diet.

For example, an adult woman’s daily calorie recommended intake is 1800 calories. It is not eaten without drinking cards to 800 calories. The dinner that should be eaten becomes apples, and the protein that should be eaten becomes vegetables.For a while, such a large heat gap will naturally lose weight.However, once a normal diet is restored, it will return to the original appearance soon.Even more fatter than the original, this is the so -called rebound.

Losing weight is not reliable!

In fact, long -term diet will affect the basic metabolism of the human body. In order to maintain normal physiological activities in order to maintain normal physiological activities in the case of low calorie intake, the body will reduce consumption and even consume muscles. Over time, a relatively low basic metabolic level is formed.

Even if it has returned to a normal diet, this low level of basic metabolism will not return to normal level immediately. Therefore, even if some people eat too much, they may still get fat back.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight and the effect of weight loss can be maintained, don’t really die.

Scientific diet and regular movement are the most effective and healthiest means.

In addition, you can also optimize the dietary structure appropriately, such as reducing fat intake, eating more high -quality protein, high -quality carbohydrates, etc. You can still lose weight successfully without hunger!

In the end, it is worthwhile to wake up everyone. If you really eat too much for a long time, and if you do n’t want to fight, you must pay attention.

Hyperthyroidism, digestive system diseases, feeding disorders, and problems such as diabetes, tumors, chronic infections, parasites, etc. may show such abnormalities. Before lamenting your magical constitution, it is best to go to the hospital for a thorough investigation.

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Source: Wuhan Evening News

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