These three characteristics appear during pregnancy, it is likely to be pregnant, don’t be stupid, don’t know

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Friends got married last year because they were not young when they got married, so they started to prepare for pregnancy after marriage.But when I talked last month, she said that she hadn’t conceived, and saw that the friends around her had children, and she was really anxious.But yesterday she suddenly announced in the group that she was pregnant, and we were all happy for her.She said that she was pregnant last month, but she didn’t find it.A few days ago, I wanted to go to the hospital to check why I couldn’t conceive, but I accidentally learned that I was pregnant.In fact, if a woman is pregnant, the body will change in about 10 days in the same room.If there are these three changes, then congratulations to your pregnancy.

1. Basic body temperature rise

In fact, many women are not easy to discover this change.Generally, after pregnancy, the base temperature of women will rise by about 0.5 degrees Celsius, and this state will continue for a longer time.If you are also preparing for pregnancy, you can record your basic body temperature every day.Specifically, after getting up early every day, the first thing is to measure the body temperature.If you find that the body temperature continues to keep in a high state, especially if it is about 10 days after the same room, if the same, then you can consider whether you are pregnant.

2. I often feel tired and lethargic

After the fertilized egg is successfully bed, the woman’s body will secrete a large amount of lutein, and the secretion of this kind of lutein will make women feel tired.EssenceSome women may think they are cold and even drink cold medicine.If you are preparing for pregnancy, you need to be sensitive to this change, and test if you are pregnant.If you really take drugs when you are pregnant, it will hurt the fetus.Or this state lasted until about 10 after the same room, then you are pregnant in ten or nine.

3. Change of the chest

After women are pregnant, the hormone level in the body will change greatly, especially the changes in the chest are more obvious.If you find that about 10 days after the same room, the breast becomes softer than before, and it is accompanied by a tingling sensation, it may be pregnant.Some women may also happen when menstruation comes. In order to be more accurate, women can go to the hospital for examination.

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Tao Ma said: If you are preparing for pregnancy, you should pay attention to observing the changes in your body after the same room.If the above three cases occur, it is basically a successful pregnancy.Don’t know if you are pregnant, I hope all the couples in the pregnancy can be pregnant immediately.

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