These symptoms, congratulations, you are pregnant

Many pregnant mothers are curious about what changes will appear after pregnancy. What signals will be released to us to tell us that we have successfully conceived. If your body has changed the following changes, then congratulations, you are likely to get pregnant.

1. Menstruation stop

If you do n’t have menstruation for two consecutive months, you will observe your menstruation normally or not. If it is normal, this is the most obvious symptom of pregnancy.

2. Thickened waist circumference

The waist will be slightly thicker, the stomach is a bit convex, the lower abdomen has a feeling of swelling, and the feeling of falling, which is very similar to the feeling of being aunt.

3. frequent urination

The number of urins will be more than usual. As early as pregnancy increases, the uterus will gradually increase to compress the bladder and cause frequent urination.The uterus that increases after 12 weeks of pregnancy will be higher than the pelvic cavity, so it will reduce the oppression of the bladder, and frequent urination will disappear.

4. Constipation

It is normal for the stool, but the gastric acid secretion in the early pregnancy is reduced, the gastrointestinal peristalsis slows, the extension of the gastrointestinal emptying, and the increasing uterine compression of the rectum will cause constipation.Pregnant mothers must pay attention to this, don’t take it seriously that it may be a sign of pregnancy.

5. Breast

If you are tingling, softness, and swelling first, it is likely to be pregnant. This symptom may appear in the first few days after conception.

6. Nauseous to vomit

After pregnancy, there will be symptoms of acid, nausea, and vomiting.It may happen when brushing your teeth in the morning, and vomiting symptoms may occur due to stimulating the throat.This is different from that we usually eat bad stomachs. The pregnancy vomiting just feels uncomfortable in our throat and wants to vomit.

7. Easy to exhaust

Dizziness, weakness, loss of appetite, sometimes feel lazy or drowsy, a bit like a cold.But in fact, this is the phenomenon of pregnancy, mainly due to the increase in pregnancy hormones, and no special treatment is required.

If the above seven cases occur, then congratulations, you are likely to be pregnant.For the sake of insurance, you can go to the hospital for early pregnancy examination and confirm, I wish you all the pregnancy ~

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