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Gynecological common sense used in life


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No sexual life

Will you get gynecological diseases?

Yes.There are many causes of gynecological diseases, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, hormone level changes, excessive cleaning, excessive medication, and so on.

Take the more common vaginitis as an example. The common types include: Candida, bacteriality and trichomoniasis.

Among them, Candida is originally one of the normal bacterial groups, but when it increases abnormally, it can cause lesions.

Even with the experience of applauding for love, in the case of vaginal flora disorders and low immunity, Candida may increase abnormally, leading to the onset.

Some bad habits can cause bacterial lesions.For example, after a large amount of sweating, you do n’t replace your underwear in time. You can wear it without drying it without completely drying it. It will cause mold breeding and cause bacterial vaginitis.

In addition, the "sexually transmitted diseases" like "condyloma acuminatum" will also be infected through wound transmission and indirect transmission. It is not necessarily infected by the channel "applauding for love".

Gynecological diseases and sexually transmitted diseases are not directly linked to whether there are sexual behaviors.

These diseases are not the basis for judging whether a person’s "private life is chaotic".

Why must we wear a suit

If you do n’t have to get pregnant, you must wear it!

Wearing a suit is the most convenient and effective way to harm the body of both sides.

And wearing a set is not only for contraception, but also can effectively prevent many diseases spread through sexual behavior, such as AIDS, gonorrhea, herpes, HPV, and so on.

Girls, before applauding for love, he must ask him to wear it. There is nothing to discuss this matter. Don’t believe in the ghost of "nothing".

Boys, we must take the initiative to apply for applause next time. This is not only to avoid accidents, but also the protection of your body.

Is the safety period really 100%safe?

There has always been the saying of "first seven, post -eight", that is, 7 days before the aunt came and the first day of the first day of the aunt, applauding for love during this time, there was no risk of pregnancy.

However, even if the aunts are unqualified, it is difficult to accurately predict the ovulation period.The ovulation period is affected by multiple factors, such as ovarian function, hormonal levels, etc., and the ovulation time between different women is also very different.

Therefore, even according to the menstrual cycle, it is impossible to accurately predict the ovulation period, there will be a 10%-20%probability of contraceptive failure.

Not to mention that many girls’ menstrual periods are not so accurate, it is possible to advance in advance and delay for a few days, and it is even impossible to ensure the success of contraception.

The first day of my auntie

Can applaud for love

Of course … After the end!

Due to the changes in hormones in the body, the desire for the aunt in the aunt is relatively strong, but men want to (know all understand) at all times.When it was completely ended, "tasted the forbidden fruit."

However, the endometrium of a auntie woman will fall off. At this time, it is easy to be infected by bacteria. At this time, applauding for love will greatly increase the risk of related diseases.

For health, we must hold back, both sides are.

How to check gynecological examination

Will it be ashamed

Do you have to do it?

Many gynecological diseases did not have obvious symptoms in the early stage. When they realized that they were treated again, they were likely to miss the best time.

Gynecological examinations can help women find gynecological diseases early, such as cervical cancer, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, etc., thereby taking treatment measures in time to reduce the harm of the disease to the body.

Through regular gynecological examinations, women can understand their health in time, do a good job of gynecological health management, and improve their awareness of self -care.

In short, it is very useful.

However, gynecological examination involves the inspection of women’s private parts, which may make women feel exposed and helpless.Causes psychological shame and discomfort.This is also the main reason why they are unwilling to undergo gynecological examinations.

At this time, the male compatriots will play a role, and actively accompany her around her to conduct gynecological examinations. Through companionship, communication, encouragement, etc., she will help her eliminate psychological resistance.

Conventional gynecological examinations include gynecological routine, leucorrhea routine, B -ultrasound, HPV, TCT (screening cervical cancer), six -year -old glands, etc. If girls who are 20 years old and have sexual life are recommended, it is recommended to do gynecological examination once a year.Essence

Time can be selected within 3-7 days after the end of the aunt. Pay attention to personal hygiene before checking, but do not clean it too much to avoid interference to the results.


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