These feelings appear during pregnancy. This is a period of ovulation. If you want to get pregnant, you must grasp it

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Nowadays, couples also pay attention to scientific pregnancy. In addition to relying on "luck", they will also be fully prepared.This is mainly to be able to conceive better babies to achieve eugenics and eugenics.Many women in pregnancy know that if they can have room in the same room during ovulation, the conception rate will be increased.However, there are not many women who will be ovulation, which causes them to find the ovulation period, and it is relatively difficult to go on the road to preparing for pregnancy.In fact, in addition to mirroring the ovulation period according to menstruation, women can also determine whether the ovulation period can come based on these changes in the body.If women have these feelings during pregnancy, this means that they are ovulation, and they must grasp if they want to get pregnant.

1. chest pain

The mature follicles will produce a large amount of estrogen before the ovaries are discharged and form a peak.After that, the estrogen will reach the pituitary gland, urge the production of luteum to produce Su LH, and then induce follicles to rupture, and the eggs will be discharged.At this time, estrogen also has other effects on women’s body, such as stimulating the growth of mammary glands, so that women will feel chest pain.

2. Pain in the lower abdomen

Through the explanation above, we know that after the follicle matures, it is ruptured, and then the eggs are discharged, which will form a small break.Some women’s physical sensitivity is relatively high, and lower abdomen pain will occur.Of course, not all women will feel this way.Even if it appears, it will not last long, and no special treatment is needed.

3. Bleeding

Some women’s estrogen fluctuations are large, which may cause part of the endometrium to fall off in advance, thereby bleeding.However, ovulation and bleeding are generally 1-2 days, and the amount is not large, even just a bit.If a small amount of bleeding, women can care about it.But if the amount of bleeding is relatively large, it will cause attention.

4. Increase secretions

When women reach ovulation, the increase in estrogen will also cause more secretions to produce cervical glands.During ovulation, women’s secretions will increase, and the color is clear and thorough like egg white, and even brushes.

How to grasp the ovulation period more accurately?

Some women may say "I don’t have this feeling every time, what should I do?" Indeed, these situations we mentioned above will not appear.In order to be able to grasp the ovulation period more accurately, women in pregnancy can also operate like this.

1. Women with menstrual regularity

If your menstruation is regular, the life of husband and wife is also very regular, almost 2-3 times a week.In this way, you can use the ovulation period without preparation.Or the 14 days before the next menstrual period is the ovulation period, 5 days before the ovulation period and 4 days after the ovulation period.

2. Women with irregular menstruation

Such women can use the basic body temperature measurement method to use ovulation test strips and other methods to find the ovulation period.If women’s time, energy and economy can be achieved, ovulation can also be detected through B -ultrasound, which is the most accurate.

3. Pay attention to the frequency of the same room

Even if you find the ovulation period, it does not mean that you have to have room every day during this period.Generally speaking, the same room the next day, or the same room 1-2 days before ovulation, the surrogacy rate will be higher.

Tao Ma said: It is important to grasp the ovulation period. It is really important to grasp the ovulation period. In the past few days, women are more likely to get pregnant.But how to find the ovulation period, this requires women to choose these methods we mentioned according to their own situation.At the same time, the husband and wife must have such psychological preparation: even if the same room during ovulation is not necessarily pregnant, it will be affected by other factors.Will you calculate the ovulation period?

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