These changes have appeared in the body, it turned out to be pregnant

Many women now do not realize that they are pregnant after pregnancy. If they are not aware of their pregnancy as soon as possible, they will have a lot of adverse effects on the baby after that.

Generally speaking, there are more than a dozen symptoms of pregnancy. The following symptoms can help you verify whether you are pregnant.

1. Headache

The increase in headache frequency is probably caused by hormones flowing in the figure. Those flowing hormones will make you worry and joy.

The rest will probably cause headaches: dehydration and some other reasons.

2. Tired or fatigue

Many expectant mothers will feel very tired and sleepy within a few weeks before pregnancy, and feel fatigue regardless of reason, which may be related to a large number of hormonal loss caused by your body due to your baby.

The rest are probably due to fatigue or illness due to labor or illness.

3. Bloating

Bloating also has a lot to do with hormones.During this time, I will find that my clothes are more close, and they will also notice that I am getting fat.

The rest are probably because the belly is really bloated.

4. Swell or painful breasts

1-2 weeks after pregnancy, you will find that breast swelling or swelling!

The rest are probably because the aunt is about to arrive, or in the ovulation period, or because of taking contraceptives, those will cause breast swelling and pain.

5. Nausea and vomiting

For most mothers, early pregnancy reactions generally appear in 2-8 weeks of pregnancy. Some people who have early pregnancy reactions will be very short.

The rest are probably because of food poisoning, cold stomach, heat stroke, or my pressure in work and life.

6. frequent urination

Do you often want to go to a latrine during this time?After about six weeks after pregnancy, many expectant mothers will urinate more frequently.This is because after pregnant, the mother’s body has more liquids in the body, and at the same time, the uterus is under pressure, so the liver should deal with more urine.

The rest are probably because of: urethral infections and diabetes, and there are probably only because of drinking too much water.

7. lower body bleeding

6-12 days after pregnancy, embryos are implanted into the uterine wall, which will probably cause you a bit of bleeding or spasm.

The rest are probably because the aunt is here.

8. Increase appetite

You usually don’t like sour or spicy foods, but at this stage, you will really want to eat foods with acid apricots and peppers, which is also a prominent symptom of pregnancy.

The rest are probably because of: lack of this kind of food.

9. The nipples (areola) become bigger and darker

Since then, most expectant mothers’ areola will become bigger and deeper, which is very common.

The rest is probably because hormones are imbalanced and have nothing to do with pregnant.

10. Different from the usual auntie

This can be regarded as the most distinctive label after the pregnancy. Many women also come to the aunt when they are pregnant, but they are less and shorter than the normal physiological period.

The rest are probably because of too much stress, excessive weight loss or weight gain, and probably due to taking contraceptives.

11. Basic body temperature changes

Women who measure the base temperature can know early pregnancy.The normal body temperature of women is a two -way curve, that is, it is low before ovulation, and increases after ovulation. If the menstrual period expires the future tide, it will no longer decrease after the body temperature rises, and it is maintained for more than 18 days.

If you have tried to conceive and want to be pregnant (pregnancy is a very difficult thing, but some people must go through it), your doctor may suggest that you record your daily body temperature.If your body temperature is slightly higher than usual and it lasts for two weeks, this proves that some changes are happening in your body.You may be pregnant! The continuous body temperature becomes higher and prompts you to consult your doctor.

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