These 5 symptoms during pregnancy are normal, don’t scare yourself

Many pregnant mothers will encounter many problems during pregnancy, such as nausea, chest tightness, headache, etc. In fact, these are the normal phenomenon of pregnant women. Specific moms do not need to worry too much.There are such small problems, but maybe this really shows that the fetus is healthy in the stomach!

These 5 situations during pregnancy are normal, don’t scare yourself!

1. Little abdominal pain

This is the symptoms of early pregnancy. Many mothers who have just become pregnant have this feeling.If it is not continuous and no bleeding, you don’t have to rush to go to the hospital.Because fertilized eggs in early pregnancy will look for the most suitable places in the uterus of women’s uterus, and bloom and bear fruit. At this time, the pain is often discomfort caused by the fertilized eggs.Woolen cloth.

Pregnant moms do not touch the pregnant belly even if they have a small abdominal pain during pregnancy, because if the fruit is touched, it is easy to stimulate the uterine contraction, causing the fetus prematurely and adverse phenomena.But usually apply olive oil on the pregnant belly to prevent the emergence of stretch marks.

2, pelvic pain

Many expectant mothers who reached the third trimester have a pelvic feeling. They are uncomfortable sitting and lying down. Many mothers have calcium deficiency, but they are not.The pelvic pain is to allow the baby to be born through the pelvis smoothly. The mother can produce a pubic ligament in the pelvis. The ligament relaxation will cause the joint to move more likely, so it will easily cause pelvic pelvisPain in the area.When I think of making the baby born smoothly, is the mother’s mood better?

3. Breast pain

Since pregnancy, with the changes in hormones in the pregnant mother, the breasts have also changed accordingly.This is a function given to human nature to nature, which is to meet the needs of breastfeeding after childbirth.At the same time, the degree of breast development during pregnancy (not the size of the breast) also determines how much it is secreted by milk. Think about the children’s rations in the future. The pain is not allowed to represent the milk.

4. pubic pain

The pubic bone is located at the junction of the root of the thigh and the abdomen. The distance between the two pubic bones of normal people is about 4-5mm, and the phenomenon of dislocation is misplaced.After pregnancy, due to the effect of progesterone, the pubic ligament will relax, and the distance between the pubic bone will increase (up to 9mm). When the pubic bone on both sides is too open (more than 10mm), the pregnant woman will feel that the local pain is obvious, and the lower limbs are lifted up.Difficulty, this situation is called the separation of the pubic bone, which is what we call the pubic pain.The pubic bone began to wider and bigger, so that the baby can smoothly pass the mother’s birth canal. The sudden changes in the pubic bone make the pregnant mother feel pain. This feeling also shows that the fetal treasure development is very good.

5. Back pain

Back pain in the third trimester is because of the left side of the sleeping position.The abdomen of pregnant mothers is gradually bulging, and it is difficult to find a suitable posture during sleep, which makes it difficult to fall asleep.More good for mother and child health.

This kind of lying can correct the right rotation of the uterine, which can reduce the compression of the lower cavity vein and the iliac artery, improve blood circulation, increase the blood supply to the fetal baby, and help the growth and development of the fetal baby!

Pregnant mothers try not to do housework, and the housework that needs to bend over, force, and squeeze the belly, such as mopping, laundry, and moving things. Pregnant mothers are best to stay away from, so at this time, prospective dad needs to do more housework.

How to deal with safety during pregnancy

1. Pay attention to prenatal examination

It can help discover and treat in time, formulate targeted measures, and strengthen the prevention and treatment of complications and complications during pregnancy. It is the key to preventing problems in the baby’s palace.

2. Strengthen nutrition and not partial eclipse

Eat more foods rich in protein and vitamins. In particular, pay attention to supplement folic acid and amino acids, and supplement trace element zinc as appropriate. It is recommended that the zinc content in foods per day should not be less than 20 mg, so as to better meet the pregnant mummy and fetal baby.The needs of both parties.

Kind tips

No matter what kind of pain occurs in the pregnant mum, as long as the vaginal bleeding, fever, vomiting, severe headache, syncope, decreased fetal movement, or disappear, you must go to the hospital for treatment! Some pathological pain must cause pregnant mothers to cause pregnant mothersMi’s attention, some diseases even threatened the life of pregnant moms.Moms should never just wait for the child to be born. The above things are also particularly important.In order to go smoothly, the same supplies are also prepared in advance.

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