These "female anchors" are arrested


Dingyuan Police in Luzhou, Anhui

6 telecommunications fraud dens

41 people

These gang fraud steps are clear

Actually stipulate female anchor

Within 4 to 5 days

"Love in love" with the victim

"My dear, I know you have a family, and I will not dismantle your family. I will only bless you. When the assessment is passed, I will come to your city, rent a house near you, and then then youIf you have time, come to my house and come to my house for dinner. Let’s chat together …

I was really kind, and I thought I would fight for the one I loved so much, but the result was my wishful thinking.

At that time, I can cook for you every day. After holiday, I can go out and go shopping together to watch movies and the like. Such a beautiful life is really what I have always wanted, and I have always dreamed of life!"

Encountered such sweet words

You are not stunned

Wallet in your pocket

Can you still control it?

Knowing the single female anchor, boo the cold every day and ask the warmth to heat up

In June of this year, Mr. Geng, a resident of Dingyuan County, met Single female netizen Xiao Liu on the Internet.When he first met, Xiao Liu worked in a pet shop, shared with Mr. Geng at work and life every day, and from time to time, he revealed that the work pressure was high and wanted to change the job.

Because Xiao Liu was enthusiastic, the two were very happy, and their feelings quickly heated up. After 3 days, Mr. Geng and Xiao Liu identified a relationship. During this period, Xiao Liu also sent photos and voice to Mr. Geng.Xiao Liu told Mr. Geng that he had just found a job that he was an anchor on a network platform and needs to carry out PK for three consecutive games. If you win, you can smoothly transfer through the probation period.

"My dear, I have the last PK now. This PK is a life and death bureau for me. I can pass the assessment after winning.Support me … "In the first two live broadcasts, Xiao Liu won one victory and one loser respectively. On the evening of the third day, Mr. Geng suddenly received the information from Xiao Liu, hoping to help him pass the assessment, and promised to come after the probation period.Dingyuan lives with him, and at the same time, he will return all the amount of recharge of Gengmou.Because Xiao Liu had a good image on the Internet, gentle and kind, and hardworking, Geng did not think much, and recharged more than 4,000 yuan in his live APP, all used to brush gifts to reward Xiao Liu.

Police investigations found that they cheated about infatuated men

Although Mr. Geng helped himself, Xiao Liu failed to win the last PK in the end, so he failed to pass the assessment."I’m really useless, I want to die. I don’t know how to face your family and my family. My dad just called me to say that my mother was fainted., Now it’s serious, what should I do? Really, I’m really annoying … "After that, no matter how Mr. Geng asked the warmth, Xiao Liu never responded. At this time, Mr. Geng realized that he might be deceived.So come to the Dingyuan County Public Security Bureau to call the police.

After receiving the police, the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Dingyuan County Public Security Bureau immediately conducted an initial investigation of the case.The police conducted in -depth research and judgment through clues such as registered information on the live broadcast platform and the flow of recharge capital of the victim Geng, and found that the case was committed to the gang, and there were multiple criminal den who was engaged in cross -regional telecommunications network fraud in upstream and downstream.

After determining the situation of the nest, the Dingyuan County Public Security Bureau immediately organized a capable police force to set up a task force, and asked "must go all out to win the case in one fell swoop to make the best efforts to pursue damage to the people."

Gang requests to fall in love with the victim within five days

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the network closing operation, the police of the task force rushed to many places to carry out the control of the six criminal dens involved in the case, and formulated detailed and thorough on -site arrests, exploration and evidence and observation and departure plan.

In the early morning of July 7, under the guidance of the Luzhou Public Security Bureau, the Public Security Bureau of Dingyuan County organized more than 80 police forces in the criminal investigation, network security, big data centers, police stations, and war training bases.Capture.During the operation, 6 telecommunications fraud denominations were destroyed in one fell swoop, 41 members of the gang were captured, more than 200 computers and mobile phones were seized on the spot, and more than 100 million yuan of fraud funds were found.

"After adding the victim, what to talk about every day, how to post the circle of friends, has a specific detailed routine. No matter how you reply, they have the corresponding skills." The police handling the case said that the gang even asked the female anchor 4-5In love with the victims in the sky.

After investigation, these 6 criminal den had clear fraud steps, mainly to add victims through social software. After establishing an emotional foundation based on both the dedication and the victim, and establishing a certain emotional foundation with the victim, they lied that they were broadcasting live on a platform live broadcast., Invite the victims to watch the live broadcast, and let the victims recharge the gift on the live broadcast platform on the grounds that they need to complete the PK mission to implement the fraud.Currently, the case is under further investigation.

Comprehensive: China Police Network WeChat public account, Xinhua News Agency

Source: Henan Transportation Broadcast

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