There will be a sign of 100%symptoms in the early days of pregnancy.

Original title: 100%of symptoms in the early days of pregnancy will have this sign

From acquaintance, knowing each other, and entering the marriage hall, two people represent a fate, which also means the combination of two small families.Shortly after marriage, the crystallization of the two people will appear. With the baby, it is not only the continuation of life, but also means responsibility and obligations.So what symptoms will occur about one week of pregnancy?Does everyone have such symptoms?

We do n’t rush to answer this question. After pregnancy, due to the impact of progesterone, expectant mothers will cause changes in the body. These are relatively normal reactions, but there are also very few expectant mothers who do not have a pregnancy reaction. Instead, they will instead.It is more normal than when not pregnant.What are the symptoms in the early days of pregnancy? The following symptoms are said to have encountered many expectant mothers. Among them, 100%will have this symptom.

Symptoms in the early days of pregnancy

1. The body temperature is inexplicably rising, it will be a bit irritable

Netizen: When I was pregnant, I always felt hot. At first I thought it was a cold and a fever. Fortunately, I did n’t take medicine messy, otherwise I would definitely regret it.

Although the body temperature increase is caused by many reasons. Some women originally thought that they had a cold and fever. In fact, it was not this. Perhaps the temperature of the body was inexplicable, which was the reaction of pregnancy.

2. Increase vaginal secretions

Netizen: The menstrual menstruation is relatively normal, and the leucorrhea is normal. Later, when I recalled that I was pregnant, the vaginal secretion was more than usual. I thought it was inflammation.

I believe that many women have had such a situation, itching vaginal, and accompanied by a large amount of leucorrhea sticky. In fact, it is the manifestation of early pregnancy reactions, not the so -called gynecological inflammation.

3. Be sleepy, want to sleep more

Netizen: My mother always said that I was too lazy to be like a pig. When I was pregnant, I always wanted to sleep. There was no energy all day long.

Those who are pregnant are more sleepy than normal people. Even if they sleep at night, they will be more sleepy than normal people.

4. Obviously feel frequent urination

Netizen: I ran to the toilet all day long. My colleagues thought that I had something to do at home. I called in the toilet. Later, I learned that it was Huaibao.

In the early and late stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers will feel frequent urination and urination. These are normal physiological reactions.

6. Do not see menstruation

Netizen: When "Auntie" is late, I will be a little aware that because I have always been more sensitive to this, I bought early pregnancy test strip tests. As a result, I really "won the prize".

Generally, menstruation is not the most obvious symptom of pregnancy, and women are judged by this, but it is necessary to remind that menstruation is not necessarily early pregnancy, and there are other possibilities.

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