There was an unexpected baby after the lane, and if these bad feelings, you must not ignore it.

A few days ago I chatted with a mother -in -law who had already been on the ring, saying that she was pregnant again. A good life was unwilling to kill and gave birth. The safety measures were obviously done.

When it comes to contraception, there is no absolute satisfaction: wearing a set of impact, taking medicine every day, the safety period is not safe, the last ring cannot be once and for all -after menopause, the ring must be taken.The key is that some are "naughty" in the uterus. They like to "run random" everywhere. It is not a good thing to "escape" the uterus. Today, I will talk to you about the way of contraception.There is no absolute satisfaction: wearing a set affecting the feeling, taking medicine every day, the safety period is not safe, and the last ring cannot be done once and for all — after menopause, the ring must be taken, and the ring is nothing. The key is that there are some circles in the ring.The uterus is relatively "naughty". I like to "run around" everywhere. It is not a good thing to "escape" the uterus. Today I will talk to you about the things about the different levels of heterochers.

The 5 major performances of the abnormal level of the in -palace

1. No discomfort: often lack of specific symptoms, it is difficult to be found when not compressed or damaged the surrounding organs;

2. Lower abdominal pain: Generally manifested as obvious lower abdominal pain in the placement in the palace, reminding the uterine injury during the operation;

3. Sexual intercourse pain: Sumid pain can occur when the vertical axis part is embedded in the cervical canal under the Type T -shaped palace;

4. Chronic performance: The long -term and difficult menstrual periods, long and duration, abdominal pain;

5. Surrounding organ injury performance: When the abdominal cavity is abnormal, it can hurt the intestinal tube, bladder and other tissues and cause adhesion, causing corresponding symptoms and signs, such as bladder stimuli, anal swelling, increased stools, and pain when stool.The 15%of the ectopic heterochroder can be different in the intestine and bladder, especially the intestinal complications include intestinal obstruction, intestinal perforation, intestinal infarction, intestinal stenosis, and intestinal rash, abdominal pain, fever, intermittent diarrhea triple symbols combined with combinationThe history of the abnormal level of the in -palace must be alert to the possibility of intestinal damage, and it can also lead to the formation of bladder stones when long -term abnormalities.

5 major risk factors of 5 major levels

1. Old age

With the age of patients, the level of sex hormone levels in women’s body changes and causes the conformity of the uterine muscle tissue and changes in the uterine cavity shape, size, etc., especially women who are surrounded by menstrual periods.The device cannot adapt to this change, which occurs.

2. Bringing ring time for a long time

The longer the ring time, the longer the metal of the hedging device, the more reasons such as the deformation of the heterochromer, which may increase the occurrence.

3. Types

The abnormal incidental rate of some henteroders is significantly higher than that of the metal "O" type, "T" type, and bow -type hedging device.Mainly due to pushing excessive damage to the uterine wall when placing.Due to the slender frame of the ring and weak tension, the copper grains on both arms are relatively thick, and the long -term stimulation of the uterine muscle layer is stimulated, which makes the dynamic dynamics caused by uterine contraction poor adaptability.The membrane and muscle layer reaches the membrane layer.

4. Breastfeeding upper ring

The lactation period of the uterine muscle is relatively thin and soft, and the stimulation of local prostaglandin and infant sucking induces the oxytocin secreted by the nerve pitules continuously shrink the uterine cavity, which will cause the shift of the birthplace or partially embedded in the uterine.

5. History of cesarean section

Due to the weak tissue of the uterine incision scar, or the increasing the angle of the uterine after surgery, the excessive leaning and backward flexion, the uterine muscle wall is thin, when placing the birthplace, the surgeon can not understand the uterine location, or the operation is not light enough. It is difficult to place it in placement.Repeated rough operations can cause perforation of the cut scar, causing IUD to travel outside the uterus.

Prevention of the ring of circles

1) The operation of the in -palace -saving surgery should be light and stable.When the cervix is tight, the cervix should be fully expanded.

2) Women with menopause are timely.

3) If the lactating women continue to breastfeed after the lactator, it is recommended to stop breastfeeding for one year after giving birth.

4) After a long time of women, the women’s monthly shrinking agent is not used.

Therefore, we are enjoying the "ring" to bring us happiness. We must also take into account its abnormal possibilities and prevention measures."Ringhuan" is in the "palace", so you can rest assured!

What should we pay attention to at the same time?

1. It is forbidden to be in the same room within two weeks to avoid falling or other situations. This is a more important point in the precautions after the ring. We must pay attention to it.At the same time, pay attention to personal hygiene to avoid infection.In addition, you cannot take a bath within 2 weeks after the ring.

2. Pay attention to cleaning before and after the same room to keep the vulva clean.

3. Do not be too frequent in the same room.

4. Fixed intercourse partner.

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