There is no fetal heart and fetal buds in the early pregnancy. What should I do if the symptoms of early pregnancy are obvious?An analysis tells you the answer

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A friend said that when I was 55 days of pregnancy, I went to do a B -ultrasound. As a result, there was no fetal heart bud. I was worried. The doctor also said, "This situation should be hopeless." And a pregnant mother did not find it in 7 weeks of pregnancy.For fetal heart buds, the doctor called her abortion, and she took a careless look.Friends are very frustrated. After working hard for a long time, I finally got pregnant and encountered this heart. What do I do? I feel bad.

In theory, 55 days of pregnancy can clearly see the fetal heart buds, because the fetal heart has the original beat in 5 weeks. In 6 weeks, the fetal buds will be very easy to see the fetal heart bud at 7 weeks.At that time, I was a first -time check for 51 days. As a result, the diagnosis was that the fetal heart was raised. The fetal buds were 0.9 cm long and the size of the gestational sac is 2.3*2.1 cm. It can be seen that very clear images can be seen.

I advise this friend to check it in another week, don’t give up, in case of development late.I knew a friend that she saw the fetal heart 10 weeks of pregnancy, because she was very irregular in the menstrual cycle. Generally, she was very uncertain for 45 days and one cycle.Kung Fu is worthy of care, but fortunately she persisted and finally waited for the child.Other friends have extended time because they remember the date of the beginning of menstruation, so they did not find fetal heart and fetal buds on the specified date.

Friends said that she has no special changes in her body, and those symptoms of early pregnancy also exist, including pregnancy, chest pain, drowsiness, and frequent urination. These feelings still exist.Therefore, in her subconscious, I still feel that the child is fate with herself.

This friend insisted that it was still not after a week of review. Until 68 days, I went to check again. The fetal heart and fetal buds were all available.Therefore, this friend’s experience brings hope to many pregnant mothers. If you check without fetal heart without fetal heart and no buds, it does not mean that there will be a case of fetal stopping. It will always be more opportunities than giving up.

An embryo does not necessarily occur immediately. The symptoms will occur immediately. Friends are pregnant twice, and the results are endless.There is no bleeding without abdominal pain. After checking the early gestats, the color is not changed, and the embryo has been stopped.Most pregnant women have no obvious symptoms after stopping development. Some pregnant women may have redness, and generally do not feel abdominal pain.Embryrants are different from stems.Embryo should be confirmed like this:

1. B -ultrasound check:

Knowing that you are pregnant, no matter whether you see redness or not, you have to do a B -ultrasound after 7 weeks to confirm whether there are pregnancy, fetal heart, and fetal buds.It can determine that one of the following standards can be judged as tire discontinuation: there is no pregnancy sac; or the pregnancy sac is deformation and shrink, and the gestational sac is greater than equal to 4 cm, and the fetal buds are not seen; or the fetal buds are about 1.5 cm without fetal heart beat.This judgment time will not be more than 10 weeks later, and there is no need to continue after 10 weeks.

2. HCG inspection:

Go to the hospital to take a blood test HCG. If you have been pregnant for 5 weeks, the concentration of HCG is less than 100IU/L, and the concentration will not increase, indicating that the chorionic hormone secretion is insufficient, which is not enough to maintain pregnancy./L also shows that the villosal membrane promotes insufficient secretion, and both of them indicate that embryos are stopped.

If the embryo has been confirmed, the pregnancy should be terminated in time, and the drug abortion or surgical abortion should be performed in a timely manner.

There are many causes of embryos, which are mainly caused by chromosomal abnormalities. In addition, female uterine abnormalities, virus infections, medication or environmental damage may cause embryonic stopping.

Pay attention to early pregnancy:

1. Pay attention to diet health: Do not smoke, drink, drink coffee, drink strong tea, take medicine casually, do not eat cold, too spicy foods to prevent abortion.

2. Pay attention to rest: Early pregnancy is prone to fatigue, pay attention to avoid too tired, avoid staying up late, and maintain regular work and rest.

3. Keep a pleasant mood: early pregnancy is a critical period for the development of the nervous system. The pleasant mood can ensure the normal development of the nervous system.

4. Avoid hazardous actions: Do not climb high, raise heavy objects, protect the abdomen, avoid severe stimulation, and protect the fetus in the abdomen.Avoid hazardous chemistry or radiation environment.

In short, early pregnancy examination, no fetal heart and fetal buds were not found, and the fetus could not be discontinued without fetal stopping.(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

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