There are two uterine cavity of the girl’s palace deformity, and they have repeatedly rejected treatment. As a result, pregnancy

Seven years ago, the woman was hospitalized due to abnormal uterine bleeding. Checking the gynecological ultrasound reminder: uterine hypertrophy is deformities. The doctor suggested that surgical treatment, the woman refused, requested a review, and rejected multiple surgical treatment during the period.

After pregnancy this year, they were hospitalized due to abortion due to the retention of Ji, and the abortion of hysteroscopy. During the operation, I saw the deformity tissue at 1.5cm above the inner mouth of the cervix. The uterine cavity was divided into the left and right sides.Uterine sound image.The doctor again recommends surgical treatment after menstruation.Now we are hospitalized for further diagnosis and treatment.

Doctors give special examinations: the vulva is normal, the vagina is smooth, and a small amount of white secretions are seen inside. The cervix is normal and smooth.The palmal uterus is in the back position, normal size, no tenderness, and no abnormalities are touched by the dual attachment area.Auxiliary examination results: Hospital gynecological ultrasound: complete septum acoustic image.

After the admission was admitted, the relevant examination was improved. The woman performed hysteroscopy daily. During the operation, I saw that the cervix inner mouth was 0.5cm in the cervix.The membrane is thickened, and the polypy meat is hyperplasia. The doctor gave the uterine hypertrophy resection under the uterine hysteroscopy.

On the second day after surgery, the vagina was less bleeding, and there was no abnormalities in the routine of the blood check.

Instructed to remove the bracket after 1 or 1 month after being discharged;

Diagnosis basis: 1> Examination found that uterine deformities are 7+ years; 2> B -ultrasound results 3> The history of the past

The normal uterine cavity is an empty cavity similar to an inverted triangle or an inverted pear -shaped, and the uterine interval is a longitudinal partition in the center of the uterus.Just like: Normal uterus is a large house, and the uterine is interval with a symmetrical two rooms, with a wall in the middle.

The interval uterus is completely fused on both sides of the auxiliary renal tube, the two tubes have not been absorbed, the shape of the uterus is normal, and there is a hypertrophic in the uterus. It is the most common uterine deformity.It is 2%, and among women with a history of production or repeated abortion, it can rise to 5%to 15%.Patients with longitudinal uterus often have adverse fertility endings, such as abortion, premature birth, abnormal fetal position, or fetal malformations.

The uterine segmentation is the formation of female reproductive organs in the formation of embryonic development. If some factors (endogenous factors: genetically or chromosomal abnormalities, or exogenous factors, such as use hormone drugs, etc.) can cause raw glands, which can cause primitive glandsThe change in differentiation and development of development has led to abnormal development of reproductive organs internally and outside the women.

Most uterine intervals will not affect pregnancy. About 17%to 35%of the uterine mediastinal can cause infertility. At this time, it is necessary to find whether other factors infected are merged.

Guidelines for the American Reproductive Medicine Association pointed out that most women in the uterus are still high.However, clinical studies have shown that the infertility rate, abortion rate, and fetal premature birth rate, perinatal mortality will be increased in the uterus of the neutral uterus.

At present, hysteroscopy is the most effective plastic repair method, which has been widely recognized and used clinically.The principle of hysteroscopy TCRS is to remove the mediastinum through surgical means, remove the part that is not suitable for planting embryos, expand the uterine cavity, to improve the pregnancy environment and achieve successful pregnancy.This technique can be performed under the monitoring of laparoscopy under the ultrasonic surveillance. Under ultrasonic surveillance, hysteroscopy TCRS is a better way to treat the uterus in the premium, and this method surgery and hospitalization time are short. Compared with laparoscopic surveillance, due to laparoscopic surveillance.It has not entered the abdominal cavity, so there is no risk of pelvic adhesion after surgery.

Most patients also did not know that they were prepared for pregnancy when they had an uterus. They found infertility or repeated abortion to the hospital for examination, or they were discovered during the cesarean section of the third trimester.

When you check that you have a longitudinal uterus, you don’t have to be too nervous.If there is no fertility requirement, no abdominal pain, abnormal vaginal bleeding, etc., those who do not affect daily study, work and life, can not be treated.

Knowing that you have a longitudinal uterus, if you have fertility requirements and infertility, or repeated abortion, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination before planning to be pregnant, evaluate the situation of the uterine cavity and surgical treatment, and decide the opportunity for pregnancy according to postoperative recovery.If the uterus is successful in the uterus, it is recommended to strengthen the production inspection and close the mother’s tire monitoring.”2023″”隔”

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