There are two changes in urination in the third trimester. You need to change the habit of drinking water, otherwise it will affect the development of the fetus

After becoming a prospective mother, many women kept ingesting all kinds of parenting knowledge at first. Today’s parenting knowledge covers very widely, but there is one of the most fundamental childcare knowledge.The problem of amniotic fluid during pregnancy.Every pregnant woman should ensure that amniotic fluid is sufficient during pregnancy, because amniotic fluid can not only protect the fetus, but also prevent the fetus from hypoxia. How to judge whether their amniotic fluid is sufficient, in fact, the urine changes can be observed.

First of all, if the expectant mothers find that their urination times suddenly becomes particularly small during pregnancy, this is likely that there are many reasons that cause too little amniotic fluid due to too little amniotic fluid.Hormonal imbalance.In fact, this is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy. Whether it is frequent urination or the number of urination is significantly reduced, it is a normal physiological reaction.

When the pregnancy time enters 6 to 8 months, the number of urination of pregnant women will increase significantly, and the stomach of pregnant women will become larger and larger, and the amount of urination will be much more.The urination volume of pregnant women around the month will be greatly reduced, because in this stage, the fetus continues to become larger and compressed the bladder, which directly leads to a reduction in urine reserves in the bladder.Although the amount of urination is reduced, the number of urination times will become more and more.

In this case, a comprehensive inspection should be performed in the first time to see if your amniotic fluid is sufficient. If you find that severe water dehydration in the body causes less amniotic fluid, expectant mothers should prepare for hydration in time, and eat more water.Fruits with less sugar, drink some healthy drinking water regularly and quantitatively, you can adjust it in a few days.

Secondly, in front of mothers find that they have a particularly large odor when urinating, or the color of urine has yellow or browning symptoms, this situation is to be careful.Because during normal pregnancy, the color of the expectant mothers should be slightly yellow and there is no odor.The color of the urine becomes thicker and the odor increases significantly. It proves that the water in the urine is already very small. This situation is also equivalent to severe water dehydration in the body, so it is also very easy to cause laxwater insufficiency and cause fetal hypoxia. In this case, in this conditionBelow, expectant mothers must also remember to replenish water in time.

If you find that you do have insufficient amniotic fluid, expectant mothers do not need to worry. It is recognized that the best water replenishment method is to drink boiled water regularly and quantitatively. If the amount of amniotic fluid is found, it is a bit bizarre. In this case, it is possible to be able toEat more linic acid powder or soy milk.

Many professionals think that women during pregnancy should drink at least 1.5 ~ 2 liters of water every day. Drinking too much water will easily cause a lot of puffiness on the body. In addition, women during pregnancy are more likely to be drowned.Sore, and a small amount of drinking water can lead to lack of amniotic fluid and severe lack of water in the body, so quantitative and time -free drinking water is very important and meaningful.

At this stage, the expectant mothers should try not to leave people, because pregnant women themselves are inconvenient, and expectant mothers at this stage will often want to go to the toilet. They may go to the toilet a dozen times a day for an average of seven or eight minutes average seven or eight minutes.Therefore, it is best to have someone around you, so the safety factor will be higher.

In addition, there are some pregnant women who drink a lot of water every day, but the urine is still yellow, but after examination, it is found that although the fetus is only 4 and a half months, the amniotic fluid has been 5 cm.The amount of amniotic fluid in pregnant women is similar.This situation does not need to worry about it at all, but the difference between individual pregnant women. Some people have better physical fitness, so the body’s self -regulation function is strong, and there is no need to worry about the amount of amniotic fluid.

In addition, pregnant women also need to pay attention to the most critical issue, that is, we often call gestational diabetes. Many gestational diabetes patients always have signs of thirst in this stage, but the urine is normal, the amount of amniotic fluid is also the amount of amniotic fluid, and the amount of amniotic fluid is also the amountVery normal, if you find that you have this situation, you should conduct a comprehensive physical examination in time. As long as you measure the sugar tolerance, you can easily distinguish whether you are gestational diabetes.It is hoped that expectant mothers can keep these details in mind. Insufficient amniotic fluid will cause a series of serious consequences. Do not treat them as children.

Finally, there are many products that have a lot of products that have a strong hydration capacity, or the problem of dedicated amniotic fluid shortage. This kind of product must not be believed, even if such a single and powerful tonic product is during pregnancy, during pregnancy, during pregnancy,Such a single powerful supplemental product is absolutely unavailable during pregnancy. This will not only affect the health of pregnant women, but it may harm the health of the baby.

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