There are two bars in the pregnancy test stick. The aunt did not come from time to time. Is there any sign of pregnancy?too naive!

Sister Yu accompanied her girlfriend to go to the birthday two days ago. When chatting with the doctor, he said: Many little girls now come to see the obstetrics and gynecology department saying that they have irregular menstruation and want to ask how to condition.But the question was to ask the aunt to postpone it for a few days. I didn’t remember it. I only said that it was a long time. As a result, I was pregnant as soon as I checked it."There are quite a lot of symptoms of pre -pregnancy. How do these little girls do not pay attention to their bodies at all, but I didn’t see it."

In fact, it is really not surprising that the doctor has such doubts. After all, from time to time, he will see some very oolong news: a young woman pregnant in October, and suddenly gave birth to a child in the hotel/toilet.Asked afterwards, they said that because their aunts were not regular, they didn’t care. Even if the belly became bigger, she thought it was gaining weight.As a result, when the child was born, he knew he was pregnant.

For women who are married or prepare for pregnancy, it is very important to know some early symptoms of pregnancy.Because this can make it easier for them to enter the state of pregnant women as soon as possible, adjust work and life, and raise their fetus with peace of mind.Today, Sister Yu will analyze several common pregnancy symptoms to help you judge pregnancy.

Now that you are trusting test strips to determine whether you are pregnant, you must first know the test basis for pregnancy test sticks and pregnancy test strips.Simply put: Generally, after being bed in the bed, women will begin to generate a substance called "human chorionic gonadotropin", that is, HCG.This hormone reaches the highest value of 50,000 ~ 100000U/L in the early 8-10 weeks of early pregnancy, which will fall rapidly in the future, so it is one of the important basis for judging whether pregnancy is pregnant.

Various test strips and pregnancy test sticks are based on the hormone level in your urine to judge "positive or negative pregnancy".As long as you operate the test strips correctly, you will get two bars, one bar, and shallow.Generally speaking, two obvious probability of pregnancy; shallow one deeper that your hormone level is not high enough, and the measurement results are not clear; a bar is low in hormone levels, and the probability is not pregnant.

It should be noted that it is not easy to find the results of pregnancy 1 to 2 days after the same room.From the above, we can also see that Xiao Yan also needs to be in bed, so it is generally recommended to test it 8 to 9 days after ovulation or 8 to 10 days after the same room.If you are too anxious, you may get a bar, and you mistakenly think that you are not pregnant and cause inconvenience to your future life.It is best to repeat the test again after another week, don’t rush to conclude that you are not pregnant.

Not necessarily, the test strip is just telling us: the HCG in your body has reached the level of general pregnancy. The accurate test results still depend on the doctor and B ultrasound judgment.

What’s more terrible is that in addition to improperly surrounding normal pregnancy and pregnancy test strips, some cell tumor disease or ectopic pregnancy will also increase the HCG level in your body.Including the following situations:

1. Ectopic pregnancy and hydatidum: If you detect blood or urine HCG, it is positive, but the fetal sac is not seen in the B -ultrasound. This situation should be alert to ectopic pregnancy.

If you go to the hospital to detect the blood HCG concentration, it has maintained a high level, and even after 12 weeks, it is not possible to consider the possibility of hydatidal tires.

2. Pregnancy nourishing cell tumors (tumors that have vulnerable cells in embryonic nourishing cells). After 4 weeks of Qing Dynasty surgery, full -month production, abortion, and ectopic pregnancy, the level of hormone should be slowly decreased.It means that the level of hormone has been improved again, it may be that pregnancy nourishing cell tumors may be suffered from pregnancy.

3. Premature sexual and tumors, including bowel cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, etc., can cause menstrual disorders to accompany HCG to rise.Therefore, the gestational stick shows that "two bars" must not be 100 % determined to be pregnant, and more detailed examinations need to be performed to eliminate the possibility of disease.

Mentalal discontinuation is one of the earliest symptoms after pregnancy, because the auntie is made by the endometrium of Zi uterine under the action of estrogen and progesterone.After pregnancy, Luan is no longer arranged, so estrogen no longer has a effect, and the endometrium is "insufficient" no longer falls off.

Under normal circumstances, if the husband and wife are in the same room recently, and the aunt is more than 7 to 10 days when the aunt is more than 7 to 10 days, she should doubt whether she is pregnant.

1. Have you used contraceptive products?

2. Whether the chest suddenly becomes larger, swelling and pain is unbearable;

3. Poor mental state, always feel tired and lethargic;

4. Lost your appetite for your favorite food, but like to eat some hot and sour and appetizing foods;

5. I often feel nausea, dizziness and vomiting, especially wake up in the morning;

6. Increased urination times

7. There are mild bleeding symptoms, but not as much as auntie

8. Sudden emotional unstable, easy to excite

I wish all the mothers who want to get pregnant, the wish will come true soon ~

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