There are some sense of superstition during pregnancy, especially these three, but don’t care about it

Ms. Zhang has been pregnant for half a year. I just decorated the new house a few days ago. The taste inside was almost the same, but she stopped him when she was about to move to her new home.Her mother -in -law said that she could not move during pregnancy, otherwise she would bring bad luck.In her opinion, her mother -in -law is completely superstitious, but her mother -in -law’s words make her more worried, so do you not move?In fact, there is some truth in the superstition when pregnancy, especially the following three.

1. Can’t move

In Ms. Zhang’s opinion, pregnancy cannot be moved is completely a superstition, but there are some reason.Because in the process of moving, the West to move back and forth, at this time, some expectant mothers will get involved in moving things by themselves. If overwork may cause physical discomfort, it will cause miscarriage; and once accidentally, if you are not careful during the handling processIt will be a great threat to the safety of mother and child.In addition, there may be some contradictions when placing new items, and at this time, it will seriously affect the mood of expectant mothers.

2. Can’t participate in weddings, funerals

There is a saying in many places in many people. When you are pregnant, you cannot attend weddings and funerals. Many people feel that this is completely a superstition.In fact, it is best not to attend the wedding and funeral when you are pregnant, because both the wedding and the funeral mothers may have great emotional fluctuations, which will be unfavorable to themselves and the health of the fetus. In serious cases, there will be some accidents.

3. Specific mothers cannot hold children

There is also a saying that the expectant mothers cannot hold children when they are pregnant. This statement looks very funny, and it seems that many people seem to be superstitious, and in fact, there are some truths.Because the prospective mother is full of motherly love during pregnancy, she will feel happy when she sees children, and can’t help but hug or tease, but if the child is hugged by a unfamiliar person, it will often move back and forth if you feel insecure.If you are not careful, you may kick the stomach of the expectant mother, which causes very serious consequences.Therefore, you must keep restraint when you are pregnant.

Summary: The above three statements look more superstitious. In fact, there is a certain sense. During pregnancy, pregnant women must pay more attention and try to take various protection measures as much as possible, so as to ensure that the mother and child are safe and the fetus is born smoothly.

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