There are many benefits of bananas, but 3 people should not eat more

On the sports field, many athletes eat bananas at the rest time.So why is banana favored by athletes?Does it have any unique advantages?What problems should we pay attention to when eating bananas?

The benefits of eating bananas


Rich carbohydrates can quickly replenish energy

Each 100g banana contains about 22g of carbohydrates. It is very rich in content and can supplement the energy needed for athletes.

Compared with "energy supplements" such as fat and protein, carbohydrates in bananas are more likely to be absorbed by the body, which can reduce the body’s digestion and metabolic burden, and it is more suitable for some short -term competition items.


Potassium is rich, which can relieve neuro muscle tension

After exercise, a large amount of sweat of the body can easily lead to a reduction in the potassium content in the body, which may cause abnormal muscle system and the symptoms of numbness and weakness.

Bananas are typical "high potassium fruits", which contains 256mg of potassium every 100g of bananas.Eating a banana after exercise can help supplement potassium, better maintain the osmotic pressure balance of internal and external fluids, alleviate neurotomer tension, and ensure a good motion state.


The sense of satiety is strong, which can reduce the sense of hunger during exercise

Banana is a solid food with a strong sense of satiety and can reduce hunger during exercise.Banana’s moisture content is as high as 75%, and it is mainly due to the loss of flowing water. After consumption, the water release speed is slow. It is not easy to make people want to go to the toilet and affect the status of the game.


Contains trace bioamine, which can help regulate emotions

Bananas, also known as "happy fruits", contain biomamine such as 5-hydroxyline, dopamine, and tormeal adrenaline, which can help regulate emotions.The substance of 5-hydroxyline can make people feel relaxed and happy, which is conducive to alleviating the tension of athletes during the game.

In addition, bananas have the following benefits for ordinary people:

◎ Rich resistant starch can help delay the rise of blood sugar after the meal;

◎ Rich potassium -rich elements can help control blood pressure and regulate heart rate;

◎ Rich into magnesium, can reduce the content of cholesterol in the blood, and help reduce the risk of atherosclerosis

Although the banana is good, it is not suitable for everyone


Patients with kidney disease should not eat more

The content of potassium in bananas is high, suffering from patients with acute chronic nephritis, renal dysfunction and other patients with nephropathy. The metabolic function of sodium and potassium is abnormal. If you eat a large amount of bananas, you can easily cause hyperkalemia.Symptoms such as slow and blood pressure, so we must control the amount.


Diabetes patients, eat less in moderation

Banana’s fruit sugar content is high, more than 14%, but its blood sugar generating index (GI value) is not too high, about 42-58, even if it is diabetic patients, you can eat a small amount of bananas.

It should be noted that while eating bananas, pay attention to controlling the diet of the day, especially the intake of staple foods, so as not to cause excessive blood sugar fluctuations; it is best to wait for blood sugar to control smoothly, and then use bananas to replace other staple foods of equal carbon water.Essence


People with poor stomach and stomach are not suitable for a lot of consumption

Bananas contain a certain amount of tannic acid. Under the action of gastric acid, it will stick to protein, dietary fiber and other substances, which may cause symptoms such as acute stomach pain, abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, and vomiting.

Therefore, some people with weak gastrointestinal function or patients with gastrointestinal diseases will feel gastrointestinal discomfort after eating bananas. These people are not suitable for eating a lot of bananas (including other astringent fruits such as persimmon and other astringent fruits).

Eat bananas, you need to distinguish 3 misunderstandings

Can you eat more bananas?

In fact, bananas have very small effects on improving constipation, and even some people are easier to eat constipation.

On the one hand, bananas contain dietary fiber, which can indeed help relieve constipation caused by lack of dietary fiber to a certain extent; but in fact, the content of dietary fiber in bananas does not have more apples and dragon fruit. Instead of eating bananas, it is better to try it.Other fruits.

On the other hand, bananas contain tannic acid, and such substances have a strong convergence effect, which can easily make the feces dry and cause constipation, especially with green, hard, unprepared bananas, containedThe tannic acid composition is higher.Therefore, after eating bananas, some people are more likely to be constipated.

Bananas can’t eat on an empty stomach?

In fact, general health people do not have to worry about eating bananas on an empty stomach will affect their health.

On the one hand, even if you eat bananas on an empty stomach, the magnesium and potassium in it will only slowly enter the human body, and the amount of body absorption will be limited, and it will not enter the blood instantly like a injection.

On the other hand, the human body has an automatic adjustment function. It will metabolize excess magnesium and potassium in the kidneys and skin to maintain the balance of the body in the body.

Bananas are stored in the refrigerator more fresh?

Bananas are poor in low temperature. It is easy to "frostbite" in the refrigerator. The surface produces black spots and plaques, and the flesh will become soft.Experts said that the storage temperature of bananas is generally 11-13 ° C. When it is hot, it can be wrapped in a plastic wrap and stored in a cool place, or hangs it in a dry and ventilated place.

Source: CCTV home for dinner

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