There are groups of women in the world. When the auntie, aunt coughs blood and has to take contraceptives to help

[Very Case] The story column opened by the intern Wang Jing in Cangyi Society recorded her moving story in the hospital. It aims to focus on the medical scene from the perspective of medical staff, interpret the cruelty of life, and truly present this.Extreme world.

Hello everyone, I am Uncle Face.

A few days ago, I saw a voicing post, and a girl complained online, why there are things like aunt in the world.She said that a girl, if she did not experience dysmenorrhea, how happy she would be.

As an old man, although I can’t imagine what the pain is, I know that in addition to dysmenorrhea, there are 10,000 ways to be afraid of you.

The mirror had encountered a special patient. As long as the menstrual period, she would cough blood that night.

This period of medical records: uterine endometriosis

Time: 2018

Location: Beijing

Persons: Wang Jing, Cheng Yuan, Liu Fei

The full text is 12170 words, it takes about 10 minutes to read

I have been diagnosed with a patient with unknown lung bleeding, and she often has symptoms of hemoptysis.The diagnosis of lower -level hospitals is bronchial dilation, but the treatment has been very effective for many years.

The patient was named Liu Fei, and she was very impressed by me, because it was more fate, and we added WeChat when I was discharged.

After more than a month, when I was near get off work that day, Zhang Yue, who was also an intern, planned to go to Wal -Mart to stock up the goods. Before I started cleaning up, I suddenly received a message.

It was Liu Fei, she said, "Mirror, is you free at night, I want to find you for a meal, just near your hospital, there is a good news to share with you."

I instantly got up, excitedly guessing that she had a child and wanted to report to me, or was it promoted to her in the stage …

Work hard to ask the export of curiosity and did not ask the export directly, replying to her: Is it too late to get off work, can it be?

On the opposite side, a smiley expression package was sent, and then said, "You can do it in the middle of the night.

Knowing Liu Fei was about half a year ago.I was impressed with her because she walked in by herself.

There are nine patients in the rescue room who have to push in with bed or wheelchair. If you encounter patients who can still move freely, the doctor who collects him can at least take at least half a day.

The arrow on the rotation list is just on my name. I bathed my brothers and sisters’ envious eyes, and walked to the front desk to pick up the patient with a smile.

I stretched out my head from the crowd and heard that she was describing her condition with the boss. The man next to her was carrying a large plastic bag in her hand, which contained a pile of medical records that rolled the edge.

This woman is around thirty years old. Except for her unhappy complexion, there is no obvious signs.I took a report from the bag.The patient’s name columns "Liu Fei", the title is a hospital name that has not been heard too much. The diagnosis column says "bronchial expansion".

When I saw this word, I was instantly excited, and immediately went to the information bag to find a movie to see if I could find the typical "dual -track signs" and "curly shadow" in the legend.I didn’t find a typical image like the book.

I put down the film, remembering that I would go back and flip through the image textbook.

Liu Fei is very ordinary, his temperament is very unique, his voice is very nice, the sound is lighter and full, the vomiting words are clear and smooth, and the tone of the medical history gives me an illusion of her broadcast.

"I have been expanding for a long time, and I will be blood -baed from time to time. I don’t have much time every time, but it is uncomfortable. I have seen it many times before, and I have taken a lot of medicine, but I can’t control it for too long.I did n’t see it after two or three days, so I came to Beijing to see it. "

She stretched her hands, and the man around her took out the medical records in the bag to hand it out.She took care of the order and handed it to the boss, and then said, "My body has been bad, and I have never conceived their children in the past few years. I don’t know if it was because the disease has hollowed out the foundation."

The man beside her eyes moved, without interjection, and her movement did not stop, and she continued to pick up the bag.The boss had read the report of the lower -level hospital at a glance, and could not be linked about the "empty foundation". She only asked her: "Is it sputum?"

"Don’t cough, usually don’t cough, but cough when he hemoptysis …"

Before she finished speaking, she suddenly covered her mouth and bent down and coughed violently.I saw a few drops of blood dripping from her fingers and fell on my book.

In the sudden situation, the boss couldn’t care about the medical history slowly, and quickly asked the instructor to take her in to handle it, and left the family members to do simple consultation outside.

The man pulled out a stack of medical records from the medical records in the bag and handed it to the boss, and began to introduce the patient’s condition.

"From time to time, she would bare hemoptysis, just like it just now, not much every time, but the response was very large. A few hospitals on the other side of our family had seen it, and the medicine had taken a lot, but I couldn’t control it for too long."

This passage is as fluent as if he had had a draft. It seemed that he knew about the patient’s situation, but somehow, I looked at his expression and tone, but didn’t seem to care very much.

I stared at the blood droplets in the book, a little strange.

I have not rotated the respiratory department, and I have fewer respiratory patients. The impression of supporting the expansion is still on the internal science textbook."Dual -rail signs" and "curly shadows" are typical image performance of the expansion. Poor sputum and even coughing and smelly sputum are common signs. Why are these typical performances seen in Liu Fei?

Seeing that I was in a daze, the boss’s face was not revealed. While letting my family go to the hospital for hospitalization, I motioned me to go to B to see the patient’s situation.

When she walked in front of Liu Fei’s bed, her signs had stabilized, and her red face reluctantly recovered her calmness.

Seeing that I came, she didn’t speak, and she looked at me with only a pair of eyes. She turned wherever I went. I was stared at her, and looked down at her still empty bed. Then I remembered it.The necessities have not been explained to buy.

I covered her the quilt: "When the family members have done all the procedures in front, I will come over and ask your situation again. What do you have to bring you in?"

"My husband." She suddenly laughed, with a strange expression on her face, seemed to be proud, but it was slightly flashed in her eyes, not like a simple sense of happiness.

I stunned, and then laughed: "So, then do you want your husband to buy you some?"

Liu Fei returned to God, turned over the handbags on his hand, and said embarrassedly: "Please tell me my husband, help me buy two packs of sanitary napkins to bring. Auntie, aunt’s towel …"

I nodded, and told her some precautions, and turned around and rushed to the conversation area.

Liu Fei’s husband is very young and looks very sophisticated.

Perhaps because Liu Fei’s condition is not serious, he is not as panic as the family members of the patients with a general rescue room. When I went out, he was holding a few hospitalization orders and stood outside the conversation area and waited for signing.

The patient had just had blood in the face, and he seemed to be a little overdone.He was too stable. For a moment, there was a kind of illusion that he was not signed to his wife at the door of the rescue room, but the illusion of standing outside the bar and waiting for the opening of movies outside the bar.

I shouted Liu Fei’s name, and he walked to the window, and consciously handed the documents in his hand.

I shook my head: "This is handed over to the front desk. I want to tell you what items to prepare for the patient, and to sign these consent."

He answered and carefully remembered what items to buy, but did not read the content carefully, and signed a few consent forms.

I am used to the 100,000 why my family members of the consent. In the face of this situation, I am a little uncomfortable: "You can ask any questions."

He also froze, it seemed that he couldn’t think of any good question for a while. He thought about it for a long time and asked: "How long do she live?"

It’s not the problems such as "what is her situation" and "can her disease be cured" in my imagination.

"It’s hard to say." I replied truthfully. "Although the signs are still smooth and have not been hemoptically, CT has not done it, and we cannot confirm what the situation is.Division hospitalization. "

He "um", thank you, and left the bills on the window sill and left.

The single signed was unusually smooth. I was a little floating. I always felt that this husband looked no problem, but what was not right.

I took a small book and prepared to go to Liu Fei to ask a detailed history.

I didn’t expect me to come back so soon. Liu Fei was about to sit straight. I quickly held her: "I just ask a question, just lie down and talk. Is there any uncomfortable now?"

She shook her head and stroked her chest gently on the bedside.

Thinking of what she said before, I couldn’t help asking again: "Have you never thought a lot of sputum?

She definitely nodded, "Yes, I sometimes catch a cold, mainly because runny nose, not very sputum, and less fever will be.Go to the hospital for a few days, just take a few days, but you will be committed for a while. "

I immediately doubted the diagnosis of going to home hospital.

The extension of the bronchial tube is a lung disease that causes bronchial wall structure due to respiratory tract infection and bronchial obstruction, causing the bronchial wall structure to destruction, which causes lung diseases with sustaining bronchial expansion.Because it is a pushalite inflammation, the main symptoms are continuous or repeated cough, sputum or cough.

Symptoms of cough and sputum must be there, and if you are infected with anaerobic bacteria, the cough will have obvious odor.

But in her, let alone the pus and sputum I wanted to see, but even cough often.

However, internal medicine has talked about a dry dilation with repeated hemoptysis as the sole symptom. This situation is not very common. When I just saw the previous film, I did not find the typical signs of the support.Woolen cloth?Just because hemoptysis?

I checked her as usual, and I did not find that the lungs appeared in the auscultation.For the sake of insurance, I dragged Cheng Yan over and listened again, and quietly asked the doubts just now.

Cheng Yan didn’t speak. After listening to the breathing sound first, he also said when he put down the stethoscope: "I didn’t hear anything, and the patient didn’t cough, not like a secretion."

She thought about it, and continued to ask: "Have you had a history of lung infection before? Pneumonia, pertussis, measles are count."

Liu Fei nodded quickly: "I have had it, my mother said that I had to have a pertussis when I was a kid, and it took a long time to cure it."

I suddenly realized that the diagnosis of the original expansion came from here.

Bronchus expansion generally has a history of respiratory tract infection. The history of respiratory infection, such as pertussis, measles, influenza, and other respiratory tract infection is a common induction factors for expansion.When I asked the previous history, I just forgot to ask about the history of the respiratory tract infection, only to ignore this important diagnosis basis.

Cheng Yan listened, and squeezed me with a smile: "Let you not be careful, you have forgotten the past! Fortunately, there is a diagnosis in the outer hospital, otherwise I missed this one and saw the boss who did not pick up your skin!"

I nodded like a garlic and hurriedly gave her a crime: "Thank you, the big brother to save my dog! I dare not! Next time I will ask him a piece of armor!"

Liu Fei, who leaned on the bed, laughed.Cheng Yan knocked on my book, and walked away without returning. I just walked the pen: "I am poor, and work hard!"

Cheng Yan rarely came out of the shelf of my sister. I was very taught. Therefore, I asked about the disease in the afterbing process.The note took two pages of paper. When Cheng Yan came in, he saw that I was holding a dense book on the computer code.

She sat down in front of the computer on the side, stretched her head to look at my book, and suddenly cried and laughed: "If you ask for a year of marriage, you can ask, you have picked it out.ah!"

I smiled with a batch, holding those pages of paper and shaking: "Is there no trouble."

Cheng Yan laughed and sat back on the chair helplessly: "As you, just don’t think you are tired."

I continued the code word with a smile, looking for the next keyword in my dog climbing word.

The voice of the boss suddenly came in from outside the door: "Come out, consult the respiratory department!"

I was shocked and almost pushed the keyboard.Come so fast?My medical records have not been finished yet!

Cheng Yan quickly pierced me out of the door: "The consultation is tight, the computer will take you up, let’s go and go."

There are also situations where the medical records have been obtained after the consultation.A teacher named Wu in the respiratory department came to the clinic. After asking some important questions, he listened carefully and listened to the breathing sound carefully, and took it seriously.

I stretched my neck and waited, but the teacher didn’t speak immediately. I just watched the film I just came out.

I also read it for a long time to the time -indeed, compared to the typical "dual -track signs" and "curly shadow" of the teaching science book, there is basically no features on this film, and only some shadows can be found.EssenceIt can be said that if it wasn’t for the history of the age of pertussis that Cheng Yan asked, there were no other powerful evidence to support the diagnosis of supporting the expansion.

Orbital signs

"Old Wu! 16 beds of hemoptysis, you come and look at it!" The boss’s voice came over in the center of area A.

The hemoptysis patient just collected was not good. Teacher Wu hurriedly helped him. Before leaving, he hurriedly got off the consultation opinion: "Let’s go first. Observe infection for a few days, let’s talk about the clinic."

I nodded, helplessly sent him to leave, wrote down these concise consultations, and looked at Liu Fei a little apologetic: "No way, you also see, most of which are severe patients here …"

She nodded: "I know, the patients here should be much heavier than me. So why do I still live here and can’t live in the respiratory department?"

This problem is also piercing the bitterness of the emergency department.It stands to reason that patients who are clearly a respiratory problem like her can definitely be admitted to the respiratory department. It is said that patients with the second digestive department who ranked second in the digestive department have been ranked 800th, let alone the bed is tight.The respiratory department of the whole courtyard.

But such patients, do n’t accept it, the patient ’s condition ca n’t afford at home; accept it, even the corridor is full of beds.In this case, the patient can only be resting in the rescue room first. When the bed in this hospital turns out of the air, it will be collected into the relevant departments, otherwise the family members will contact other beds with beds to be hospitalized.So that ICUs with better conditions and higher costs are required.

Liu Fei belongs to the referral of lower -level hospitals to do further treatment. Naturally, he did not return to the lower -level hospital hospitalization, so he could only stay in the rescue room.And the sudden hemoptysis just now, if the rescue succeeded in surviving, it would be a high probability that it would become the third, and quickly pulled it to the ICU.

I explained the reason with Liu Fei.

This metaphor is very appropriate. I smiled and nodded and packed things away.He gave her a reassurance before leaving: "We will communicate more with the respiratory department.

Sitting in front of the computer again, I couldn’t get back to my thoughts for a while, so I had to hold the note paper and review the medical history I just asked.After finally finding the history of fertility I just wrote, I tried to identify: "1 pregnancy is 0, 4 years ago, once abortion, and I did not conceive again."

After recording this paragraph, I then began to find a menstrual history. Finally, I finally found in the gaps of the two lines: "Irregular menstruation. It is currently in the menstrual period. The specific time of the last menstruation was unknown….Um?"

Suddenly I felt that this time was a bit familiar. After thinking about it, I turned up the disease with carefully. Sure enough: On April 2, the hemoptysis was at XX Hospital. The symptoms were relieved after 4 days of antibiotic treatment.

I was holding my fingers to count the date. Cheng Yuan patted me from behind, "Is the consultation over? So fast?"

"Yeah. Suddenly rescued there, Teacher Wu gave a few opinions first. You see, the patient just caught up with the aunt for the last time, this time he hemoptysis to the aunt again."

Cheng Yan stretched his head for a while, and he was also interesting: "Hey, so coincidentally. I have not seen the hemoptysis, but I have seen a nosebleed and always caught up with the aunt. The patient of my boss, the girl is an endometrium.Patriotic symptoms, the endometrium grows into the nasal cavity, the aunt’s nose bleeds as soon as it comes. "

Speaking of which, the two of us stunned at the same time.

"There is endometriosis in the nasal cavity, is there any endometriosis in the lungs?"

During the undergraduate period, most of the books are common diseases. These strange problems are me, that is, Cheng Yan, who is already studying, can’t make it clear.The two of us first took out their mobile phones to check and found that there were indeed literature reported a disease called "endometriosis in the lungs".

Endometriosis is very common in clinical clinic. As the name suggests, the endometrium that should have grown in the uterus has grown places. During the menstrual period, bleeding will occur.Menstruation.

But if the endometrium that should have grown in the uterus, the wrong place is wrong, and the wrong part will bleed with menstruation.

It is rare in the lungs. There are generally only case reports in clinical practice, but there are even cases that are different to the ass -cyclical ass pain. After examination, it is found that the endometrium has grown on the ass.

My mood is just like discovering the New World. Holding that note paper all the way to the boss all the way: "Boss, collect the 9 beds at noon, we find that her hemoptysis time seems to be close to the menstrual period."

The boss was stunned, and then pulled the paper over, trying to find the keywords I said from a pile of chicken feet.I continued: "She also said before that every time I will not be very heavy, just a few days of living in the hospital, and I will commit it again after a while. I ask her more menstrual history and history.","

The boss suddenly stunned the paper and grinned: "Okay! Commendation!"

The boss was very happy to draw a pen from his pockest, while making a circle of painting on the time of my grass on the grass, he praised it vigorously: "If you have grown up, you will diverge your mind. Then I will test you again.In a small amount of hemoptysis patients, which disease should be given priority? "

I had to prepare for it. I just checked the information with Cheng Yan, so I stood up and answered tentatively: "Endometriosis?"

"It’s so good! I know a lot!" The boss put the pen cap, and folded my rotten paper into his pocket without disliked.Besides, you may have never mentioned this disease, and you may have never mentioned it. It is good to think of it here! "

I was dumbfounded by the sudden praise. By the way, I brought Cheng Yan: "Sister Cheng mentioned the nasal disease, we thought, then the teacher, what should I do now?"

The boss picked up the inside telephone call: "It is not sure that this one is not determined, but there is such a possibility. Let’s call the women’s obstetrics for consultation and let them take a look."

The obstetrics and gynecology consultation also ranked fast. After a long time, the teacher and gynecological teacher stood at the bedside of Liu Fei.

Coupled with the boss and the big director who came to inspect, this afternoon was already the fifth wave of people to ask her. Liu Fei was surprised. I whispered to her: "This is a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology.Look at your situation. "

"Obstetrics and gynecology?" Sure enough, after I explained, she was even more surprised, "By the way, help me see infertility?"

I laughed and shook my head: "That’s not, but your symptoms of hemoptysis seem to be related to the menstrual period. We must consider the possibility of endometriosis."

The teacher of the obstetrics and gynecology nodded: "This is indeed the case. Although the biopsy is a gold standard, it is not applicable. Your current situation is a chicken killing knife. We recommend that you wait for the menstrual period to review to see if the lesion has reduced it by itself.Disappear, and then observe whether the next menstruation will occur again in this part. If this connection can be proved, it can be basically determined to be endometriosis in the lungs. "

Liu Fei could hear the mist in the clouds, and his expression was even more confusing: "What is endometriosis? Isn’t that bronchial expansion, how can I become a gynecological disease?"

The teacher of the obstetrics and gynecology laughed: "It’s not sure. In fact, your lung signs are actually not like the expansion, and there are no typical signs of expansion.The medical history diagnosed the bronchial expansion. They should ignore the connection with the history of menstruation, so they did not think about it. "

I flipped through the medical records of the photocopy, "Yes, every time you go to the hospital for a few days, it is good to have a few days. In fact, it may be that the menstrual period has passed.Maybe, in other words, even if you are useless, this symptom of hemoptysis will be like menstruation, and you stop you in a few days. "

Liu Fei heard it, and said a long while: "Then I have been treated in vain in the past few years? So many courtyards have been in vain?"

I nodded and shook my head again: "It’s not counted. After all, hemoptysis is still very dangerous. Although there is no case of mortal hemoptysis due to internal diseases in the lungs, but in case of the number of times suddenly increases, it is quite quite quite increasing, and it is quite quite quite quite increasing, and it is quite quite quite quite increasing.Urgent, at least the hospitalization of hospitalization is avoided when the onset of illness. "

Teachers of obstetrics and gynecology also added: "And we are not sure if you are internal disease, and everything must be concluded at least for your next menstrual period."

Liu Fei nodded, the gynecological teacher was about to leave, and Liu Fei suddenly grabbed her arm: "Doctor, if this is the case, how did I get this disease? Is my infertility in the past few years, is it because of this disease?"

Teacher: "Maybe. The specific cause of internal diseases has no conclusion in the clinic. There are many hypotheses. Do you have a history of fertility before?"

Speaking of the history of fertility, her face was white and didn’t speak immediately.I remembered the content I asked before, nodded for her, and said, "Once the people flow once in four years, and the yield is 0."

"It may be related to the flow of the people. Medical derivatives are possible, but most of them are in the abdominal cavity. As for the internal diseases of the lungs, since the time is worth it, it is not ruled out that it is smooth in the process of abortion.The possibility of blood spreading into the lungs. As for whether it is the fertility of this problem, it is difficult to say. On the first year, it is not allowed to cause internal diseases that will affect conception during the flow of people.If your constitution is not good, it may indeed increase the difficulty of pregnancy. "

The obstetrics and gynecology teacher comforted her: "These are guessed before the diagnosis, and it is not too late to come out when the results come out."

When the teacher left this sentence, he hurriedly looked at the next patient, leaving only Liu Fei and I lay down and looked at each other.Her lips were tight, and I couldn’t guess what she was in pain, but as long as the patients who had a relationship with people had a relationship, most of them had a less pleasant story behind.

I don’t know the inside, I can’t comfort it.

When I was about to leave, she suddenly called me: "Doctor, is my husband outside?"

In the impression, the man who didn’t have a high sense of existence had been sitting quietly on the outer chair since he returned from buying something, and he hadn’t even moved his position. I wanted to come there now.I nodded at her and asked, "Is there anything wrong with him?"

She bit her lips, and didn’t speak for a while, and finally said, "……"

She put the cushion flat, lay down flat, turned over to the wall inside, and never said again.

I returned to the conversation area and sat down, thinking about Liu Fei just now, and I was absent -minded. Cheng Yan saw that I was not in the state, and asked, "What about the gynecology of gynecology? Is it an endometrium?"

"The teacher of the gynecology and gynecology also said that this is possible. It is recommended that we do not deal with it first. Observe for a few days to see if it is the end of the menstruation."

"Isn’t this consistent with the boss before? Then what do you do so much?"

After the inner brain made up 10,000 kinds of plots, I asked Cheng Yan: "Because the fetus affects the pregnant person, if you regret it, is it worthy of sympathy?"

"Look at the situation." Cheng thought about his head and thought about it, "If there is really a last resort, it is really pitiful. If it is just because I did n’t understand myself before, I could only pay for my wrong thing."

"Even if you pay, the price seems to be too big." I sighed with old age.

When Cheng Yan saw another smile: "I am still a single dog, I think so much to do, everyone has its own creation, don’t always fuck this idleness."

The words are very reasonable, but I have not been comforted at all.At the time of depression, the boss’s sipping came in from the hall. I was as spiritual as Cheng Yan as the next class. For the doctor, the meaning was similar to that of the bell from school.

We packed up the materials of the hand -offs and squeezed in the group of people to move little by little. When the team was shaking to Liu Fei’s bed, the boss suddenly asked in the center of the pile: "Where is Wang Jing? I want to praise her!"

Everyone’s gaze gathered in my hiding, and I was nervous instantly. Cheng Yan Mimi pushed behind me and stuffed me beside the boss.

The boss took out the paper I made from his pocket with a smile. After the expansion, the front lit up, pointing to my dog climbing Lai Zi and the next group of teachers next to the group of teachers: "Look at our internship students to write medical records.Seriousness. You are useless and useless! I have asked all of them in detail. I also know that comparing menstrual history with the time of hemoptysis, dare to overthrow the results of the diagnosis of the outer hospital, and take more children! "

The boss praised too hard for a while, and it was boasted that the face of my city wall could not help but reddish, and he couldn’t help but lower his head. This low encountered Liu Fei’s eyes.

In view of the fact that Liu Fei does not have obvious symptoms of sputum and infection, we follow the advice of obstetrics and gynecology, but we do not use anti -infective drugs, but only strictly observe the patient’s general situation, and compare the new film with the previous comparison.Sure enough, the patient still had a small amount of hemoptysis in the next two days, but with the decrease in menstrual flow on the third day, the symptoms of hemoptysis significantly improved.

The lesions on the film have reduced a lot. When the menstruation is completely over, her hemoptysis symptoms have disappeared.

This result initially confirmed our guess, so we arranged for her to discharge home to observe for a while, wait for the next menstrual period or hemoptysis, or when the two occur at the same time, then return to the clinicObstetrics and gynecology.

I told her husband that Liu Fei could be discharged first. He did not show obvious emotions, and did not ask how to treat the follow -up, but settled the cost without slowly, and then stood calmly and waited for his wife to come out.Essence

Liu Fei packed things and thanked me very politely: "Mirror Dr., I have worked hard these days."

After a few days, we have been familiar with a lot. This title is close, but also satisfies the longing and darkness of the doctor’s name deep in my heart.After listening to this sentence, I smiled and said, "Don’t work hard, don’t work hard. If you work in your job, what’s the situation should come back to the clinic as soon as possible."

She nodded and asked suddenly, "Can you add WeChat?"

There are often patients or family members who have made contact information. Many teachers’ approach is to issue a special working number to add patients, or simply refuse.My business level is far from the extent that the work number is needed. Perhaps it is simply because of the fate. I do not resist this proposal.

I was glad to add Miss Liu’s WeChat, and immediately went to her circle of friends to go around, and found that she was actually the host of a radio station.No wonder her voice is so nice. When she is serious, she also has a broadcasting tone.

She didn’t have much things, and soon packed up, and walked towards the door with a bag.Her husband leaned against the wall outside the gate and lowered her head and brushed her cell phone.When she saw her out, she didn’t speak, and nodded slightly, took the bag in one of her hands, and the two were gathered in the direction of the exit.

Cheng Yan was sitting on the transfer chair behind the front desk, holding an Alps, looking at the direction of the two people for a while, and said slowly, "These two people seem to be weird."

I thought about the dialogue about the flow of people. I thought about the attitude of my husband for a few days. I thought that the two words were not strange.

Cheng Yan contained sugar, and continued to murmured vaguely: "This husband is not very bad, his obligations have come all.Fall, but everything is not attentive. "

The perfunctory of punch -in, this metaphor is so proper that I almost want to shoot my thighs.The most common thing in the rescue room is crying and tears. The close people are hospitalized. Even if the family members do not chase the condition, they will show their sense of anxiety.But this husband is more like "playing" a husband.

Life is very fast. After more than a month, Liu Fei sent a message telling me that she came to our hospital tomorrow and came to our hospital for a review tomorrow.

I hurriedly asked her, "Is that symptom?"

"Not for the time being, so I was more anxious to take a look."

If it is really a coincidence, if the previous guess is wrong, if she is a normal expansion.This kind of conjecture kept noisy in my mind. I couldn’t sleep that night, and I couldn’t sleep, and I was in a night shift.

The next day I hurriedly changed a white class with Zhang Yue. I rushed to the obstetrics and gadmen’s clinic early in the morning. Finally, I saw Liu Fei in the pile of people.

Liu Fei still walked with her husband, without holding his arms and holding his waist. The two stood upright.After seeing me, Liu Fei’s husband greeted him politely, and Liu Fei smiled and welcomed it quickly, pulling me on the space on the side.

After more than a month, her complexion was still not good, but the black and black eyes were heavier. Her face was thinner than before, and her sorrowful face was depressed under the cheekbones.

Fortunately, she is the host of the broadcast, and she is not eaten by her face. Otherwise, she will definitely affect her career.

In my thoughtful thought, she called out a picture from the mobile phone and made a little cluster to me and said, "This is the middle of the night yesterday, and suddenly coughed out when she was not asleep.If you say you have to remember this clearly, you just took a picture. "

The photo was a bloody tissue, and the picture was a little shocking, but the stones in my heart fell to the ground instantly.

On the first day of menstruation, hemoptysis occurred again at night, and the diagnosis of endometriosis of the lungs may be even greater.

I have changed to class horizontally, and now I have nothing to do when I go back. I simply sat down and chatted with her.Her husband was still standing just now. Seeing that we were talking, it seemed to be unintentionally opened.

Seeing this, I asked with confidence in my heart: "Sister Liu, are you and your husband awkward?"

She sighed slightly and shook her head and said, "awkward is awkward, but not awkward, we have always been like this since we got married."

"Uh … what’s when you are married? Love is love?"

"Never love. We don’t talk about him. By the way, I would like to ask you, if it is indeed this endometrium abnormal disease, how can we treat it? Take medicine or an operation?"

As early as when she was suspected of internal disease, I had carefully checked the treatment of internal diseases. At this moment, it is not timid: "Your situation is not serious, the most likely is drug treatment. The most commonly used clinical is the most commonly used in clinic is that the most commonly used clinical is the most commonly used in clinical practice.Fake pregnancy treatment or pseudo-menopausal, such as oral contraceptives for 6-9 months to achieve the effect of artificial amenorrhea. During this period of time, the ectopic endometrium is likely to shrink.There is hemoptysis. "

Oral contraceptives can be manually avoided

"Fake menstruation?! Will that be a menopause? Does it affect future fertility?"

"This kind of plan is clinically provided to women with fertility needs. Generally speaking, it will not. After the treatment, menstruation should still come after stopping the drug, and there will be no affected children."

After listening to me, she was relieved.

But I didn’t say that her difficulty was not necessarily caused by internal diseases.Rather than worrying about the impact of internal disease on conception, it is better to pay attention to whether there are other reproductive system diseases.

There are many ways to cause abortion alone to cause infertility. As for what kind of, it depends on the judgment of the obstetrics and gynecology teacher.

Liu Fei’s number quickly got on the screen. After she got up, she looked back at me again, her eyes asked: "Do you want to go in together?"

I was embarrassed to scratch my head: "I’m not familiar with the gynecology, and I can’t help it in the gynecology. I go back and work first, and we will contact us on WeChat."

She nodded: "Then you are busy, I have a result, I will tell you on WeChat."

After she got up, looking at the direction of the husband not far away, neither of them spoke.The man would be good, caught up in three or two steps, standing next to her, and the two of them belonged to her husband. The two entered the door of the clinic together.

I did not know what she had experienced in the next few days.She told me that after many days, the first article was barely considered good news: "The doctor said that it was indeed an endometrium, and now it has begun to be treated."

Just when I made a long string, when I planned to encourage her to persist in treatment, a few messages popped up in the dialog box: "The problem of reproductive is also checked, and I can hardly have children in the future."

"It’s because of the flow of people."

I stared blankly at the screen, and carefully looked at these words carefully.In this way, not only the problem of hemoptysis may be derived from the flow of people. Infertility in the past few years is also because of this?

No matter what kind of accident was it, the price was too great for her.I couldn’t find her words to comfort her. After a while, I could only say "believe in technological development, and there may be a chance in the future."

The cake was very pale, but she still said: "Maybe, borrow your words."

Liu Feiding’s meeting was a small restaurant in the square.Entering the restaurant, she seemed to have sat in front of the table next to the floor -to -ceiling window for a long time. When she saw me entered the door, she greeted me very enthusiastically and sat down.

After a lapse of half a year, the woman sitting opposite me is almost judged as two.

The cheeks that had been thin before were gradually plump, and the complexion was more rosy. A pair of fair hands stacked on the table. The nails were very delicate, and the soft background lined the hands and looked more and more beautiful.

It’s just that the ring on the left hand is gone. I remember the appearance of the ring because Liu Fei’s previous avatar, the photos of the two rings hooked together.

"I divorced, I thought it would be uncomfortable, but I didn’t expect it to be much easier than before."

She gently stirred the spoon, her voice was as good as before, but those eyes were brighter than before, and the whole person was energetic: "When you forget when, I want to be with him.As a result, who knows that it is together, it will be this scene later. "

"When I fell off the child, we haven’t got married yet, how can we keep him with all the thoughts. I was pregnant by myself. Although I finally got it, he eventually married me. I was sick at that time, I was sick at that time.But I feel like I am full of mind. "

"You may think that divorce is because I hate him, but it is not hate. I am thinking about pregnancy, and even I have psychological preparation. At that time, I always felt that as long as he was always mine, what cost wasIt doesn’t matter."

Speaking of which, she laughed, as if mocking herself, "The young man’s brain feels worthy of love, but now he thinks clearly. If he doesn’t love me, I think of the affectionate support.It won’t take long, regret it is sooner or later. Look, I regret it now, and some things can’t get back. "

"He said to me before getting married, ‘I will be responsible for you’, he is really responsible, you should also see that he is good to me, but his mind is not put on me at all, a little bitnothing."

I nodded silently, remembering his husband at the time outside the rescue room.

She continued: "I’m sick, he took me to the hospital, asked for leave to accompany him, and never absent for a day. But he never reacted. I was hemoptysis, he called a doctor, I hurt him in the middle of the night, but from the middle of the nightI won’t care about me. I shouted ‘marrying love’ at the beginning, and the result was just a contract that signed a life. What a long time of love is deceiving.And like it, it has been worn out early. "

"When I knew that I couldn’t have a child, I almost went crazy and even thought about seeking death. I asked him at that time, what would you do if I died?I was unhappy, but I didn’t feel chill, but it was relieved. It was as if the last unrealistic fantasy was broken, and the reality suddenly opened to me. "

I listened silently, sympathizing with her experience in my heart, but I didn’t feel unjustly fate.There is no regret in love. Although her ex -husband’s approach is not noble, from his perspective, it can be regarded as unprepared.

Today’s separation is the best liberation for both sides.

"I hope you can live a little better, don’t be trapped in the wrong mistake for a lifetime."

"That’s natural," she stroked her nails, and her fingertips unconsciously rubbed in the first finger of the ring finger. "How did I make him like me and give him a child again before?Successfully. When I noticed myself again, I found that I was ugly and boring, and I was still a sick seedling, and the people around me couldn’t go together. Now I am divorced and want to open a part of the part of the single party.I can’t think of who should be invited. "

"It’s different now."

She laughed softly, her eyes faintly exposed a little girl -like expectation, and she plucked her fingers and calculated: "I want to change the job, change the environment, and go to other cities to see; take my mother from my hometown.Do a comprehensive physical examination again, and then take her to Kunming and go to Hangzhou to see; there are fitness plans, which have been persisted for more than half a month, I hope this body can get better … "

I listened to her for a while, and when she saw her excited expression on her face, her heart warmed up, and teased: "Did you suddenly find that single is cool?"

She froze, and then laughed: "But I still believe in love. I will meet in the future."

This is our last meeting.When I went back that night, I saw a sentence in her signature column:

"Enlightenment has been going on, and the person who knows can be chased."

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