There are fat under the armpit, why can’t you reduce it?It may be that the auxiliary milk is doing it, or it may be cancerous

Milk milk is quite harmful to the human body, so it is necessary to take measures to prevent paramilses, and the chance of vice milk will also increase the chance of cancer. Therefore, we must pay attention to the health of the breast. Usually, choosing the right underwear according to the size of the breast can reduce the breast.The stimulus, the auxiliary milk is very harmful to the human body, so let’s take a closer look.

What is the auxiliary milk? Some people say that "the auxiliary milk is the tumor on the body", is this really the case? Positive milk, there is congenital auxiliary milk during the development of the embryo, not only has it nothing to do with its own fat and thin, but also gender, but also gender.does not matter.The auxiliary milk is actually in the early stages of our embryo development.Regardless of men and women, the embryo development is in the early stage of the development of the breasts. The breasts appear on the line from the collarbone to the groin. With the development of the embryo, the breasts between the fourth ribs of the fourth ribs on the chest will be completely degraded.

90%of the auxiliary milk will be distributed on the chest, nearly 5%will be distributed under the armpit, and the other 5%may be distributed in the abdomen.Due to incomplete development, the volume is often small, and the development of the nipple and breasts is separated. There are three common forms: ① there is no nipple with breast tissue; ② no breast tissue with nipples;Essence

Some auxiliary milk is dangerous. It does not have much impact on the aesthetic beauty without breast milk; but there is a certain risk of the auxiliary breasts of the full breast! Women during pregnancy and lactation are due to hormonesChange, the number of breast tissues and adipose tissues increase, and breast metabolism will also increase. If there is no nipple, it can cause milk accumulation to form a pair of lactocystal cysts, and it will also affect normal breast milk secretion;

If the underarm lymphatic vessels are not smooth, and the metabolites cannot be discharged in time, it may induce inflammation, and there is a possibility of lesions and even developing into breast cancer! Tip: When the color of the armpit becomes darker, when there is a small bump, pain and other abnormalities,The breast examination should be performed in time.

How to distinguish the "true and false auxiliary milk"?

Features of true auxiliary milk: As long as it is a vice milk with glandular tissue, it is as hormones as hormones as normal breasts. It may obviously feel that the underarms are increased and accompanied by pain in the early days of menstruation or before pregnancy.After the end of the breastfeeding period, the group block is reduced, and the pain can be relieved or even disappeared.In addition, if there is an glands of tissue, the lines of colorful moles or symmetrical depression on both sides will appear on the line from the axillary to the groin.

Features of pseudo -pair of milk: "Pseudoma" is mostly caused by fat accumulation under the armpit, and it will not threaten health, and there will be no periodic symptoms.In addition, "pseudo -pair of milk" can be eliminated through exercise, and the elimination method of "true auxiliary milk" generally only has surgery.

Through the introduction, we have a full understanding of this problem. The vice milk will increase the chance of cancer. Therefore, everyone must do a good job of nursing, regularly go to the hospital to check the body, try to choose the right underwear, and pay attention to the regulation of the human endocrine.Avoid excessive estrogen secretion in the body, otherwise it will affect breast health.

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