There are children on the plane!Valentine’s Day Haika Airlines takes this wave of birth.

On the evening of February 14th, a female passenger on a flight from Sanya to Chengdu from Sanya to Chengdu suddenly had a female passenger on a flight from a flight to a sudden amniotic fluid and was about to give birth.With the full cooperation of nurse passengers, the female passengers were successfully produced, and the passengers in the cabin made applause to bless the baby in peace.

At 21:10 that day, flight point HU7303 took off from Sanya. Shortly after the plane took a flat flight. After a female passenger came out of the toilet, the flight attendant Huang Ruiting immediately stepped forward to askAssist in demand.

The situation was urgent, and the flight attendant Huang Ruiting immediately reported the cabin manager and the flight attendant.The flight attendant Wang Xiao learned that the consequences were interrupted and arranged for passengers to lie on the rear cabin.

The cabin manager Gao Lu immediately reported to the captain’s special situation, and then found a doctor to help through the broadcast: "Dear passengers, now there is a passenger on the plane.Thanks!"

"I am a nurse, you can help produce!" A female passenger hurried to the back cabin from the seat.

Subsequently, the flight attendant used a blanket to cover the area and urgently built a "temporary delivery room".The flight attendant quickly set up a "Air Emergency Medical Group" to assist the nurse. While providing dysfunction tools such as blankets, rubber gloves, first aid boxes and emergency medical boxes, she appeased her maternal and relieve her discomfort and anxiety.

22:21, "force, inhale, exhale again …" With the joint cooperation of all crew, nurse and mother, less than an hour, the great mother gave birth to a baby boy, mother and child were safe.

After hearing the crispy crying of the baby, there was applause in the cabin, and the passengers cheered.

"Too moved, the first time I witnessed the birth of a great mother and a new life on the plane! Give the nurses on the plane and all the crew of HNA, ordinary and great! Today is a good day!"

"Special Valentine’s Day, witness the birth of life on HNA planes! In this emergency, all crew members, the white angel of white, decisively reached out to help, and do their best for the birth of a small life.Real positive energy! "

"The most moving thing is that the mother was so heartbroken. With the continuous efforts of the crew and the angel in white, the baby was successfully given to the baby in the constant encouragement.I know the preciousness of life, congratulations to this great mother! I also wish this lucky baby! "

Passengers recorded this touching moment.

At this time, the Hainan Airlines Signing Control Center has contacted the ground guarantee personnel of the Sanya Branch in advance to arrange an ambulance to rush to the airport for the first time to participate in the on -site guarantee.

22:23, the flight returned to Sanya smoothly, and the medical staff of Sanya Phoenix International Airport Emergency Center entered the cabin in a timely manner to deal with the emergency medical treatment of the mother and child and escorted the two to the Sanya Central Hospital.

"How to deal with these special circumstances are all plans." The cabin manager Gao Lu said that in order to better set up emergencies such as delivery and on -board first aid, in the daily training of the flight attendants, Hainan Airlines divided the attention of the professional knowledge and skills of the flight attendant.Training also increases training in aviation medical knowledge and special disposal.

In order to do a good job of subsequent guarantee, the relevant leaders and staff of Hainan Airlines Sanya Branch arrived in advance to accompany passengers to handle the hospitalization procedures in advance.Because the passengers have just finished their health, they are accompanied by family members and friends around, and HNA live staff will take care of their relatives.

This is a stunning life relay.

In addition, Hainan Airlines also remind passengers that due to aircraft flying at high altitudes, the oxygen in high -altitude air is relatively reduced, and the air pressure is reduced, and there are certain restrictions on pregnant women’s planes.In order to ensure the safety of the passenger’s travel, pregnant passengers should take a plane in accordance with the regulations of the airline.

Source: Thin to Shanghai

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