The woman who was 9 months pregnant went to the wedding agency to find the object, and also made a lot of demands. Matchmaker: Find an injustice?

The woman in front of her was Su Manfeng, age 39.More than a year ago, she met a man. The two of you, you, quickly fell in love, and developed into a couple relationship.

Su Manfeng

After living together for a few months, Su Manfeng was pregnant, but her boyfriend dropped her disappearance without a trace.Once the ocean alliance was lied and deceived in Su Manfeng. When she was quiet in the middle of the night, she often hid in the bed and wept.

Fortunately, with the patience of friends, Su Manfeng quickly came out of this sad shadow.Considering that she is nearly 40 years old and rashly kills her abdomen, she may always lose the opportunity to be a mother in the future, so she decides to leave her child.

However, Su Manfeng had no deposit and had no stable work. It was undoubtedly a nightmare to grow up the child in the belly smoothly. She decided to find a post -dad in the belly.

For this reason, she came to her friend’s wedding agency for 9 months, hoping that friends would help look.At the same time, she also put forward her requirements for her mate selection, that is, the man needs a house and a car, with a monthly income of more than 10,000, and the child in her belly is as if she is out.

After listening to the condition of Su Manfeng’s mate selection, my friends of the matchmaker were stunned in an instant and said casually: "Do you want to find a big grievance?"

So who is Su Manfeng’s associated man?How did the two come together?After being abandoned, Su Manfeng took a 9 -month -old belly and embarked on the road of blind date. In the end, did she successfully find the big grievance?

Su Manfeng was born in the countryside and is the only child in the family.Parents have only studied in elementary school and have no skills to be on their own. A few acres of land in the family are the source of life of a big family.

At the age of 11, her father died of illness, and she lived with her mother.

In view of this, her mother often educates her to study hard, strive to take a good university in the future, and find a high -paying and stable job to get rid of the fate of rural poverty.

Su Manfeng followed her mother’s teachings, and her studies were very hard. She was not talented, and her grades have been at the middle and lower levels. After leaving junior high school, she took the initiative to abandon her studies because she was under too much learning pressure.

For decades, Su Manfeng, who had been working near his hometown, was 35 years old, but the marriage event has not been settled. Mother and relatives and friends are worried.Go to elementary school.

The mother had no choice but to entrust the matchmaker in the village to help her daughter looks like an object. After about two months, the matchmaker introduced Su Manfeng a man named Wang.This person is divorced. There is a car repair shop in the city. The annual income is good and the economic foundation is strong.

After two or three times, the two quickly determined the relationship between love. After about three or four months of love, they entered the marriage hall in the blessing of relatives and friends of both parties.

However, the life after marriage is not as happy and happy as Su Manfeng’s predictions in advance. Wang has the bad habits of alcoholism and gambling. Especially after gambling lost hundreds of thousands of yuan, his temper became quite irritable.In the long run, Su Manfeng’s arms and legs were the old injuries and new injuries.

The long -term endless quarrel and beatings have made Su Manfeng lose confidence in marriage, and finally proposed a divorce at the age of 37.It was only two years since the two were married.

Wang did not stay too much. The two ended the marriage relationship. Fortunately, the two did not have children.

In order to survive, Su Su Man had to come to a big city to find a job opportunity, but she had no education and the two skills. After interviewing more than a dozen companies could not get a satisfactory job, she had to enter a food processing plant.It became a assembly line worker. Although the work was very hard, the salary of thousands of yuan per month was really good.

It is estimated that she does not want a person to spend the rest alone. Su Manfeng is anxious to find a man’s wish to spend the rest of his life. After work, she began to obsessed with Internet chat and registered an account on the major social platforms.

In just three months, Su Manfeng made a lot of male netizens on the Internet. One of the men named "Sunshine" was specially talked with him.On WeChat.

Every day, the two will chat with WeChat voice or video. The man told Su Manfeng that his real name is Liu Zhihuan. He is 45 years old and has been divorced for many years. He currently has a driving school with a considerable annual income.

Not only can Liu Zhihuan be able to talk about the joy of women, but at the same time, at the same time, his handsome appearance and humorous and interesting talk style make Su Manfeng excited.Whenever Su Manfeng encounters something unhappy or unpleasant, he can always tell some snacks and make Su Manfeng laugh.

In the details of life, Liu Zhihuan performed very well.Su Manfeng suffers from chronic gastritis. This disease often occurs in the middle of the night, and it is painful and sweaty during the attack.After knowing that Liu Zhihuan knew, she was worried and helped her to seek medical medicine everywhere. She even paid for a special effect of gastritis for gastritis and mail her.

Liu Zhihuan

Liu Zhihuan’s dedication, Su Manfeng looked in his eyes. As the two people had the time to deal with, Su Manfeng had the meaning of admiration for Liu Zhihuan, and the desire to be based on his own.The passage of a little bit becomes extremely strong.

Finally, one day after the two knew each other four months later, Liu Zhihuan proposed to meet in private. Su Manfeng agreed without thinking, and then the two agreed to meet the time and place.

On the day of the meeting, Su Manfeng deliberately picked a skirt and dressed carefully, and then rushed to the meeting place on time.

The place to meet was located at the gate of a park. Liu Zhihuan was wearing a casual outfit and holding roses. He was anxiously looking around.When he saw Su Manfeng, he couldn’t believe his eyes, because Su Manfeng was very feminine after careful dressing, and he was not bad, far more beautiful than he saw in the video.

The two talked for a long time, and Liu Zhihuan took out gifts from his pocket in a hurry to confess to Su Manfeng.

Although Su Manfeng had long been prepared, Liu Zhihuan’s too numb love still made her a little helpless. After thinking down for a few minutes, she said:

"How long did we know, you confessed to me, is this too fast?"

"I will never hide my feelings, I like it, I like it, I don’t like it. I don’t like it. To be honest, since I saw you in the video, I like you. I hope you don’t refuse me. I promise I promiseI will treat you well in the future. "

"Knowing you for so long, you have given great encouragement both in your work and life. To be honest, I have a lot of feeling for you! But I am worried that your confession today is not from sincerity. When you encounter it in the future, you have encountered it in the future.After the opposite sex, I am afraid you will abandon me. "

"How is this! I have always been dedicated to my feelings. Since I choose to be with you, I will definitely be responsible for your second half of your life. You can rest assured, I will love and care for you, so as not to let you be wronged.You won’t do anything betrayed. If you don’t believe it, I can swear to the sky. "

"You don’t need to swear, I am willing to be with you!"

After Su Manfeng thought about it for a while, he accepted the gift happily, and rushed into Liu Zhihuan’s ring, and Liu Zhihuan’s face was instantly smiled.

After the two confirmed the relationship, they lived in the name of husband and wife. Liu Zhihuan also rented a apartment as a place for the two.

After living together for a while, Su Manfeng found that he was pregnant, and then told Liu Zhihuan with excitement, hoping to get a certificate of marriage, and the two raised their children together. However, Liu Zhihuan did not have the joy of being a father, but he seemed heavy.

"Zhihuan, tell you a good news, you have to be a father!" Su Manfeng said with a smile.

"How long are we together, you are pregnant? Could it be wrong!" Liu Zhihuan couldn’t believe it.

"How could I make a joke with you with this kind of thing? I went to the hospital to review it, and I was really pregnant!" Su Manfeng replied.

"During this time, I have not quit smoking and drinking, and the children I want will not be healthy. In addition, the two of us are not married, so this child can’t ask for it. I will give you some money. You will go to the hospital tomorrow to kill it.! "

"Broken the child? You can say it! I am 39 years old. If you rashly, it is difficult to get in the future. Liu Zhihuan, do you want to be responsible?" Su Manfeng pointed at Liu Zhihuan and roared loudly.Essence

"I don’t mean that, I’m just afraid that this child is unhealthy."

"This is not a check -up. I’m not afraid of what you are afraid of. You don’t need to persuade it anymore. I must give birth to this child, and you must also bear the responsibility of a man!"

Seeing that Su Manfeng had to give birth to this child, Liu Zhihuan felt helpless. He knew in his heart that Su Manfeng just wanted to use the child in the belly to force himself to marry her.

Time has passed, and Su Manfeng’s pregnant belly has gradually become highlighted. In order to raise a fetus, she resigned.

However, when she was more than six months of pregnancy, Liu Zhihuan suddenly evaporated on the world and hacked all her contact information.

Once the Ople Mountain League looked like a lie and deception to Su Manfeng. When she was quiet every night, she would hide in the bed and cry.

In order to let this thin man assume the responsibility of a man, and at the same time, in order to give him a statement to himself and the child in the belly, Su Manfeng secretly determined that no matter how much cost, he had to find Liu Zhihuan.

Kung Fu is worthy of care. After a long inquiry, Su Manfeng finally found a male friend who is familiar with Liu Zhihuan.However, this friend’s words really shocked her. It turned out that Liu Zhihuan was not a driving school owner, just an ordinary insurance salesman, and there was no divorce.

As for where Liu Zhihuan lives, the friend does not know.This friend has tried to help Su Manfeng contact Liu Zhihuan many times, but he has not succeeded.

Seeing that she was about to be facing the belly, Su Manfeng had no energy to find Liu Zhihuan. In desperation, she had to pick up things and return to her hometown.

Under the arrangement of a cousin in his hometown, Su Manfeng began to embark on the road of blind date and wanted to find a father for the unborn child.Why is she full of confidence and feel that even if she has a big belly, she will definitely find the other half?Because she feels that there are many men and women in society today, and there are countless old -fashioned bachelors in the countryside that they can’t marry their wives. As long as her mate selection conditions are not particularly high, many are people who take over.

However, the reality is not as expected by Su Manfeng in advance. The cousin introduced her unmarried man with three years old, but these blind dates heard that Su Manfeng had been pregnant for eight or nine months.The exception is gone.

Since the right object was found in the countryside, Su Manfeng simply put the target into the wedding agency in the city.

It happened that her junior high school female classmate opened a wedding agency in the city and had been working for many years.So Su Manfeng, who was pregnant with a big pregnant belly, found this celebrity friend, hoping to help looks like a high -quality object.

After looking at Su Manfeng, the matchmaker was enthusiastic about a few words, and then pointed at her belly and asked, "What is your belly?

"Yeah, it’s been nine months. I came here this time to let you help me find a high -quality object. I was deceived by the scumbag, but I was very reluctant to be born in my stomach, and I decided to give birth." Su Manfeng repliedroad.

"You … you … what do you say? Do you want me to help you look like an object?" The celebrity friend couldn’t believe it.

"Is there anything that can’t be? My requirement is not high. As long as the other party can treat the children in my stomach, there is a house and a car, and the monthly entry is over 10,000. I don’t ask for a gift!" Su ManfengSaid very seriously.

"There is a house and a car, and the monthly enters more than 10,000. I also ask the other party to see the children in your stomach as if they are out. Is this not high? Forgive me, you are not a blind date.Although now there are a lot of single men with high quality left, they are not stupid! "The celebrity friend said angrily.

"I can’t help it. Even if I give birth to my child, I can use my own financial ability to smoothly grow up the child." Su Manfeng thought about it for a few minutes and said in my heart.

"Well, I will help you pay attention. If there is an appropriate object, I will immediately inform you." The matchmaker said politely.

The two talked for a long time, and Su Manfeng did not go home after leaving, but went to other wedding agencies in the city.Who knows that after the boss of other wedding agencies looked at her a big belly, she either sarcasted or refused directly.

There was no way, Su Manfeng had to return home, while waiting for the news of the matchmaker’s friend, waiting for production.

After more than half a month, Su Manfeng gave birth to a baby girl at the hospital accompanied by his mother and cousin. After being checked by the doctor, the child was very healthy.

However, there was no news on the matchmaker. Shortly after the confinement, Su Manfeng also called to ask the celebrity friend. The matchmaker’s friend didn’t know how to answer for a while, so he had to lie down.

Su Manfeng looked at her daughter’s immature face, and her heart was ecstatic. She was more confident to find a good dad for her child.

I went to the wedding agency with a 9 -month pregnancy, and asked the matchmaker to help introduce the high -quality objects. It can be seen that Su Manfeng is an extremely confident person. Perhaps she overestimates herself. Perhaps she feels that there are many men and women todayA young society, it is very simple to find a high -quality boyfriend.But what she doesn’t understand is that the rich boy is very smart now, and no one is willing to be a grievance and a biggest.

Although Su Manfeng has the right to give birth to children, if she cannot create a good living environment for her children, a complete home, rashly bring her to this world, it may be a disaster for her.

After reading Su Manfeng’s story, I do n’t know how to think?Is there a similar case around?

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