The woman weighs 30 pounds after pregnancy, and it is difficult to even get up and go to the toilet.


Originally a happy thing

But for pregnant mothers

The pressure brought by the body and psychology is self -evident

Ms. Wang from Maoming

Feel empathy

After two pregnancy

Ms. Wang’s weight suddenly increased by 30 pounds

This situation makes her very troublesome

Some people may say

This should be a postpartum "happy fat", right?

But not!

But she has some tricky "organizations" on her body

what happened?


Ms. Wang, 29, this year

1 meter 56 height

Two years ago, she was 55 kg

After the first pregnancy

Breast tissue increased rapidly

But unfortunately, the fetus did not keep it

She is lucky

I am pregnant again this year

But the breast tissue is still going crazy

As a result, she was 30 pounds

Ms. Wang said

These breast tissues make her life

Not easy

Sleep on the bed and get up, go to the toilet

Everyone needs support

"It’s not easy to buy clothes and pants, you can wear it if you can’t buy it. And you can only stay at home, you have never been out."


Ms. Wang went to a local hospital for treatment

But the doctor said that there is no need to deal with

Until the last few months

She found that she was unable to act freely

Hurry up to Guangzhou for inspection

Preliminary diagnosis of doctors

Ms. Wang is a multi -sided solid nodule on both sides

Symptoms such as hyperplasia of breast gland gland structures with hyperplasia


The doctor is also very surprised

"Because similar situations are rare"

Doctor said

With the secretion of female hormones during pregnancy

Changes in the chest

It is a very common situation

But it won’t bear 30 pounds like Ms. Wang

For her life safety

The doctor performed for nearly 9 hours

Final resection

26 catties of breast tissue

Doctor introduce

Their team hopes to be cured

Can control the quality of life of patients

Known as "life -saving function"

"It is necessary to remove the patient’s glands clean, rather than a traditional reduction, because the patient still wants to prepare for pregnancy, so she should retain her form."

Ms. Wang after the operation

It feels much easier

"There are not so many burdens, and action is convenient."

The doctor said

Patients like Ms. Wang

Because the body is not beautiful

Will lose confidence and avoid social

It is easy to exclude social activities and breeding pathological psychology

If there is any trouble in this area

It is recommended to seek medical treatment as soon as possible

Determine whether the surgery is determined according to the advice of a professional doctor

very lucky

Ms. Wang finally got rid of the trouble through surgery

Also changed her life

DV Jun thinks

If some neighbors also have this problem in this regard

It is recommended to seek medical treatment as soon as possible

See if you need surgery

Source: Guangdong Public DV site

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