The woman was pregnant again 42 days after giving birth.

Generally speaking, for the recovery of the body of the maternal later period, the mother will go to the hospital for a whole body examination on the 42nd day after childbirth, and check the mother’s body recovery by examination.

On this day, accompanied by her husband, Xiao Li came to the hospital for postpartum inspection.Unexpectedly, a very unexpected thing was found.Xiaoli actually "Xisai’s second child," 42 days after giving birth, Xiao Li actually had another child in his belly.This result really shocked Xiaoli and her husband.

In the B -ultrasound, Xiaoli vaguely saw the buds of babies in the abdomen.The doctor was also shocked to see this result.Later, I learned in the doctor’s inquiry that it turned out that Xiao Li was pregnant again because of an ignorance of her husband.

The doctor said angrily to Xiao Li’s husband, "You are just making trouble, how can you do this with her when your wife is confinement? You don’t want to die." After listening to the doctor’s wordsXiaoli and her husband are very regretful, but at the same time, the two are also very puzzled, how can she be pregnant again.

In fact, there is a reason for Xiao Li and her husband.Most people think that after women have children, their aunts will not come yet, which shows that women will not get pregnant during this period.Therefore, some people will not take any measures.This is one of the reasons why Xiaoli will get pregnant.

However, most people think this idea is very wrong.

Before discussing the question of why women are pregnant during confinement, let’s talk about what conditions do women need to have for pregnancy:

1. Men’s sperm

Pregnancy requires men and women to cooperate with each other.Only after men’s sperm meets the fertilized eggs of women, there will be fetal embryos in the belly of women, which is the prototype of the fetus.

2. Women’s healthy and mature eggs

Pregnancy is a small chance.Under normal circumstances, women with normal menstruation are excreted every month.If women’s healthy eggs are discharged with men’s sperm, women have the opportunity to get pregnant.And some women who are not very regular during menstruation, or women with abnormal menstruation, are difficult to conceive.

3. Women’s internal uterus environment is suitable

We all know that the fetus grows in the mother’s uterus.When the father’s sperm and the mother’s eggs are combined into a fertilized egg, the fertilized eggs will slowly move to the mother’s uterus.After the fertilized eggs reach the mother’s uterine membrane completely, they will gradually develop into a fetus.

However, if the mother’s uterus environment is not good, such as insufficient nutrition in the uterus, or the mother has the cold, the fetus is difficult to develop in the mother’s uterus. In such an environment, the fetus is likely to die.This is why many pregnant women can easily occur.

This question may bother many people, don’t worry, the following is the answer:

Most people think that women’s ovulation periods are double -hooked with their aunts.People think that the female aunt is coming, and the ovulation period will definitely come, but if the aunt of women does not come, temporarily women will not have the ovulation period. At this time, it will be safe.You need to take any measures.

However, this is not the case.Obstetrics and Gynecologist Cao Xue once said: "The relationship between women’s ovulation and aunts is not common." The ovulation period is generally about half a month after female menstruation.However, if a woman is confinement, the mother’s egg and the sperm of the father have been fused again, and the fertilized eggs will be formed.

Therefore, women still have ovulation during confinement. As long as women are fertilized, they will become pregnant, which has little to do with the aunt.

Maybe some people think that women are pregnant when they are confinement, and it is not a big deal.As everyone knows, women at this time will cause great harm to the body:

1. Affect breastfeeding

We all know that when women are pregnant, most of the nutrients that pregnant women usually take are absorbed by babies in the abdomen.If women are pregnant again when confinement, the mother’s breast milk will definitely decrease.This is because breast milk is also formed by the nutrition of the mother’s usual intake.

And the mother’s absorption of nutrition every day is limited. When the babies in the abdomen absorb nutrients, breast milk will be greatly reduced.The newborn baby can’t drink enough breast milk, which will also hurt the baby’s body.

2. Not conducive to the recovery of the mother’s body

The book "Fertility" in Australia has written: "Fertility will cause a great burden on women’s body." After giving birth to a child, women will be hit to a certain amount of physical and mental. ThereforeRest for more than a month.

However, if women are pregnant again when confinement, and at this time, women’s bodies have not fully recovered, which will cause great harm to women’s bodies.

And when women do confinement, the endometrium in the body has not fully recovered. At this time, when pregnancy, the chance of survival in the fetus is very low, and it is likely that "fetal death" will occur.If the fetus is unfortunately died in the mother’s abdomen, and to remove the fetus from the mother’s body, the flow of people needs to be flowed.

This will further cause harm to women’s bodies, which will leave a lifelong root root for the mother, and even cause women to be unable to get pregnant in the future.

After understanding the harm of pregnancy during confinement, in order to protect the mother’s body, the following mothers and father need to pay attention:

1. Don’t be together

I wrote in the book "Those things during confinement": "After giving birth to a child, women’s body takes a long time to recover, and at this time, women’s body immunity will be poor."

When confinement, couples are best not to be together, otherwise, many bacteria enter women’s body, which may cause women’s infection, which will cause new problems to the recovery of women’s bodies.

2. Do some postpartum exercises

American gynecologist Olko once said: "When the mother is doing confinement, she cannot lie down all the time." Three or four days after the mother’s birth, the mother can try to do some small sport.It can also speed up the recovery of the mother’s body.

Pregnancy during confinement will cause huge damage to the mother’s body.Therefore, for the health of his wife, your husband must know how to restrain themselves, and hope that all new parents can understand this.

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