The woman was only 7 months pregnant and gave birth to the dragon and phoenix tires, and the result collapsed: both baby was cerebral palsy

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In 14 years, the love crystallization of Wang Shibao and his wife Zhang Xinlei was finally born. The two couples who have been seeking their son for many years have found the hope of life and retrieved the happiness of the family.

In 15 years, the happy family collapsed in an instant, just because the dragon and phoenix tires that were easily born were suffering from brain tumors."Virginity like the soil" on the road of Qi Zi.

Not to mention a series of costs born of the two children, this family can never stand the suppression of the sick demon, hoping to be strangled in the cradle again.

At that time, people thought that happiness was very simple, and the family of three and her clothing and food were warm.Of course, Wang Shibao and Zhang Xinlei also thought so.

Both of them were born in Shouyang, Shandong.Both parents also know, not only neighbors, but also friends.From the toothing language to the youthfulness, the two seemed to be together, so they fell in love without surprise.

The life of the couple is often honey -regulating after marriage, without much pressure on life.Therefore, the two immediately started preparing for pregnancy. Wang Shibao quit the harmful infant items such as tobacco and alcohol. Zhang Xinlei also paid great attention to raising his body. Both parents also supported the decision of the two.

But life is not smooth sailing, this hurdle is much more difficult than the small couple.

The pregnancy plan of the two was still prepared for almost half a year. In the end, they decided to go to the hospital to check whether there was a problem with the reproductive aspects of the party.As a result, both have normal fertility.As a result, they embarked on the "no return path" of Qi Zi.

The first is to try all kinds of recipes. Both of them are suffering. The second is supplement, internal and external care, but it is still no effect.In the end they decided to be a test tube baby.IVF has a high cost, but the determination of the couple to want the child is unshakable.

At that time, the IVF had just begun to develop, and the thoughts of Wang Shibao and Zhang Xinlei were avant -garde.

They also roughly understood what IVF babies are. In fact, it is a reproductive assistant technology, which is mainly to extract sperm and eggs. There are many ways to bred.The effect of excellent education can effectively prevent genetic diseases.

The development and progress of science and technology brings the hope of a complete family to many couples, but the high costs have also discouraged many people.You know, successful IVF surgery expenses are basically tens of thousands to 100,000, which is even a benchmark number.The couples who were born in the countryside of Wang Shibao and Zhang Xinlei in that era were considered astronomical numbers.

But the young couple still did not give up the dream of having children and parents. They chose to take out all their savings, and even borrowed money at the expense of money.

In 2014, the couple of Zhang Xinlei and Wang Shibao were special, because they finally ushered in the angels in their lives and were bred in Zhang Xinlei’s belly.

Although the surgery of IVF allows the couple to regain the hope of the complete family, they also let them get the bottom of the house and have a debt.There are gains and losses. The couple thinks that this is worth it, and always be as sweet as.

Since there is a small life in his stomach, Wang Shibao can be said to be meticulous to Zhang Xinlei.Because Zhang Xinlei is 34 years old, it can be regarded as an older mother.Regardless of the physiological and psychological aspects, Zhang Xinlei needs special care and care during pregnancy.

The couple’s post -pregnancy life is actually not so relaxed.Wang Shibao must bear a series of expenses of the family, and also prepares for the cost of milk powder, diapers and other daily necessities that you need to buy in the future.In just one month, Wang Shibao’s face was squeezed a lot.

Zhang Xinlei couldn’t bear to see her husband so tired. She wanted to go out to find a simple job to support her family with her husband, and save money for the expenses needed for the birth of the child.However, Wang Shibao was not assured that Zhang Xinlei went out to work. He asked Zhang Xin Lei to raise his tire at home, and he would bear everything outside.

In fact, there are not a few people who do IVIBs like the couple’s family. In Fujian Province, there are also 57 -year -old women who also spend all savings for test -tube baby surgery. The reason is that "The tragedy of the white -haired man with a black -haired man "made the woman lose love, and could only seek scientific help and obtain a son.

Although scientific progress has helped many families like them, at the same time, it also brought a heavy burden on these families.

As the saying goes: "People have trouble blessing, and there is an unexpected situation." What everyone didn’t expect was that Zhang Xinlei actually gave birth prematurely.

Premature birth is also a pregnant woman for 28 weeks of pregnancy but less than 37 weeks of delivery. At this time, the newborn of childbirth is called premature babies.There are also many reasons for premature birth, but premature birth is not just a few less flesh. Babies are born completely due to their body development. The respiratory system, digestive system, and body temperature regulation center are incomplete.Too low, poor resistance and other problems.

Zhang Xinlei’s child is a premature infant born in seven months, or a pair of dragon and phoenix tires.

The child is very critical when the child is born. The two children not only have a weak breathing and pulse, but the organs are not fully developed, especially the nasal cavity and ears. The ears are okay.Insufficient oxygen, the child’s death may double.

Facing the situation of the two children, the treatment must be accelerated, otherwise the child’s death is unable to bear it.As a result, Wang Shibao raised money everywhere, borrowed more than 100,000 medical expenses from relatives and friends to the hospital, and the two children were quickly sent to the thermal insulation box for treatment.

When Wang Shibao looked at the breath of two children through the thermal insulation box, the breath gradually stabilized. When the signs of life gradually became clear, a big man couldn’t help wet his eyes.This pair of dragon and phoenix seems to be the hope of their couple’s life.

After the husband and wife finally relieved, the reality gave them a blow again -the two children were detected by hemangioma, which is undoubtedly a sunny thunderbolt.

Infant hemangioma is a common benign tumor and is composed of active endothelial cells.In fact, the treatment method is not difficult. It can be treated with the help of surgical treatment. As a general hemp is needed, it will affect the child’s brain, but the probability is not high.

This hemangioma is actually common among infants and young children. The hospital will also be responsible for treatment, and the cost of treatment is not high. The couple just put their heart back into their stomach, but there is a bad news.Cerebral palsy.

First of all, children with cerebral palsy will have some abnormal performances very early. These doctors find that when the baby is lying on his back, his lower limbs are excessively straightened, and your upper limbs are flexed, and his hands are tight.When the nurse changes diapers for the babies, the lower limbs are not easy to separate their legs and it is difficult to change the diaper.

Moreover, the emotions of the two babies are very unstable. Even when they drink milk, they still show irritability, resulting in difficulty in feeding and frequent spitting.The most important thing is that doctors and nurses have found that the weight of these two babies has not increased.

Combined with so many symptoms, the doctor also discovered the abnormalities of the baby. These are symptoms that newborn have cerebral palsy.Finally, after a series of inspections and more meticulous discussions, the pair of dragons and phoenixes were finally diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Wang Shibao and Zhang Xinlei were silent for a long time after knowing the news. They were seriously disappeared for their parents’ happy joy, leaving only endless pain and despair.As a premature pregnant woman, Zhang Xinlei couldn’t stand the blow, and people were thinner.

Seeing this, the doctor first gave a science for the couple, and the child would have cerebral palsy.

The couple were born through the IVF surgery, and the probability of children born with a IVF had a triplets of cerebral palsy.Although the hospital had tried his best to ensure the safety of the embryo at that time, the technical technology of IVids was not very mature at the time, and there would always be a certain amount of omissions. This is also a great reason for this pair of dragons and phoenixes to suffer from cerebral palsy.

Zhang Xinlei is an older mother, and even two children are seven -month premature infants.The shortage of oxygen supply of the brain caused by the incomplete nasal organs of the two children may also cause cerebral palsy.Even if the two children are sent to the thermal insulation box for protection, this chance is inseparable.

In the end, the doctor also put forward some related treatment plans and advice to the hospital. They asked the couple to carefully consider what to do next.

Two couples from rural areas have tried their best to understand the professional terms of doctors. They understand that in fact, there are only two paths in front of them, treatment and abandonment.The couple looked at the two children in the thermal insulation box and could only cry in their hearts. The family seemed to be fragmented before the family was completed.

The news of this thunderbolt did not shake the determination and courage of the couple’s love for children.They know what the choice of treatment will face, high costs, difficult life, and the possibility of failure, but they still will not give up the angels that God brings to them.

They have invested too much on the road to Xunzi, and the sweat and hardship are not enough to say it, only they know.Therefore, it is even more impossible for them to be abandoned halfway, not to mention, the two children in the thermal box are so cute and so pity.

In subsequent treatment, doctors also show that if the symptoms of cerebral palsy in the baby, if intervention and timely treatment, will not affect the development of subsequent brain nerve.As long as the treatment can be successful, children may get rid of the label of cerebral palsy, slowly move closer to normal children, and have a complete life.Now it is the golden age of dragon and phoenix.

The doctor also told the couple’s plan and strategy for cerebral palsy treatment.First, the symptoms of the treatment of cerebral palsy drugs are performed.The infant period is the golden period.

For children with rehabilitation training, rehabilitation training is the most important treatment method for patients with cerebral palsy. It is particularly important in early treatment.Through rehabilitation training, the brain tissue can be compensated in the process of continuous maturity and differentiation of the brain tissue, so that the motion function of the child can be improved.

Then, traditional Chinese medicine treats.Traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods are acupuncture and massage.Finally, surgical treatment has an important position in clinical treatment of children with cerebral palsy.

The doctor’s words will undoubtedly make the husband and wife re -ignite the hope of life.They decided to go unwavering as when they were looking for a son.

The cost of cerebral palsy treatment at that time, on average, there will be a consumption bill of 6,000 yuan per month, and it does not even count the other inpatient costs. It is just a single treatment of cerebral palsy.To this day, this is a huge expense.

However, the husband and wife were already in debt in the process of looking for the son, and they had already gone out of all the family.The cost of IVF, the cost of hospitalization, the cost of the thermal insulation box, and even the cost of the child’s daily necessities after birth, they can no longer bear it.

In desperation, they had to seek the help of reporters and the media, hoping that the media could report this matter.Finally, in 2016, China reported this matter, and many people knew the dilemma that the "IVF couple" encountered now.

All sectors of society are willing to help this hard -working child, and even launch crowdfunding, raising some treatment costs for the couple, which has greatly helped the couple.

Zhang Xinlei chose to quit his job and stay in the rental house, so that you can go to the hospital to take a look at two children at any time to understand their situation.The husband Wang Shibao chose to go out to work and do some high -risk physical work. As long as he pays the salary, he will send it back in time.

The treatment process is very difficult, and the two children often cry because they can’t stand the pain.Zhang Xinlei was very worried.But everything is always running in a good direction.

In fact, there are not a few cases of IVF, but there are not many people like couples who can always go on.Although cerebral palsy cannot be completely cured, I believe that under the power of love and affection, they all have a bright future!

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