The woman was not pregnant for five years, and the hospital’s examination found that it was the body.

In a beautiful town, there is a seemingly happy couple, Li Mei and Wang Qiang.The two met at the university. After a long relationship, they finally entered the palace of marriage after graduation.However, after five years of marriage, Li Mei has not been pregnant, which makes the two feel anxious, and the pressure of the family is increasing.

In order to seek answers, Li Mei and Wang Qiang decided to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.In the hospital, Li Mei’s examination results were unexpected by everyone: she was still virgin.Wang Qiang explained to this, making everyone present feel an uproar.But in fact, there is an unknown emotional entanglement hidden.

One day, Li Mei accidentally found a letter from Wang Qiang at home, saying that Wang Qiang’s unbearable past was written in the letter.It turned out that he had lost fertility due to an accident during college.The accident made him fall into despair, but with the encouragement and support of Li Mei, he gradually came out of the shadow.However, he had no courage to tell Li Mei’s secret because he was afraid that it would affect the feelings between them.

In the letter, Wang Qiang expressed his willingness to end this marriage and find a person who can give her happiness for Li Mei.After reading the letter, Li Mei was deeply thinking.She remembered the little bit of intensity with Wang, and understood that he had been under tremendous pressure for her.Just then, she made a decision.

Li Mei found Wang Qiang, and the two sat down to conduct an in -depth exchange.She told Wang Qiang that no matter whether he could have children, it could not affect the feelings between them.She is willing to spend the rest of her life and face the difficulties in life together.

Hearing Li Mei’s words, Wang Qiang was so moved with tears.He understands that this is a sincere feelings, which is worth cherishing.So they decided to go to the hospital together to seek the possibility of childbearing.

In the hospital, after some examination, the doctor told them that although Wang Qiang lost his fertility, they could try the technological means of IVF.This caused the two to ignite hope, and they decided to work hard to fight for this opportunity.

In the next days, Li Mei and Wang Qiang made great efforts to achieve this wish.They save money and work hard for the cost of IVF.

In this process, the relationship between the two became deeper.They support each other and face the difficulties in life together.Finally, after accumulating enough funds, they started the treatment of IVF.

The treatment process is not easy, Li Mei and Wang Qiang have experienced many twists and turns.But they have never given up, and they always believe that their efforts will eventually be rewarded.After the failure, they were still indomitable and moved forward.

Finally, after experiencing long waiting and various difficulties, Li Mei successfully conceived their first child.When learning the news, the two were so excited that tears were tears.At this moment, all the efforts and efforts became extremely worthwhile.

However, fate always seems to be joking.When Li Mei was six months pregnant, a sudden car accident took Wang Qiang’s life.This caused Li Mei into a huge grief.She couldn’t accept this reality, but she knew that she had to live strongly, for her child, and for Wang Qiang.

In this story, Li Mei and Wang Qiang are a couple who love each other deeply.Despite their fertility problems, they still faced each other bravely and walked together firmly.The relationship between them is deep and shall bear the burden of life together.

Although Wang Qiang lost his fertility, he always cared about Li Mei and silently affected her.After learning the truth, Li Mei showed a firm belief and endless love.She is willing to accompany Wang Qiang to face the challenges of life together.

After experiencing countless hardships, Li Mei finally gave birth to their children.This child is not only the crystallization of their love, but also the most precious gift from Wang Qiang.Although Wang Qiang had died, Li Mei knew that his love would always accompany her and children.

After the years, Li Mei took the child to grow up slowly, and she strongly assumed the heavy responsibility of life.Every night, when she was quiet, she recalled a good time with Wang’s strength, and her heart was full of gratitude and nostalgia.She believes that no matter where she is, Wang Qiang will guard her and children and give them endless love and support.

This is a story full of tears and laughter, a story about firm belief and sincere feelings.The love of Li Mei and Wang Qiang has experienced storms, but never shaken.Their story tells us that as long as we have faith, we can overcome all difficulties in life.

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