The woman was holding a fake pregnancy test stick to lie to her pregnancy

She was going to marry her immediately, but she didn’t know. At this time, Lan Xiaoyi also tested her child, but the two had broken up.Lan Xiaoyi was reluctant to give up this innocent little life, so he planned to give birth to it alone.Here, my mother learned that her son was going to marry a rich daughter of Shanghai, and she was pregnant with her grandson. She was so happy that she came to talk about marriage early in the morning, and she did not disappoint her.The wedding woman’s house not only sent the house to the car, but also took out 100,000 to dowry.As soon as Tian Fei’s mother saw that the woman’s family was so sincere, she immediately took out the deposit that had accumulated a lifetime. Our family, for this deposit, I took it all, 25,000, Laozhang people received it.In this place, the mother -in -law’s house was really laughed. There was no bank card password for a lifetime deposit. But Tian Fei knew that he had a soft mouth and was short -handed.Two days ago, I also told Xiaolu’s father that is we marrying a daughter or a son -in -law?Forget it, it’s really boring to say these words now.One poor and two white married Xiaolu’s house, and Lan Xiaoyi also resigned from his job and returned to his hometown.She did not tell her parents that he broke up with Tian Fei. She lied that she was going to study abroad and could not go home often.Maybe such a reason can be concealed to give birth to a child in a different place.After Ma Yaozu’s resignation, he searched her in the world until he found his hometown. His parents also told him that Lan Xiaoyi went abroad.Lan Xiaoyi disappeared completely.Three years later, she gave birth to a daughter, but only after all, she couldn’t help the fire.On this day, Lan Xiaoyi’s parents saw Tian Fei and other girls, only to know that the two people broke up three years ago.So the old couple quickly came to the place of Lan Xiaoyi to ask for it. As a result, I saw a lovely child as soon as I entered the community. This child is very fun. Looking at me, how big, three years old, no name.Grandma is good, grandma is good, this eyes are round, so good, so fun.Yes, she is like her mother, her mother’s eyes are quite beautiful, just that we also live in 12 Zhuang, let’s go with us, okay, thank you, thank you, you know that the place where they live is a building,It’s so coincidental, baby, slower.Really, Lan Xiaoyi saw his parents’ complexion, and under the questioning of his parents, Lan Xiaoyi also said everything.Three years ago, Tian Fei was carrying her with her deer. At that time, she also found that she was pregnant. She didn’t want to give up her child, and did not want to let her parents shame, so she secretly gave birth to a child.In the past three years, the family also arranged a girl who was the right house for Ma Yaozu, and Lan Xiaoyi slowly disappeared into her world.At this time, she heard the sound of Lan Xiaoyi, and when they came out, the familiar voice had been echoing in her ears.So he threw his girlfriend and returned to find it, but after looking for a long time, he didn’t see Lan Xiaoyi’s voice.As the saying goes, two people with fate will reunite after all.On this day, the boss introduced a blind date to Lan Xiaoyi. In order not to refute the face of his boss, he had to come.At this time, he saw someone was proposing, and he didn’t expect that it turned out that Ma Yaozu’s whistle also made him see Lan Xiaoyi.Lan Xiaoyi left the restaurant quickly because she disturbed her happiness.It is said that time can fade everything. To this day, he discovered that she still couldn’t forget Lan Xiaoyi, and she also decided that this time I will not let Lan Xiaoyi leave herself.Is there a boyfriend and a marriage?She has to chase her back.At the same time, Tian Fei and the deer have been married for three years, and the deer’s belly has not moved.So Tian Fei and her mother accompanied Xiao Lu to the hospital for examination. It was really a day of heaven. Little was found out of congenital infertility. Like you, it was basically impossible to conceive naturally.

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