The woman was dismissed after finding out of pregnancy for 1 month. Has she really did something wrong?

Before the headline, my teammates saw a similar news at night.

The title of the news is: The woman became pregnant as soon as the contract was signed.The boss was scared to cancel the company overnight.Woman: The boss can’t afford to play

The news was all cheers, thinking that women should be retributed.

Including my teammates, they were all scolding, thinking that she had taken advantage of the company and should be punished.

Comments are basically criticizing women

Today in this almost the same news.

Popular comments are still a bunch of scolding women to take advantage of them to make other women more discriminatory in the future.

At present, this society is really split. On the one hand, women are required to have more fertility, and on the other hand, they are constantly attacking women’s professional ethics.

Even invented a word called malicious pregnancy.

I was really shocked when I heard this word for the first time.

Isn’t anyone in this world crawling out of his mother’s belly?

If the first news was said, the woman was indeed too much.

What is wrong with the woman in the second news?

In other words, how do you know that she is not an accidental pregnancy?

Could it be that a company knows that he is going to get fetal when he is pregnant?

A completely reasonable and legitimate behavior still attracts a scolding.


Let me tell you that it is not the same person who allows women to have children and criticize women.

Let’s take a look at the current population birth rate of our country and the contrast of the birth rate of the Korean population that can be called the hell model:

National Bureau of Statistics: In 2022, the birth rate of 9.56 million people in China was 6.77 ‰

China: The birth rate of the population is most likely to surpass the largest country in the world in South Korea

In 2022, China was born with a population of 9.56 million.

What is this concept?

If the current pension system is based on the current pension system, the pension of our generation (post -80s, post -90s) is difficult to maintain.

Therefore, in the long run, the decline in population will bring serious social recession.

But these problems are too far away for young people trapped by 996 and 007 days and nights.

What they care about is that a woman leaves her post because of her pregnancy, and the boss will only divide the work to the remaining employees without going to hire new people.

Your salary without a reason is that there is more resentment.

But the root cause of this problem is that the boss wants to save costs, which is a sufficient support for women to pregnant women.

To be honest, if you don’t change such a governance structure, if you want to grow population, it is basically a slogan.

There are too many unscrupulous media now, and they want to guide the people at the bottom all day long to scold each other and change other contradictions in other aspects.

Too heavy anger can only cause more social problems.

Here we still need to call on everyone to be a rational person. Don’t be Yun Yiyun because of those titles, and venting your resentment at will.

I am a legal person who shares experience.

If you have more points, please communicate with me in the comment area.

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