The woman received the party to attend the party that night, but I didn’t know who was pregnant. "There were too many people at the time"

Impulse is an instinct. Restimination is a morality. The difference between humans and animals is that people have moral consciousness and behavioral norms, and animals are not.

What are the differences from animals if you do your desire?

At the party of adults, the help of alcohol was indispensable.

But as soon as you drink, people are easy to "play with wine."

The 30 -year -old Wang Li (pseudonym) looks good and has an outgoing personality, but he has not found the marriage object.

Those who are familiar with her feel that she is more enthusiastic and open, and likes to participate in various gatherings. Such a personality will inevitably leave a faint impression on the opposite sex. Therefore, although she has also talked about her boyfriend for many years, no one is willing to follow her.Enter the marriage hall.

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Being able to meet Liu Qiang (pseudonym), Wang Li is fortunate.But for Liu Qiang, it is unfortunate.

Liu Qiang is also a young unmarried young man who is worried about the order. The reason for his single is just the opposite of Wang Li, because he is too old, he can’t help but be welcomed by the girls for a long time.

For many years, he has also met many times, but has ended in failure.

When he encountered enthusiastic and outgoing Wang Li, he felt that it was complementary, and Wang Li felt that the man always took care of his family, and he was older to get married.

In this way, the two felt that they were looking for each other as soon as they met, and the speed of light received the marriage certificate.

Mr. Mo Mo has said that marriage must be cautious, otherwise you will go wrong and lose.

If you can get more contact, polish your eyes, and find the same honest person to get married and have children, Liu Qiang is now very happy now.

The next night, Wang Li went out to meet again.

Late at night, Liu Qiang called his wife. He heard that he and his friends were "getting off a party" and did not say much.

He was worried that it would make the other party feel restrained, and this party was with friends, and there should be no problem.

But he did not expect that Wang Li did irrational things with other opposite sex.

Desire is no bottom.

If you do n’t know how to restrain yourself, let your greed, and control yourself, you will only be entangled by desire. When you have no peace, your life will be tired of desire.

When the flames of desire are born, if you don’t restrain it, it will be the beginning of your fall when it is not restrained.

What happened at the party, Wang Li never dared to tell her husband that 30 -year -old age was difficult to get married, because this stall was separated, and it was not very nice.

She thought that as long as she was hidden, she would not reveal it.

After all, the paper cannot be covered. The childhood child must have a similar appearance to any aspect of the parents.

But the children of the Liu family are not like Liu Qiang at all.

There are often neighbors who are often joking with him. The child is not like you at all, and it must be completely like her mother.

After hearing a lot, he could not help doubt, so he carried his wife and took his son to identify.

The moment he got the result, he was paralyzed to the ground, and his son was not his own, hate!

The rabbit is in a hurry and will bite people. Watching her husband who has never lost his temper, Wang Lixin said immediately to tell the truth, but who the child is, she really does not know, because the person who attended the party that dayThere are too many, and she is drunk again.

"Don’t talk about drunk", this is an excuse, Liu Qiang refuted painfully.

Honestly spent more than half of his life, spent more than 100,000 colorful gifts, and as a result, he married such a frivolous woman.

It spent hundreds of thousands of children.

Think about this, Liu Qiang decided to divorce his wife and claim 500,000 to her.

Franklin once said, "Before marriage, open your eyes to see clearly, and open your eyes and close your eyes after marriage."

What does that mean?That is, you must have enough understanding of the other half before marriage. This is not only responsible for your future life and life, but also a cautious attitude towards marriage.

When we choose a marriage, we must not ask for it.

You have to pick three things to buy one thing, and the goods are more than three. Besides, do you choose a person who wants to spend a lifetime in the next half of his life?

Knowing people know how to urge the elders, no matter how anxious, you can’t understand the character of the other person.

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