The woman opened a house for more than a hundred times, and she was pregnant unexpectedly before engagement. The boyfriend suspected that she was not her?

Bingbing is an independent woman with a 30 -year -old career. She has accumulated some wealth for many years in business.Seeing that the friends around me were full of family, and they also moved their hearts, obeying their parents’ arrangements to go home on a blind date, because there are many people who have a fair skin and tall figure, but there are many people who come to blind dates, but Bingbing is not satisfied until she meets the 35 -year -old.For ordinary office workers, the age and interests of both sides matched, and Bingbing decided to marry him.

On the eve of the engagement, Bingbing unexpectedly found that he was pregnant and told Xiao Zhou happily.Xiao Zhou was also very excited, thinking that it was a good thing to be happy.But when engaging the next day, Xiao Zhou suddenly questioned Bingbing: "Is the child who is so pregnant so soon?" When he was engaged, he heard such doubts. Bingbing and his family were very angry.The engagement ceremony was barely completed, but the two sides frequently quarreled.

Xiao Zhou has never believed that the child is his own, even when Bingbing was pregnant for 8 months, he sued and asked for a remarriage.The court returned after the judgment, but the relationship was still tense.In order to prove innocence and keep the child, Bingbing insists on giving birth to a child.

Four months after the child was born, Xiao Zhou still did not admit it, and refused to pay for the support, and turned a blind eye to Bingbing’s mother and child.Bingbing brought a reporter to find Xiao Zhou and asked for a explanation that Xiao Zhou bluntly checked himself. Bingbing had a record of opening a house for hundreds of times, and went abroad 30 times with multiple ex -boyfriends."Plot Man".

Bingbing explained to reporters that he has been doing clothing business for many years, and many savings can raise children.She believes that Xiao Zhou is too much and suspects that she and their children, and also broadcasting her in the community to broadcast her house and go abroad, which seriously affects her life of her and her family.Bingbing claims to be traveling with his ex -boyfriend. Although he is in the same hotel when he is on a business trip, he lives separately.

Bingbing gave birth to a child mainly to prove his innocence. After the parent -child identification, he also proved that the child was Xiao Zhou, but after 4 months, Xiao Zhou still had a bad attitude.Bingbing wants to be fair and prepare to prosecute for himself and his children.

This is an incident of realism.Nowadays, society and economy are developed. People considering their economic strength than emotions when choosing a spouse, so that after entering the marriage, they find that they cannot accept each other at all, and the relationship is ultimately broken.The story of Bingbing and Xiao Zhou also reflects this problem.

As a woman, Bingbing has experienced many difficulties in society, so choosing a blind date to find a stable partner, but encountered such a situation, it is really sympathetic.But as a mother, Bingbing’s first concern should be the child’s well -being.I hope Bingbing can also consider the children’s interests in a rational consider, while investigating Xiao Zhou’s legal responsibilities, and strive to achieve a complete family through litigation or other channels to give children a complete family.

As a reasonable adult, Xiao Zhou’s doubt and distrust are not basically not found, but his words and deeds have exceeded the normal range and hurt Bingbing and children.

I hope that Xiao Zhou can rationally examine his attitude and behavior, and assume the responsibility that he should have as a husband and father, as a father to give his child a care.If necessary, he should also consider accepting legal procedures to confirm the child’s identity.Only Xiao Zhou changes his attitude, and the two are likely to clear up the gap and create a warm environment for children.

This incident made people see the realistic dilemma of gender relations in modern society.As a woman, Bingbing has achieved something in career, but still faces many problems that need to be solved with the opposite sex in feelings and life.As an ordinary man, Xiao Zhou also has his own considerations in feelings and life. When he meets Bingbing, a woman who has an accomplishment in society will inevitably cause contradictions and insecurity.

The misunderstandings and differences between the two are not only derived from the distrust of each other, but also from the gaps and prejudice existing between the two.Bingbing will feel that Xiao Zhou is too conservative to match his vision; Xiao Zhou will think that the past and achievements of Bingbing make it difficult for himself to achieve and bear.These gaps are obstacles that need to work together to cross.

I hope Bingbing and Xiaowou can awaken in this incident, abandon prejudice, and learn to understand and trust each other.As an ordinary person, Xiao Zhou should appreciate the achievements and independence of Bingbing, and should not measure himself or produce a sense of insecurity.

As a woman, Bingbing should also understand that Xiao Zhou needs a stable family life, accepting his conservative and tradition, rather than asking him to match his vision immediately.The differences between people make marriage more colorful. The key is to treat it with a mentality of love and tolerance.

I hope that the misunderstandings and cracks between them can be repaired, use rationality and compromise to resolve differences, rebuild trust with sincerity, and eventually create a family full of love for children.A good marriage and family require the joint efforts of both parties to maintain.Bingbing and Xiao Zhou’s predicament now may become the beginning of a happy life in the future. I sincerely hope that they can resolve misunderstandings and have a happy future.

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