The woman held a wedding for 7 months of pregnancy. She was swept out 3 days after marriage. Mother -in -law: She is a second -hand goods

On March 13, 2023, a grand wedding was held in a five -star hotel in Changdexian County, Hunan.The bride Zhang Lin’s appearance is sweet, and the groom Wang Jun is handsome and handsome. The two stand together.

There are as many as 40 tables of wedding banquets. Hundreds of people have witnessed the combination of the newcomer, so solemn.But unexpectedly, just three days later, the bride Zhang Lin was swept out by her in -laws!

At this time, she was pregnant for seven months. She could only live in her mother’s house and asked media reporters for help to help her find justice.

And Zhang Lin’s mother -in -law only said the next sentence: "She is a second -hand goods, not worthy of my son!"

Does Zhang Lin have concealed her in -laws?Want to know the answer, let’s look down together.

Zhang Lin was 28 years old. After being introduced, Li Jun, who was two years older than her, had determined love relationship after two people get along for a while.

Li Jun’s family is strong, his father is a doctor, and his mother works in the bank before retiring.There is only one child Li Jun under his knees.

Perhaps the family conditions are excellent. Li Jun is very picky and dragged himself into an older youth.Since he met Zhang Lin, he was very optimistic about each other, and both parents were supporting each other, hoping that they would get married as soon as possible.

Zhang Lin and Li Jun were pregnant shortly after. Two months, she proposed to receive a marriage certificate, and Li Jun gladedly agreed.

The couple went to the marriage registration office, but because Zhang Lin’s ID card expired for a day, the marriage certificate failed to get it.

Zhang Lin felt that she and Li Jun had a husband and wife, and she was pregnant again. She was already on the board, and her boyfriend would definitely be responsible for her.Therefore, she did not take the certificate of the certificate to her heart.Unexpectedly, on the third day of the wedding, she was kicked out of her house by her in -laws for seven months of pregnancy.

Li Jun’s parents’ attitude was very bad. He bluntly did not recognize her daughter -in -law, and even the fetus in her belly should not let her kill her child!

His daughter was so humiliated by her mother -in -law’s house. Zhang Lin’s mother was so annoyed that she came to discuss justice, but she didn’t even go in.They were also accused of not being strict with women, and the family had no quality.

A good marriage was dismantled by her in -laws.However, from time to time, Li Jun sent a message to Zhang Lin, saying that she was concerned and cared about her and her children, but she chose to break up.

With a little comfort of her husband, Zhang Lin felt a little better.She hoped that Li Jun could persuade her in -laws, let her return to the Li family, and give birth to a child smoothly.

But a month later, she did not receive a good news from her husband, but received a subpoena from the court.Li Jun complained to her and asked her to return the gift of 40,000 yuan.

After that, Li Jun changed his past care and sent a message to Zhang Lin and cursed her to die early, including the child in her belly!

It was really a wave of unrest, and the husband, who had been reluctant to say before, suddenly turned his face and began to ask for money.So, what did Zhang Lin do something wrong, so that even her husband became a hexagram?

In order to understand the truth of the matter, the reporter accompanied Zhang Lin’s father and came to Li Jun’s house again.But after the other person learned of their intentions, they refused to open the door.

Later, under the persuasion of the reporter, Li Jun’s father, Li Gang, reluctantly agreed to meet in the tea house.

After the two sides met, Li Gang told reporters that they took out their savings for half a lifetime for their son’s wedding.Who knew that the next night, a friend who had a good relationship with him called and said that the bride they married was not a first marriage, but a second -hand goods!

This sudden news made it difficult for the Li Gang and his wife who had always loved face. They asked in private to determine that Zhang Lin had a history of marriage before marriage.

When the Li Gang and his wife was angry, they immediately argued with Zhang Lin, sweeping her out, and prohibiting her son from traveling with her.And determined that Zhang Lin’s purpose was to cheat marriage, and even the children in her stomach were unknown!

Li Gang finally said to the reporter: "The child does not want our family. Zhang Lin don’t come again to entangle my son. You don’t have to go to Li Jun anymore. I am his father and can be the master for him!"

It seems that the main reason why the Li family did not recognize her daughter -in -law was that Zhang Lin concealed the history of marriage.

In this regard, Zhang Lin explained that she had a short marriage. The ex -husband was ten years older than her. The two met online because they did not understand.

After marriage, Zhang Lin found that she and her husband were not people all the way. The gap between her life was very large. She often made a noise for some trivial things, and she divorced after two years.

Because there are no disputes between children and property, the marriage is very smooth, so there are not many people who know she has married.

Regarding this incident, Zhang Lin said that when she and Li Jun went to get a marriage certificate, they stated that the staff of the marriage registration department stated that she had a marriage history and Li Jun did not know.But he said he didn’t mind and asked her to keep secrets, so as not to be opposed by his parents.

In order to prove that she was wrong, Zhang Lin and the reporter came to the marriage registration office again to find the staff member and confirm that there was something.

Since Li Jun knew that Zhang Lin had married, why did he sue her to cheat marriage?

For this reason, the reporter called Li Jun’s phone.He denied that he knew that Zhang Lin had a history of marriage and said that he had a friend from a friend. Zhang Lin had a divorce agreement with her ex -husband, and her ex -husband asked her to return 55,000 yuan in colorful money.

From this he inferred that Zhang Lin’s marriage with himself was impure, just to cheat marriage.Otherwise, a woman cannot just get divorced here, and she is looking for an object over there.

Li Jun not only suspected Zhang Lin’s character, but also determined that the child in her belly was not herself, and would not be responsible for it.

After listening to the reporter, he proposed that he could be a parent -child identification, but was rejected by Li Jun.He emphasized that he didn’t want to see Zhang Lin, but just wanted her to return Cai Li’s money, and she was unwilling to be entangled from now on.

The current implication of Li Jun, he and Zhang Lin have to do it completely.

Seeing that Li Jun on the other side of the phone was so ruthless, Zhang Lin immediately cried and tears.She explained that when she divorced, her ex -husband asked for money, and the court did not return it, indicating that she was a reasonable party; but now she was used by the currently as an article.It’s really ruthless, everything can be done!

The more sad Zhang Lin wanted, the more sad, and accidentally moved the fetal qi, and the stomach was painful. Accompanied by a reporter, he rushed to the hospital for examination.

Listening to the heartbeat of the fetus, Zhang Lin, who was lying on the sick bed, couldn’t help but feel sad. She wiped her tears and said, "Mother and child are connected, no matter what the result is, I will insist on giving birth to the child! Finally, rely on the law for the law, for the law, for the law, for the law, for the law, for the law, to rely on the law for it, for the law, to rely on the law for it, for the law, to rely on the law for it, for the law, to rely on the law for it, for the law, to rely on the law for the law, to rely on the law for it, for the law, to rely on the law for it, for the law, to rely on the law for it, for the law, to rely on the law for it, for the law, to rely on the law for it, for the law, to rely on the law for it, for the law, to rely on the law for it, for the law, to rely on the law for it, for the law, to rely on the law, to the law, for the lawOur mother and son recovered justice. "

In order to help Zhang Lin, the reporter deliberately consulted the lawyer. The answer was: Since Zhang Lin and Li Jun did not receive a marriage certificate, the marriage between them was not protected by law; the children in her belly needed to prove that there was Li Jun in Li Jun.Blood relationship, if the other party clarifies the relationship, can obtain the child’s support for the child through judicial procedures.

Faced with such a helpless ending, what should Zhang Lin go?Do you think she can win the lawsuit?Should she refund the gift money?Does she insist that the way to give birth to her child is correct?What would you do if it was you?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

The famous writer Zhou Guoping said that if men and women no longer trust and care about each other’s souls, the body is close to the body, and the soul is unfamiliar, they will really become the lonely soul of homelessness on the earth.

Zhang Lin and Li Jun belong to two strange souls. No one they know, how can they trust?

Li Jun is a typical mother Baoman, and his parents are the main thing.Maybe the moment he fell in love with Zhang Lin, he just became "emotional", but Zhang Lin became true and fell in love, but he discarded it.

Therefore, before the girl loves others, learn to love herself and be self -esteem.Keep in mind that it is not impulsive before marriage to prevent no regrets after marriage.

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