The woman has not been pregnant for 5 years, the mother -in -law’s family asked the media to face, and the husband cold face throughout the process.

Five years after marriage, women have never been conceived. When she arrived at the hospital, she knew that she was still virgin. Her husband said that she laughed.

When Anxin appeared in front of the media, she stood beside her husband with a shameless look, and said nothing, as if she was standing beside her and had nothing to do with herself.

It is very well -behaved since childhood, and it will become beautiful when growing up.Even in class, she was embarrassed.

There is no friendship on weekdays, just staying in his own room.I have also done some jobs in school, but she has a lonely personality and does not like to talk more, so she has not been able to find a suitable job.

Anxin is 27th this year, and some children who are similar to her growing up are adults, but peace of mind did not really contact a man.This makes his parents very worried that he can find a better destination, but he is deserted.

With the encouragement of her parents, she could only agree. In this blind date, she met a young man named Leng Lin. After several contacts, they could be very close, so the two got married.

On the first day of the wedding, a embarrassing thing happened. According to the customs here, the wedding was noisy during the wedding.Her husband Leng Lin was embarrassed, so on the first day of the wedding, she spent the night in her bedroom.

After getting married, I do n’t do anything at ease, that is, cleaning, cooking, and no communication with my father -in -law.However, her mother -in -law still takes care of peace of mind. When she is okay, she will let peace to say a few words and communicate with her. Gradually, the situation of peace of mind improves a lot.

My mother -in -law wanted to hold her grandson, so I kept talking to peace of mind that she had to be born as she was young and gave birth earlier.But in these words, she couldn’t say it.Her husband Leng Lin never had a relationship with her, and even when she slept with her, the quilt covered two beds.

I do n’t know how her husband is so cold to her. She knows that her husband cannot always be so good to her, so she often communicates with her husband Lenglin and wants to get along well with her husband, but her husband always ignores her.Take care of her.

Slowly, peace of mind adapted to such days, and did not say much to her husband. The two people had a most of the day a day that was more than five times.

She didn’t think about ending this relationship, but her parents were good to her and never let her do anything. She would give her a gift every time a festival, and even give a red envelope.Anxin can only endure such days.

Anxin told himself that her husband was a shy person, so he didn’t want to have a relationship with her, but soon, five years passed, and peace of mind became a thirty -year -old woman. Originally, the beautiful face began to become pale.

If she doesn’t want it now, it is too late.He is a mountain, and it is also possible to get along for so long. There will always be some goodwill, but her husband Leng Lin is still no different from before. He didn’t even look at her.

In the village, a woman who has not conceived her child for one year will be told as an old hen who can’t get eggs.Only then did you lose your temper.

An Xin felt that she didn’t know how she should see her mother -in -law, so after her mother’s house, she told her father and mother, and then her mother sent him to her father -in -law and mother -in -law, "Since your child is notI love my daughter, why do I have to agree to the marriage contract and waste my daughter’s good years. "

"Your child’s stomach is not obedient." Anxin finally couldn’t hold back the excitement of her heart, telling her that her husband Leng Lin has never touched her for so many years, and even without pulling her hand. She is still her body.EssenceThe two families were invited to the media because of this incident.

The old lady thought that peace of mind was deceiving, so she shouted Leng Lin back, and then asked him to see what was the situation.Leng Lin is also a very shy person. He is busy with work on weekdays and never associates with others. Therefore, the relationship between men and women is unknown.

Later, when I encountered peace of mind, I couldn’t bear it. They married peace of mind, but the two did not have any intersection, so the two still had no feelings, so they had no good feeling for peace of mind.

Originally, I was busy in a day. I planned to rest after returning home, but I could sleep well with a woman who had nothing to do with it. How could she sleep well, so she proposed that the two had a bed.

When I heard Leng Lin said this, the reporter asked if peace of mind really loved Leng Lin, and answered peace of mind. At first, she didn’t have a good opinion of Leng Lin, but she was forced to get married by her family, so she decided to get married, so she decided to get married.But after getting married, she must have children to give her husband’s family, so she did not think about it, and there was any intersection with this matter.

As soon as he heard this, the journalist knew that the two did not really like living with each other, but forced by the pressure of the parents, and eventually decided to get married.

In the end, his father and mother thought that they had affected their growth because of their own reasons. At this time, Leng Linhe said to their father, "Let’s divorce!"

It should have been a happy relationship, but both of them have gone through a tragic time. This is why their parents have persuaded, and it is impossible for them to pick one to marry others.(Pseuder: Xiao Xie-Anxin, Xiao Wang-Lenglin)

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