The woman had a miscarriage 8 times during pregnancy. At the age of 40, she was pregnant with her twin, but she was dangerous.

Xiao Yang Yang is now 13 pounds, and the milk is so good.

This is Ms. Yang, who was far away from Guizhou Province on March 16th, to WeChat from the obstetrician of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Sichuan Province.

Back to August 2022, Ms. Yang’s helplessness and unwillingness made people vivid.

Ms. Yang, 40, had been pregnant 7 times, and they were aborted within 3 months of pregnancy. The eighth pregnancy was the closest to the baby. However, the bad luck came again.After receiving the emergency cesarean section during the month, Ms. Yang lost 3000ml of blood loss during the operation. With the full rescue of the doctor, she finally got rid of the danger of life after the ghost gate was closed, but the children in her belly failed to keep it.

Since then, Ms. Yang has been infertility. She thought that there would be no baby anymore in this life. However, in March 2022, she was pregnant again, and she was a twin!This made the couple overjoyed.But fate always seems to like to tease people. At the 20 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Yang felt abdominal pain and hurried to the local hospital for treatment. She was told: "Your palace mouth has been opened.At that moment, the couple seemed to fall into the bottomless abyss at that moment.

At the age of 40, after many miscarriage, Ms. Yang’s desire to be a mother is even more urgent.When Ms. Yang washed her face with tears, she couldn’t sleep at night, and she saw reports from the Sichuan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital on the Internet to treat a twin pregnant woman. She was encouraged.Since then, a cross -provincial fetus warfare spanning 500 kilometers has begun …

On August 15, 2022, the ambulance was escorted quickly, and Ms. Yang was referred from Guizhou to Sichuan. The hospital quickly opened the green channel and urgently treated Ms. Yang.At that time, the doctor judged that the fetal condition was not optimistic. The large fetus had broken water, and the palace mouth was 3 cm … In this case, the abortion of the large fetus could not be avoided.At this time, the goal of the doctor and Ms. Yang was very clear: to keep the small fetus.

Patients are old and have a history of natural abortion. One of the twins may be her last chance to be her mother.The obstetrician team has made every effort to help Ms. Yang realize the desire of being a mother.Through fully assessing the patient’s condition and strictly controlling risks, they formulated a delayed childbirth plan for Ms. Yang.The personalized fetal protection plan allows "Xiao Yang Yang" to complete the overtime of life in the mother’s belly. One week, two weeks, and three weeks … The baby seems to hear her mother’s voice, desperately desperatelygrow up.Until 31 weeks, Ms. Yang’s contractions started again.Considering the premature birth, the head of obstetrics Gao Yan made emergency cesarean section for Ms. Yang.Through the efforts of obstetrics and medical staff, "Xiao Yang Yang" made the first cry, which warmed the hearts of all medical staff present.

Ms. Yang’s 500 kilometers away from the house was 67 days across the province, and she finally realized the desire of being a mother."Xiao Yang Yang" is now guaranteed normally and weighs 13 pounds. The hospital’s obstetrics team also submits a satisfactory answer to Ms. Yang’s trust.

Supply: Sichuan Women’s Children’s Hospital (Sichuan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital)

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