The woman can also propose a divorce during pregnancy?But it must be in these four cases

During the woman’s pregnancy, the man’s divorce was divided into two situations.If the man proposed to the woman directly, it was actually possible at this time, and if the two sides negotiated the same, then the marriage relationship could also be lifted.However, if the man in the court filed a divorce lawsuit, in principle, the court would not accept it. Unless the man had special circumstances, the court would accept the man’s lawsuit request in accordance with the law.

According to my country’s laws, the man shall not propose a divorce during pregnancy, within 1 year after childbirth or within 6 months after pregnancy.The provisions of the law reflect the special protection of women, fetuses and babies within a specific period.This is because women’s body and mind during the above period are in a relatively weak state. If the man proposes divorce during this period, it will have an extremely unfavorable effect on the woman’s physical and mental health, the health of the fetus, and the health of the baby.Therefore, the law restricts the prosecution of the man during the period.

However, the woman must not propose a divorce during pregnancy. Under special conditions, the law allows the man to propose divorce due to comprehensive consideration of the interests of both men and women.These situations are mainly:

(1) The woman’s pregnancy is caused by adultery with others after marriage;

(2) After the woman is small, good health has recovered;

(3) The man is abused and unbearable;

(4) One side has a situation that harms life and personal safety.

The reason is as follows:

It is in a weak position; (4) is the result of comprehensively the situation of both parties, and the best way to protect the interests of the weak.

Regarding the situation where the woman had sex with others before marriage, the Supreme People’s Court pointed out in the Supreme People’s Court’s "About Whether the Women’s Pregnancy Men’s Men’s Pilot to Divorce."The difference, generally cannot be used as a reason for divorce.Because in this case, the marriage relationship has not yet been established, and there is no loyal legal obligation between husband and wife.Before marriage sex is just a moral issue, not a legal issue.

The man proposed a divorce request on the grounds of unauthorized fetal punishment, and the people’s court generally decided not to divorce.However, if the wife has repeatedly sponsored and refused to give birth, or if the husband’s decision in the court was not allowed to prosecute within six months of divorce, the people’s court may be allowed to divorce as appropriate.

The woman was born without permission without the man’s consent.However, fertility is a matter of two people, and the husband and wife’s party may damage each other’s fertility.For the disputes between fertility rights, the communication between husband and wife should still be based on the communication, and it should not be resolved by legal means, because the law cannot force one party to realize the fertility rights.If you must solve it through legal means, you can only become a reason for divorce.

The handling of such cases in judicial practice is mainly based on mediation. Although the woman’s abortion infringes her husband’s fertility, it will not cause her husband’s fertility to not be realized.EssenceTherefore, the people’s courts generally judge the divorce for such divorce requests.However, if the wife has repeatedly sponsored and refused to give birth, or if the husband’s decision in the court was not allowed to prosecute within six months of divorce, the people’s court may be allowed to divorce as appropriate.

I believe everyone knows that during the pregnancy, it is actually very fragile. At this time, because there will be a new life in the future, they will often give more care and care to the woman.Usually in the marriage and family, if the woman is in pregnancy, then the man is not allowed to raise divorce in principle. The divorce here generally refers to a divorce lawsuit by the man.Only in special circumstances, the man sued the divorce can the court accept it.

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