The wine made by my mother can be eaten again. After a taste, it feels like putting honey, pure natural …

I ca n’t go out today, and clean up the housework at home.

In my 40s, I lived into what I like. I do n’t have to deal with the relationship between husband and wife, no need to deal with my mother -in -law, and I am busy with two jobs a day.Although it is hard, it is very fulfilling. I will go to fitness in the afternoon and want to eat for myself. This day is still very comfortable.The wine made by my mother is already the third day. It was very good to open it and looked at it. It was very sweet. It really felt like putting honey.

Today, I do n’t want to go out and do n’t want to go to fitness. Then apply a mask, and the mask takes an hour to dry.Just lay down and sleep at noon, not to delay, I felt that the mask was also dry, and the sun was going down the mountain.Get the clothes in and hang on the hanger.Someone asked me if my family had no wardrobe?I like to hang the clothes I want to wear on the hanger, so I can see it, and I can’t see it in the wardrobe.

Sometimes the summer is almost over, and I find that there are still a lot of clothes in the wardrobe.Stack the long -sleeved clothes that do not wear, and take out the clothes you want to wear in the summer.My heart is thicker, and the boy does not like to work well.I remember that when we went back to our hometown, I washed my sister, and the outside things were me.I look like my dad, but I have a character like my mother.Getting the clothes after cleaning the clothes and then cleaning up.

In fact, it had been cleaned last night, and today it looks like a lot of gray.In fact, each of us is running and catching up every day, and constantly running forward.Perhaps because we were forced to be too tight, it was difficult to succeed.In fact, it doesn’t matter if we run slowly, because we can go further.

Everyone’s life rhythm is not the same. It is early or late, and we will usher in the life we want.After sweeping the sweat, take a bath.Each of us has its own careful thoughts and try to try to try to figure out others. It is better to try to please ourselves. Any person who consumes you should not look at it.

We must learn not to be sensitive to the eyes of others, not living in the mouth of others, and judging our own life.Coriander, this is the rare sober in life.I do n’t envy anyone in this life, I do n’t jealous, and I have a good life.

In the afternoon, my mother burned braised beef. The rice noodles he ate at night, I came to make a buckwheat noodle and put a little beef.Life is ourselves. I am not afraid of being uncomfortable or no friends, and I am not afraid that others will talk about me behind them.I know how difficult the adults are happy and comfortable. Let’s quietly work hard, do a better ourselves, do what you want to do, and become the kind of person you have always wanted to be.

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