The wife’s wife was pregnant unexpectedly, and the husband said that "must be born" and the child kissed the kiss and wake up after two years.

On the official website of the People’s Daily, in 2013, there was a message saying:

The post also attached a two -year -old boy with a apple, chewing hard but not swallowing, but turned around, rushed to his bed, opened his mouth, and stuffed an apple into his mouth.

Seeing that my mother was eating, her son smiled happily, and the mother laughed happily.

The little boy’s mother has become a "vegetative" for three years, and she still can’t afford to be sick.

That year, when she was unconscious, she gave birth to a child. For a while, her condition was very serious. Many times, she deteriorated because of her condition.

In this regard, her husband Gao Dejin also felt pressure.

One is inconvenient to move, and the other is hungry and hungry. Many people suggest that they are "giving up big and small", but the old man insists on the whole family to reunite and must not have any omissions.

He also gave the son a name "God" to make the son awaken his wife from his sleep.

When he was given a dental language, Gaodejin taught him how to call "Mom".

Two years later, Tianci finally woke her mother from the state of "Plants".

This battle, they won!

Gaodejin chose the most difficult and most dangerous path, but fortunately he turned "dangerous" invisible, saved his wife from danger, and had a strong and smart child.

So why can a "vegetative" wife successfully give birth to the next child?How is this going?

Occasionally, a traffic accident made a family fragmented

The mother of this "plant man" was named Zhang Rongxiang, born in Liyang, Jiangsu.She was originally a cheerful, simple and kind rural girl.

Through the referral of others, she met Gaodejin, and the family’s family was very average, both of which were born in farmhouses.

The two of them fell in love at first sight, and soon they married.

After the marriage, Gaodejin went to the field to plant land, while Zhang Rongxiang cooks at home and clean.The days of the two are calm, but they will consider each other. The relationship between each other is very harmonious and rarely quarrel.

When the eldest daughter was 15 years old, Zhang Rongxiang had the eldest daughter, and the cost of the family suddenly became bigger.

While Gao Dejin grows, it often helps others to transport goods to improve their living standards.

Although life is very difficult, they are very happy, especially two cute little girls.

At the end of the year, Zhang Rongxiang told her husband that she had to wait for her husband to transport the goods to, and then picked up her two -year -old daughter back.

Gao Degin knew that his wife was busy with the livelihood of the field and the children on weekdays. It was rare to go out once, so she agreed.

He sent the courier to the house in advance, took his daughter -in -law, rode three rounds, sang Xiaoqu while galloping in the direction of his father -in -law and mother -in -law.

Along the way, the young daughter was very excited, and Gaodejin frequently turned around and talked with his wife and daughter.

He is familiar with the light car on this route, and it has been several times a day, and there is no defense at all.

Even at a crossroads, he didn’t slow down and let himself hit the iron plate.

A car rushed out of the side, and Gaodejin’s mind suddenly blank.

Zhang Rongxiang, who was sitting in the last row, wanted to protect her youngest daughter, but after being knocked down, she threw her son into the bushes and fainted.

When Gaodejin woke up, he found that he was in a ward. He asked nervously: "Where is my wife? What about my daughter?"

Without waiting for the doctor to speak, he struggled to stand up, but the pain of his body made him unable to move at all.

The doctor hurriedly hugged Gaodejin and didn’t run around, told him that his body had three parts of the bones, and his legs and ribs were broken.

He also told him that his little daughter was safe and sound, and his wife was seriously injured and life was dying.

After learning that his little daughter was safe and sound, Gaodejin took his heart down, but now his wife is ill again, which makes him unable to rest with peace of mind.

At this time, Gao Yun, a lady who had been busy in the hospital, came over and said to him:

"Dad, my mother is in ICU, we can’t visit casually, you should pay attention to your body."

At that time, Gao Yun was only seventeen years old and was studying at the first grade of high school. When he heard his parents an accident, he rushed to the hospital as soon as possible.

He never expected that things would develop to such a point.

The father of the backbone in the family has died of illness, her mother is unknown, and the younger sister is still young, so Gao Yun can only grow overnight to support this home.

Gao Dijin and Zhang Rongxiang’s eldest daughter Gao Yun

For Gao Yun, the biggest difficulty is still second. The biggest difficulty is that he has not enough funds to pay medical expenses.

Their family was not wealthy. In this disaster, they were consumed.

Zhang Rongxiang has not woke up so far. After being identified by the hospital, it is a serious head trauma with severe brain stem disease. That is to say, she is likely to become a "vegetative" in the future.Essence

Due to concerns about his family conditions, Gaodejin advised him not to treat his wife anymore.

When Gaodejin heard the news, he was angry. He insisted on his opinions and yelled at the doctor: "Disable me and my wife’s medicine."

Gao Dejin’s injury improved slightly, so he borrowed his chair from Gao Yun and wanted to see his wife.

Looking at the little girl who was a smiley girl before, now there is a lot of needles on his body, and his heart is about to break.

Because his injuries have not fully recovered, his eldest daughter has to ask for leave to take care of his parents in replace him.

Gao Degin is very clear that this is a protracted war. The first thing to do is to earn more wealth.

With the assistance of relatives and friends, Gaodejin sued the driver of the accident to court.

The Ministry of Transport believes that the two parties are half responsible for this traffic accident.Under the coordination of the court, the driver of the traffic accident compensated the loss of more than 40,000 yuan.

But this money is not enough to pay the ICU fee.

Soon after, Gaodejin sued another complaint and asked for additional compensation.

Gaodejin thought about it, anyway, the accidental loss was half -score, then the medical expenses were equal.However, things were not as simple as he imagined, and the court eventually supported the judgment.

In order to show his kindness, the driver who hit the person made up 100,000 for Gaodejin.And to Gaodeka that he has no more funds.

At this time, Zhang Rongxiang hadn’t woke up, but there was no danger of life.

Gao Degin made up his mind and said, "If you can’t afford medical expenses, go back."

The old saying goes: "The family is together, and part ways are divided into danger."

However, Gao Dejin adhered to the marriage contract of "white -headed old". At such a crisis, he even wanted to "fly double -flying" with his wife.

He firmly believes that as long as his wife is still there, there is still the possibility of treatment.

My wife became a "vegetative"!Whether it is big or small.

One day, Zhang Rongxiang suddenly trembled, scaring Gaodeken.

Zhang Rongxiang finally slowed down after the rescue of more than an hour, but the doctor said, "Arrange it well, she can’t live long."

Gao Degin noticed that his wife’s lower abdomen was a bit drum. He felt that it might be a tumor. If he cut it, he might be cured.

With this idea, he asked the doctor to ask him to do a comprehensive check for her again.

However, when looking at Zhang Rongxiang with B -ultrasound equipment, the doctor was stunned, and then a word: "She has become a vegetative, can you still make her conceive?"

Gao Dejin was startled, jumped out of his seat, and took a look at it, and he saw a baby.

what’s the situation?It is Gaodejin, and it is also confused.

After detailed diagnosis, the doctor inferred that the child’s age was more than 4 months.

In other words, Zhang Rongxiang did not realize that he was pregnant in that accident, and Gaodejin did not realize this.

In three months, Zhang Rongxiang changed from 120 kilograms to 70 kg, but it was very rare to have any impact on the children in her belly.

Now Zhang Rongxiang has no life, let alone give birth. The "vegetative" delivery is rare, and the danger is very high, which makes the doctors feel helpless.

Is it necessary to protect adults, or to protect children?This is a question in Gaodejin’s heart.

Without waiting for him to think more, do whatever he said, the doctor said that Zhang Rongxiang’s current situation is not suitable for people. If you do it, it is likely to be "one body and two lives."

No, you can’t have children, what should I do?

Gaodekin decided not to consider what will happen tomorrow. What he cares about now is that his wife is still alive.

Gao Dejin saw Zhang Rongxiang’s condition smoothly, so she sent her home, feed her daily to eat, massage her, and wipe her body.

When the daughter -in -law’s complexion is better, let the big daughter take responsibility for daily service and go out to make hard work.

Six months later, one day, Gaodejin, who went out, suddenly received news from Gao Yun, and the mother seemed to be about to produce!

He quickly asked Gao Yun to help his mother clean, and then took his luggage to the hospital.

As soon as they arrived at the hospital, the two brought Zhang Rongxiang to the gynecological department with a wheelchair.

At first sight, the doctor Zhang Rongxiang had fainted, and it was wrong. "This is a gynecological department, I don’t accept patients like you."

Gaodejin hurriedly argued, "My wife is pregnant, and it will be about to give birth soon."

At this time, the doctor noticed that Zhang Rongxiang was pregnant and was ready to perform surgery.

With a child’s cry, a five -kg little boy was born.

After hearing the news of "mother and child peace", Gaodejin burst into tears and was distressed.

Everyone said that Zhang Rongxiang could not live, but he would never give up; although everyone felt that the child was difficult to survive, he still persisted.

Gaodejin is stubbornly attached, creating a miracle of "vegetative" fertility, and at the same time, he also keeps his beloved wife and child.

He knew very well that once his wife woke up, he would definitely give birth to his son.

Compared with the previous, Gaodejin is full of energy. He wants to take care of the "vegetative" wife, also take care of two daughters, and a youngest child. Although the burden on work is increasing, there is still a complete family at home.

Men’s husband, what kind of choice can you make at the critical moment.

Gao Degin’s loyalty to her, like a real man, prove her promise with her own actual actions, that is, "Ai Bijinjian".

There is no miracle, only the magic of love

Zhang Rongxiang has become a vegetative person and can only rely on liquid and liquid to maintain her life, but the children in her belly can survive. This is simply a miracle.

After the doctor’s test, the baby’s indicators are very good, but they are slightly false. They need to be discharged in the hospital for two days in the conservation device of the hospital.

Gaodejin felt that he had given birth to a son, and it was like a good opportunity, so he named his son "God".

He hoped that his wife could wake up and see his son.

After getting heavenly gifts, Gaodekin returned from get off work every day, took the child to Zhang Rongxiang, and told her the child’s condition.

"My dear, our baby is coming out, you hurry up and take a look."

Gaodejin repeats the same words in his wife’s ear every night.

Slowly, he noticed that his wife also seemed to have a reaction. In her sleep, she would lean her head on her son.

Gaodekin noticed this subtle change, and he knew that his wife must have noticed it, and was working hard in good aspects.

After God can speak, Gaodekin made his child surround his wife every day, and he kept calling for a "mother".

Godcrey gradually grew up. When he saw his father taking care of his mother, he also had a learning. He would wipe the dirt on his face for his mother, and carefully feed the mother to eat with a spoon.

One day two years later, Gaodejin wiped her wife as usual, but saw her suddenly open her eyes and said stutteringly: "Okay."

Gao Dijin was overjoyed and quickly called Gao Yun over, and said, "Your mother wakes up, she is talking to me!"

Gao Yun moved his eyes with tears. After three years of suffering, he finally waited for his mother’s awakening.

Before she had a car accident, she was just a junior student and couldn’t cook at all. Now, in order to do some mixed work, she is busy every night and refuses to sleep in the middle of the night.

She really wants her mother to hug herself again, as before.

Gao Dekin saw the elders who had always been very strong crying and gently stroked her.

He certainly understood how much his eldest daughter paid in order to protect the "big and one small".

In his freshman year, he dropped out of school because he took care of his mother, sister and brother, and he must have suffered a lot.

Fortunately, Zhang Rongxiang’s consciousness woke up day by day, and her consciousness became clearer.

However, after lying on the bed for three years, she was still unable to act, because her muscles have withered.Coupled with her current digestive function is not sound, so her way of eating is soft and stinky.

Therefore, Gao Degin tried to chew her food and feed her to eat. Unconsciously, his child began to learn how to serve his mother.

At the beginning of this report, when Zhang Rongxiang woke up, her youngest child ate her.

The chicks are mother, and their emotions are also emotional.

In the slow exercise, Zhang Rongxiang was able to use a arm to move, and he could speak some basic words. The smile on his face was more and more full of day and earth.

To outsiders, this is another "miracle".This "Plant Man", who has just been produced, wakes up again because of a child.

Among them, only their families were clear.

Under the leadership of Gaodeka, the family did not abandon Zhang Rongxiang and was full of love for her.

The big one can carry the burden of the family by yourself. The second can be coquettish, and the small ones can learn to serve the mother at a very young one. Such a warm family is too loving and meaningful."Miracle" is really rare.

After the two people’s deeds spread out, there are often media visiting, and Zhang Rongxiang always exhausted to the camera: "Dear, hello, hello, I like you."

She is grateful to her husband, and she also wants everyone to understand her husband’s choice and efforts.

A person with affection and righteousness teach a group of affectionate children to continue the fire of life and righteous hearts to continue the fire of life after another.

Through his own experience, Gaodejin conveyed such a message to the world:

A pair of loving family members will be hugged all the wind and rain, waiting for the clouds to dissipate, and the sun reappears the whole world.

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