The wife’s car accident became a vegetative, and the stomachache was raised in bed for several months.

"She has become a vegetative, why is she still pregnant?"

Xiao Gao (pseudonym) was very unbelievable holding the report in his hand.This report is just given to him by the doctor.He doubted whether he was wrong. However, in the face of the doctor’s affirmation, he had to realize a fact. His wife who was unconscious for a long time was really checked for pregnancy.The quilt of the hospital can also see the pregnant belly.

At this moment, when he was pregnant, Xiao Gao didn’t know if it was a good thing. His mood was extremely complicated.When the doctor saw him so hesitant, he persuaded him not to rush to make a decision. There are also some precedents for vegetative pregnancy. Because the physical function has not stopped operating, the fetus will continue to grow.The doctor’s words made Xiaogao’s heart a little more settled. He put down the report form for a long time.Back to the ward, Xiaogao looked at his wife lying on the bed.The wound of her head has healed, but she has not been able to restore consciousness.Xiao Gao held his wife’s hand and couldn’t help but sigh deeply.

What the hell does this happen?What is the ending of the child in the belly?

Xiao Gao is an ordinary person wholesale business. He has a beautiful wife Lingfang (pseudonym) and a cute little daughter.Their family lives an ordinary and happy life, and every day is full of warmth and happiness.The mother and daughter often accompany Xiao Gao to go out to deliver the goods, which has become a special tacit understanding and fun of their family.

In a clear day, they went out to work on a tricycle like usual.The younger daughter was sitting on the back seat and had been having to eat ice cream.Her innocent and cute face makes people unbearable, and Xiao Gao feels full of happiness in her noise.

However, when they passed a busy crossroad, a change in panic in instantly in their lives.A car suddenly rushed over and hit their tricycles fiercely.Time seemed to solidify, everything happened too fast, Xiao Gao felt like he was pushed up by a powerful force.

Xiaogao quickly got up and checked around in a hurry.However, the scene in his eyes hurt him.He saw his wife holding his daughter on the ground, and there was no consciousness.The wife’s head was greatly impacted, and the blood poured out of the wound.The daughter cried loudly in her mother’s arms, and her body was also hit with a heartbreaking wound.Xiao Gaoxin was like a knife, and he felt a strong fear and helplessness.The scene in front of him made him an unspeakable anger.He tried everything to soothe his daughter’s emotions, while anxiously waiting for the rescue.

The car of the accident was Li Qiang (a pseudonym) himself. At this moment, he seemed to be damaged and almost beyond recognition.Fortunately, Li Qiang did not suffer much harm because of the protection of airbags.He was full of blame and regret in his heart, and realized that he had made such a big disaster, and he quickly dialed the emergency phone call.

The emergency rescue car quickly arrived at the scene, and doctors and nurse quickly launched emergency work.Xiao Gao was so anxious, watching his wife and daughter intently.He prayed, hoping that all this was just a nightmare, and hoped that his wife and daughter would be safe.Finally, the medical staff completed the emergency treatment, and Xiao Gao’s wife and daughter were carefully lifted into the stretcher.

Finally, the medical staff completed the emergency treatment, and Xiao Gao’s wife and daughter were carefully lifted into the stretcher.He stared at the stretcher tightly, anxious in his heart.At the same time, he suddenly felt the pain in his right arm, and he turned his head and was startled.It turned out that he fell into a fragmented fracture in a car accident, and the angle of the right arm was distorted very horrible.At this moment, the pain came like a tide, and Xiao Gao finally realized that he was also injured.

He was rushed to the hospital and pushed the operating room.The desolate atmosphere in the operating room made his mood more heavy, but he could not stop worrying about his wife and daughter.After the operation, Xiao Gao finally relieved.He couldn’t care about his own body and asked his family eagerly.The doctor told him that the little daughter was just some abrasions, and it was not a big deal, which made him relieved a little.However, the next news made him almost jump out.

The doctor told Xiaogao heavily that his wife’s skull was severely harmed and needed more complicated surgery, but she has not yet undergone the operating table.This terrible news was smashed in Xiao Gao’s heart like a heavy hammer, and he felt dizzy for a while.At this moment, Xiao Gao couldn’t speak, and his heart was full of endless concerns and fear.He remembered the bit by bit of acquaintance with his wife, and the joy and sorrow they experienced together.His wife is the most important person in his life. Thinking of the risks she may face, his heart seems to be torn.

I don’t know how long it has been waiting, the lights in the operating room finally went out, and the wife was launched in the operating room and sent it directly into the intensive care unit.Xiao Gao looked at his wife’s whole body, scars on his body, full of pain in his heart, and tears couldn’t help flowing.He felt that he was shrouded in a sense of powerlessness, but he understood that at this moment, when he was not crying, he had a young daughter to take care of him.

In the next days, Xiao Gao dragged his injured body, took care of his daughter, and looked at his wife helplessly through thick glass.Every time he saw the pain and fragility that could not be concealed on his wife’s face, he was like a knife.He worked hard to maintain strongness, despite anxiety and anxiety in his heart.However, with the passage of time, Xiao Gao’s hope is gradually impacted by reality.

On this day, the doctor worriedly asked him to go to the office, which meant that he would face heavy news.Sitting in the doctor’s office, Xiao Gao held his hand tightly and his heartbeat accelerated.The doctor told him seriously that his wife’s recovery was not as expected.The CT scan shows that there is still a large shadow in her brain, which means that she may never be awake, and can only rely on instruments to maintain her life.This sudden blow has completely collapsed the small world.

He couldn’t accept this fact. During this time, he prayed every day, hoping that the miracle could come.However, reality was relentlessly in front of him.Xiaogao felt a kind of power and despair, he didn’t know how to continue.He was immersed in deep self -blame and pain, and his heart was full of endless sadness and suffering.

However, when it is not immersed in sadness at this moment, Xiao Gao is facing more realistic issues.They originally lived an ordinary life, no family bottom, but now they encountered natural disasters and human disasters, and their savings soon bottomed out.They have borrowed money from relatives and friends, and they are now stretched.

In order to allow his wife to be treated, Xiaogao had to take some difficult decisions.In order to save medical expenses, he even decided to discharge himself and his daughter, and used the remaining money on the blade.This decision is not easy for Xiaogao, but he is willing to sacrifice his wife’s health.

Although Xiao Gao tried his best to raise funds, their economic situation was still very difficult.In the face of this reality, Xiao Gao felt helpless, and could only sue the driver Li Qiang to court again.Perhaps some people will be surprised why it is the second time. In fact, the first judgment has been issued and executed.

At that time, the judge watched the video of the accident carefully.He found that when the two cars passed the intersection, neither side did not stop watching, and did not take appropriate measures, which led to a collision.Therefore, according to the judge’s judgment, the two sides have the same responsibility for the accident.

The two sides mediation in court, Xiao Gao told Li Qiang’s family’s dilemma and economic pressure.Being unexpectedly, Li Qiang understood and sympathized with their situation.Li Qiang and his insurance company took a total of more than 40,000 yuan to pay for the early medical expenses of Xiaogao’s family.This compensation means a lot to Xiaogao, and it helps them relieve part of the economic pressure.However, the situation of his wife has not improved, so he can only sue Li Qiang to court again.

This time, the subsequent treatment cost of Xiao Gao was too high, and more compensation was required.After investigation, Li Qiang found that Xiao Gao’s family was indeed in trouble, and he didn’t even have a house.Faced with this fact, Li Qiang decided to make a mediation and paid a compensation of 10,000 yuan again.When Xiao Gao learned about the news, a relief and gratitude came in his heart.The money helped them better cope with the cost of treatment of their wives. Her situation gradually stabilized, and she transferred to the general ward for further rehabilitation treatment.

From that moment, Gao will be regarded as his own responsibility and mission.He returned early every day and took care of his wife greedy. No matter how hard and exhaustion, he did not complain at all.Even if his right arm had not fully recovered, Xiao Gao still insisted on wiping, turning over, and massaging for his wife.Although his hands are not convenient, his heart and care have never been reduced.Every time he touched, he was full of tenderness and carefulness.However, his wife did not wake up as he was looking forward to, but kept sleeping with a posture.

Until this day, Xiao Gao suddenly noticed that her stomach seemed to be much larger than before.There was a puzzle and worry in his heart. After all, how could people who were sick in bed could gain weight?Xiao Gao was afraid that there was something wrong with the patient’s body, and quickly asked the doctor to understand the situation.

After a careful examination, the doctor gave a answer that made Xiao Gao unexpected.It turned out that before the accident, Xiao Gao’s wife had been pregnant for two weeks, but she was in a coma because of accidents and did not discover it in time.Although her wife lost her consciousness, her body was still running normally. The child grew up safely in her uterus and was eventually discovered by Xiao Gao.

This unexpected discovery caused Xiaogao to fall into a complex emotion.On the one hand, he was happy and excited about his wife’s pregnancy, after all, this was a surprise and hope of their family.On the other hand, he was also worried and anxious, because his wife’s health was still very fragile, and the safety of the child became an important issue in his heart.

After a difficult choice, Xiaogao finally made an important decision, and he chose to leave the child.This decision is not only because he believes that every life is precious, but more importantly, the child has experienced a terrible car accident in his mother’s belly, but it is miraculously safe.If this child can successfully come to this world, it will also become a blessing to the life of his mother.

After obtaining the consent of the family members, doctors went all out to protect the fetus, and tried their best to provide their children with sufficient nutrition and care in a state of coma.For Xiao Gao, the emergency task on his shoulder is to raise more funds to ensure that the child can be born smoothly.Although his wife’s condition is relatively stable and he can go home to take care of it, he still needs to deal with the previous debt, but now he has to borrow.Although many people feel sympathetic after hearing the children’s affairs, the money that everyone can borrow at hand is almost left.

In despair and helpless, Xiao Gao once again thought of Li Qiang, the driver of the accident.

For the third time on the court, Li Qiang’s face had a unpleasant expression.He felt that the car accident was not his responsibility, and he had paid the amount of compensation he had.Xiao Gao’s request was to let Li Qiang bear the child’s support for the future, but Li Qiang was extremely reluctant.He believes that Xiao Gao’s family can choose to terminate pregnancy, so that additional costs will not be incurred.

However, Xiaogao resolutely stated that his wife was pregnant at the time of the accident, and the child also experienced the impact of a car accident and should be within the scope of claims.In order to support himself, he immediately took out his wife’s injury identification report.The report shows that due to the trauma of craniocerebral brain, his wife’s intellectual attenuation was identified as a four -level disability in traffic accidents, and limb paralysis constitutes a third -level disability.This is the serious consequence of a car accident. His wife has not fully recovered consciousness so far. It should have been a healthy pregnant woman, but she can only lie on the bed.

The appraisal report made the atmosphere in court nervous.Everyone couldn’t help but feel shocked and sympathetic when he heard his wife’s injuries.They began to understand the pain and dilemma suffered by Xiao Gao’s family, and they also began to recognize that they asked for more rationality of compensation.

Xiao Gao gave Li Qiang the experience of his wife and children, and the latter also felt deeply sympathetic after listening.He understood the damage and pain caused by the car accident to Xiao Gao’s family, and expressed his willingness to compensate.However, he also hopes that this compensation can be the last time, and no further claims will be involved in the future.

Xiao Gao looked at Li Qiang gratefully, and he understood the other party’s thoughts. After all, the accident was not completely Li Qiang’s fault.They all hope to solve this problem as soon as possible, get out of the predicament, and start a new life.Xiao Gao knew in his heart that their family had suffered too much pain and struggle, and he didn’t want to let his wife and children more hurt.

After negotiation between the two parties, a compensation agreement was finally reached.Li Qiang agreed to pay a compensation of 530,000 yuan.This money is undoubtedly a huge wealth for the Xiaogao family, which means that they can get rid of economic difficulties and welcome the arrival of newborns with peace of mind.

A few months later, Xiao Gao’s family stepped into the door of the hospital again. This time they were full of joy and greet the upcoming new life.The wife was sent to the delivery room and was ready to perform caesarean section surgery. Xiaogao and his family were waiting anxiously outside.Their hearts are full of expectations and nervousness, looking forward to the birth of a healthy baby.

Time has passed unknowingly. For Xiao Gao’s family, every minute is as long as a year.They keep praying and hope that everything goes well.Finally, a few hours passed, and the doctors walked out of the delivery room with a smile.Xiao Gao’s heartbeat faster, he knew that his wife had given birth to a child.

His wife successfully gave birth to a healthy boy, and he had a rosy face and cute little hands.Xiao Gao picked up this little life and felt his warmth and fragility.He decided to name the child "God", which means that the child was the baby given to them by heaven.The name of God represents their deep love and gratitude to children, and also entrusts their beautiful expectations for the future.After they brought their wives and children home, their lives continued.

One day, Xiao Gao woke up, and his eyes adapted to the brightness of the sun.As usual, he gently wiped his wife, but suddenly felt her hand holding her hand.Xiaogao shocked in his heart, and he looked at his wife’s eyes. At that moment, his tears couldn’t stop flowing down.The wife’s smile conveyed endless warmth and hope, and she finally woke up from the coma.

This is the good news of Xiao Gao’s long -awaited expectations, and he is extremely happy and grateful for his wife.How many days and nights, he was waiting in front of his wife’s bed, praying silently that she could recover.Now this miracle has finally happened.His wife’s consciousness recovered, and she could hear Xiao Gao’s voice and see his smile.At this important moment, Xiao Gao felt that his heart was filled with warmth and hope.

The life of Xiao Gao’s family can finally get out of the shadow of a car accident, and they move towards a new chapter.The arrival of God has brought them unlimited hope and happiness.Although they have experienced huge suffering and hardships, they insist that they face everything with love and courage.They believe that with the company of this new life, their lives will gradually become better and happier.

After Xiao Gao returned home, he welcomed him a more difficult job.He knew that he had to pay more efforts to repay the huge loan and maintain the livelihood of the family.However, he was not discouraged. On the contrary, he actively faced the challenges of life with a firm conviction.

His wife caused disability due to a car accident, and her life became more difficult and dependent.However, children show maturity and strong in this family.Although they were still young, they took the initiative to take the responsibility of taking care of their mother.They know how to pour tea, feed the water, and make every effort to make the mother’s life in the sick bed slightly more comfortable.

Although the family has experienced huge hardships, they firmly believe that love and strength will always accompany them.The careful care of Xiao Gao and the children made his wife feel warm and encouraged on the road to recovery.They firmly believe that as long as they are united, they will be able to get out of the predicament and create a better future.They are grateful and hopeful, looking forward to that day, they can enjoy a happy and happy life together.

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